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The 100 – S5E10 – The Warriors Will

Previously on The 100, “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

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Addicts Can Be Very Resourceful

With Diyoza, Kane, and the other defectors in the wind, McCreary gets some one-on-one time with Abby. They’re playing a dangerous game of chicken where either McCreary gets treated by Abby before he dies while McCreary holds on to Abby’s pills before she has a seizure without them. McCreary still leaves Abby with a few guards to see if he can outlast her while he goes to look for Diyoza.

Abby, running out of options, uses the shock collar to get Vinson to come to her. Once he arrives she tells Vinson the predicament that she is in. Basically, she needs her fix because she refuses to treat McCreary and she can’t handle the withdrawals. Vinson brings her what she needs and when the guards question him on what he’s doing, he gets what he needs. Vinson needs to maim someone and those guards were on the business end of a massacre from Vinson. He immediately savagely bites them both in their necks and enjoyed it as if he lived in Bon Temps, Louisiana circa 2008, (you know, before that show became a dumpster fire). Abby watches on through the slaughter and when she is begged by the guards to use the gun to shock Vinson she hesitates. Vinson literally pauses during his murderous attack to calmly tell Abby to get what she needs and that he will clean up afterwards. Vinson is such a tidy psychopath.  Abby obliges, gets her meds and that’s the last of coherent Abby.

The Time of The Commanders is Over

Clarke and Madi spend a good amount of time arguing over whether Madi should keep the flame and how Clarke shouldn’t have left Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia to die. Madi goes to the lengths of jumping out the Rover, and as Clarke chastises Madi like a true mother figure they see that the worm eggs are loaded up in the back of the Rover. Clarke appears to throw them all in the middle of the desert because her plan is to tell Diyoza the eye in the sky is down and then tell Octavia that she told Diyoza in a last-ditch effort to prevent Octavia’s war.

Once they make it back to the shadow valley they run across McCreary executing some of the defectors when they can’t tell him where Diyoza is. McCreary leaves one of his men to bury the bodies, and Clarke uses this time to get the drop on the lone soldier and do some interrogating of her own. They find out that McCreary has taken over, nobody knows where Diyoza is, and Abby is at the gas station. Once Madi sees “her people” in the grave he dug, Madi kills him via a neck slice and explains to Clarke that McCreary would have heard the gunshot. Clarke and Madi go to the gas station where they find Abby slumped over, unresponsive with an empty pill bottle next to her.

The Farmers Won’t Save The World, The Warriors Will

Octavia speaks with Miller and newly promoted Brell, who explains the dilemma that half of Wonkru wants to follow Madi, the true commander, while the other half is still loyal to Octavia. Brell says the best way to bring them back to her side is to show what happens when you’re an enemy of Wonkru and to throw Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia in the pits.

Even with Octavia knowing what she must do, she goes to Indra looking for another way. Indra tells her in no uncertain terms that throwing them into the pits is the best way to win back Wonkru, but she will let Gaia kill her after she kills Bellamy.

Octavia goes to Monty to see if he has a plan to help Bellamy escape. Now that the hydrofarm can grow crops again with help from his algae, Monty is more concerned with creating enough crops for everyone to survive in Polis rather than continuing the cycle of death.

Disgusted with Monty’s pacifist attitude, Octavia tries to give Bellamy pointers on how to kill Indra, but Bellamy plans on refusing to fight and force Octavia to execute him. Gaia has her own plans for the pits: protect her true commander by killing Octavia.

None of it goes according to plan.

Indra finds that with Echo’s training, Bellamy is hard to kill and the only person Gaia is interested killing is Octavia as she hurls a spear at Octavia only to miss. Instead of killing Gaia where she stood, Octavia lets the fight continue. Monty interrupts the fight to let Wonkru know that they can survive in Polis and Octavia has been keeping the choice away from them because she won’t tell anyone that the hydrofarm is producing survivable crops. Wonkru starts a chant denouncing Blodreina. Octavia doesn’t have Miller kill them all, but instead she goes back to the hydrofarm and burns it to the ground while Monty watches in horror. With no other choice left, Octavia “leads” Wonkru as they leave Polis and march towards Diyoza and the Shadow Valley.

I did not forget our glimpse of Becca Pramheda (Erica Cerra) being burned alive in Madi’s flame induced memory. I hope they go into some detail about that even if it’s next season. How can you do anything but love how well this show has written Octavia/Blodreina. Seeds that were planted all the way in season one are now bearing fruit. Yes, she has completely lost it by burning down the hydrofarm, forcing everyone into a war that will take, at the very least, heavy losses, but hopefully there is some redemption left for her as next week they explain what happened during the Dark Year.

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"The Warriors Will"

Starring Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick

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