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The Strain - S4E3 - One Shot

Previously on The Strain,The Blood Tax”  

Things have been moving at a snail’s pace for a shortened final season, but after the events in “One Shot,” events are poised to pick up as Eph uncovers a new strigoi plan, Zach doubles down on his commitment to the Master and his cause, and Fet and Quinlan get closer to finding their nuclear weapon.

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One Shot for a Warhead

Roman (K.C. Collins) leads Fet and Quinlan to the missile silo, accompanied by a group of survivors offering backup in exchange for fuel and other supplies. They’re fired upon almost immediately; Quinlan is struck in the leg and falls into the silo. The sniper inside the silo isn’t willing to negotiate so Fet sneaks in via another entrance to take him out and free Quinlan. They give the shooter one chance to drop his gun or Quinlan will kill him. The soldier keeps shooting. When Fet finally neutralizes him, he admits that he doesn’t trust anyone since other humans who’d arrive previously were also working with strigoi. This explains the bodies strewn about above ground. Before he can say more, Quinlan shoots the soldier in the head. Well, he did warn him… fifteen minutes ago.

It seems it’s all for naught when Roman reveals the missile is missing an essential part, but Fet surmises a convoy of strigoi they spotted earlier might be hitting up all the nukes and removing the vital part to put them out of play. They need to find that convoy.

One Shot for a Poisoning

Making good on his promise to show Alex and her crew how to be better rebels, Eph whips up a batch of poison they can use to contaminate the blood supply pumped into a building of strigoi. They use the whole accident-in-the-road ploy to delay the tanker long enough to inject the poison.

The stake out one of the buildings long enough for the poison to work and then enter to see if it paid off. It did. All the strigoi inside are dead or dying, but such a massive blow to the Master (3,000 dead strigoi across several properties the tanker serviced) also puts Philadelphia on his radar. Eichorst is positive this is the work of Setrakian or his people.

At another location, Eph and Alex find shipping routes and cargo manifests suggesting the strigoi are moving something other than blood.

One Shot with a Girl Way Out of Your League

Zach finally makes progress in getting to know Abby after his pet finds her stealing fruit from his room. Realizing she’s afraid and hungry, he follows her and shows off his position within the strigoi hierarchy by sassing a passing muncher. After a trip to the Natural History Museum, Zach learns Abby’s parents were killed in the initial explosion… the one he caused. She’s living with other young people without parents, and most are sick and starving due to the low rations they’re given by The Partnership. Zach offers to let her take as much food from him as she wants.

Later, Zach questions the Master on the poor treatment some people are getting and the Master spins it as him helping a species that can’t help itself. His link to the consciousness of all he has spawned proves that humans are inherently selfish and violent. His plans for humanity will fix that and Zach can help. Or Zach is free to go and survive the best he can, without being able to help Abby.

Zach kneels to take the white.

Eph and Kelly totally fucked up with this kid. My God.

The Strain S4E3
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"One Shot"

The Strain - S4E3 - “One Shot”| Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand,Corey Stoll,Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel Gomez, Ruta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown,Rupert Penry-Jones

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5 Comments on The Strain - S4E3 - One Shot

  1. For the podcast


    That’s all I got. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. For the podcast: overall, it was a good episode especially lots of 😍uinlan this week.
    Speaking of, Mr. Quinlan got a bit nicked up this week getting shot & all. You see how he got his predator on & cauterized that leg wound?!? And then to top it for, he killed homeboy soldier w/o a thought because “he told him he would”😁😁 I like the Fet/Quinlan pairing-the dynamic duo of the new world order.
    Eph-Alex is starting to make him somewhat redeemable. I’m not ready to ‘ship them though-she can do much better.
    Zach-such a douche!! He’s infatuated w/Abby whoI don’t think is feeling him that way other than possible friend. When they were talking about the food, I was waiting 4 her to ask if she could hoard some for her boyfriend. How gross is it watching him get the white from the master’s dirty disgusting fingernails.
    Any thoughts re: Palmer as the master? I think there’s some Palmer personality left in the master but I do miss the petty & shade b/t he & Eichorst.

    That’s all I have this week.

  3. Good afternoon and fuck new Zach to you all,
    This weeks episode was much better than the season opener. I like the Fet & Quinlan roadshow. The standoff was entertaining, and we got to see Q being a badass. He fell off the top of the silo and used silver to fix his boo boo! Q is a real G!
    Eph was not annoying this week. His plan to poison the Strags was on point. This fool just needed the ❤️ of a good black woman to be half way decent. Speaking of which, I hollered when Eph’s new future boo said what kind of shithead would detonate a nuclear bomb!
    Speaking of shithead, is it possible for New Zach to be worse? Why yes it is. Let’s start with the hair. Did he get a slightly used Chandler Riggs wig from a back page add? WTF was that on his head. Also, way to use your status to get at that young 35 year old😡. New Zach is the worst!
    Anyway, that’s all I got. Love you guys.

  4. Hey guys! Hope you’re having an awesome podcast.

    The best part of this episode was realizing the world has gone to shit 3 times over and Eph still has a hard time admitting he was a shitty parent. Alex asked who’d help the strigoi and Eph sitting there twiddling his thumbs like he ain’t got the answer. Just admit it was your dim witted narcissistic son who you as a scientist didn’t even bother to teach inductive or deductive reasoning.

    BTW. Zach is dense as fuck. He has walked the streets and seen the despair and famine with his own 2 eyes but didn’t realize people were starving until it was someone who made his pee pee stiff? Okay. And then the master tell you people starving and sick cause of the nuclear warfare and you just like “oh cool” like the master wasn’t responsible to that too? He gonna die choking on a peanut I can feel it. It’s going to be so anticlimactic but so fitting.

  5. Hey yall! Fuck New Zach to everyone!

    1) I stand by my feedback for last week after actually watching the episode.
    2) I am not here for New Zach’s love affair with New Coco. Why did this war criminal ass show this random white woman his taxidermy museum? It will only be worth it if it turns out to be Palmer in a French maid outfit causing a mirage. Zach sure is learning how to seduce from his new dads tho - show em the wealth, then trap them in a creepy parasitic relationship.
    3) Still not a fan of New Nora and Fet. Quinlan looks so fed up with their shit. But for most of it I was like, “Should we really be firing all these shots where the nukes are sleeping?”
    4) Eph was kinda just there this week for me. I mean, he wasn’t drinking, so I guess that’s something.

    Overall this feels less like The Strain and more like a spinoff. I need my goofiness to come back hella quick. This doesn’t feel like the same show as the one where Geraldine got a white worm in the eye twice and Nora got her own Pantene commercial. Just my thoughts. Cheers.

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