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The Americans - S5E12 – The World Council of Churches

Previously on The Americans, “Dyatkova”

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This episode felt like the first part of the finale, setting up obstacles and considerations for what looks like a season six in Russia. Not surprisingly, these obstacles and considerations all have to do with the children.

  • Paige: With Pastor Tim’s departure immanent, Paige seems lighter. So light, she hoists up a boxing bag in the garage (anyone else think she had a far more ominous end in mind with that rope?). She seems ready to forgo the Cross and devote her life to another cause. She will likely adapt well to the move to Russia, but what will happen when the scales fall from her idealistic eyes?
  • Henry: “Don’t tell Henry until you’re there,” Claudia advises. “Does Henry know anything?” Pastor Tim asks. I’m glad the Jennings have people who remember they have a (biological and present) son. A sweet, dinner-making, grateful son who is going to be not a little upset if he wakes up one day to see the Kremlin outside his window. They’d do best to ship him off to boarding school and send him postcards of Red Square. Or have Stan adopt him. They know he wants to.
  • Mischa: We knew he was coming back, but who among us guessed it would in context of his heretofore unseen uncle? We did see another boy in Philip’s flashbacks this season, but it was more likely the brother had died tragically than grown up to have a nice, normal family. This is The Americans, after all.
  • Oleg: Looks like William’s legacy extends even further beyond his sad death. Oleg is being investigated for his connection to Tatiana and Stan. Both of whom are tied to William. Oleg might be able to save some of the food commission people, but who will save Oleg? His father, perhaps?
  • Tuan: Well, we thought the cyborg would snap and snap he did. Faced with the prospect of his mission going south and losing his fake parents, Tuan ups the ante and convinces Pasha to attempt suicide. It should theoretically work, but this type of theoretical is a step too far for even Elizabeth. Maybe reading Pastor Tim’s pages really did push her into mom mode? Last episode, we saw Philip fail to act. But he certainly acts now. Unfortunately, this action could put his entire family at risk.
The Americans S5E12
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"The World Council of Churches"

This episode is hard to grade without seeing where it’ll end up in the finale. Even so, there were satisfying initial payoffs I’ve been waiting for all season. Paige smiled, Mischa returned, Tuan broke bad, and Henry appeared. I hope they don’t try to cram everything in the finale (e.g. Sofia and avaricious hockey player, Rene and her agent status) but push us forward enough to see some major changes, next season.

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