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The Walking Dead – S6E16 – Last Day on Earth

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘East’

The review contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season 6 finale, Last Day on Earth.

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This fucking show.

After a ridiculous amount of buildup, Negan killed someone, but we have no idea who that is, and won’t find out until the show returns in October. This is bullshit for so many reasons, but because I don’t understand or like cliffhangers isn’t one of them. I love cliffhangers and can even recall the excitement I felt when I experienced good ones more than 30 years ago. I was 6 when J.R. Ewing was shot. I was 11 when the entire Carrington clan was fired upon in the Moldavian wedding massacre. And I was 16 when Agent Cooper was shot.

I know cliffhangers. I know when they’re good and when they’ve been earned. The Walking Dead did not earn this one. If you’re going to promote a 90-minute finale, you better deliver. They did not. They went 90 minutes to sell more ads. I can easily slice out 20 minutes we didn’t need. But that’s just a minor quibble.

I made the mistake of watching Talking Dead after the show. I’d stopped watching consistently last season for many reasons: The cast and creators would explain things from the show that should have been shown in the damn show. I shouldn’t have to watch the 60-minute Chris Hardwick circle jerk to know your story, The Walking Dead. The conversations were never insightful (unless a cast member was a guest; most of them seem to really know their characters and it shows), and there was never any criticism. Like, at all. Like I said, I don’t want to watch an additional hour of television that’s all about pretending every decision the show makes is a good one. Lately, Hardwick has taken to making some pretty gross and sexist comments (last night it was a remark about AMC handing out vibrators) and earlier this season no one checked Nathan Fillion’s racist impression of a black woman complete with finger wagging and neck rolling. It feels like a show for dude-bros.

Anyway, I watched last night and I understand Gimple’s explanation. The final moments of the finale were about Rick and his group realizing they fucked up. The been-there-done-that attitude they had when they arrived in Alexandria (back when Rick was considering taking the community much like Shane wanted to Debo Hershel’s farm) only got worse through season 6. The fact that they never seemed to do anything to protect themselves after their successful raid on the Saviors on Hilltop’s behalf proves this. We actually went 2-3 episodes not sure if they even understood that they didn’t get Negan. After Denise was killed, we connected Dwight to the Saviors through context clues, not because anyone in our group was like, “Hey, we might have fucked up. Perhaps we should hunker our asses down and prepare for trouble.”

The season 7 premiere, Gimple said, will be about the death and how the group deals with that. Fine.

Then why show us the camera getting its head bashed in? That makes this entire decision feel like it was made to trend on Twitter. (For another example of this, watch any episode of Scandal. I swear that show’s scripts has hashtags in them.) At the very least, if that’s how you want to end it, make the 80 minutes prior to it worth a damn.

If it wasn’t a gimmicky decision, the fact that it feels like one is a problem. This is like Dumpstergate and I defended that shit. If The Walking Dead wants people to take it seriously, it needs to start acting like it. At this point, I honestly don’t care who dies – which is a shame if it’s a legacy character like Glenn or Daryl, because I should care and the show should want me to.

I’m just here for sexy-ass Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan and more Richonne. Unless Michonne is the one who dies and that’s entirely possible because AMC.

The Bad

Beat It: The whistling has It was creepy for a hot second when Glenn and Michonne got gripped up last week, but now it’s just bizarre and slightly comical. I was sure any moment Michael Peters was going to lead them in a dance-off. When they surrounded our group in the last few minutes of the episode, I could have sworn I heard someone ask if the Warriors could come out to play.

In the Closet (I swear these won’t all be Michael Jackson song titles): Carl starts his sexist ways early when he tells Enid she can’t go on the road trip to save Maggie’s baby.

Um, who died and put you in charge, Carl? Oh. Ron did. Carry on.

Really I’m just annoyed Enid fell for the oldest trick in the book.

There’s Something Wrong with Maggie: What exactly is wrong with Maggie? Is she having a miscarriage? Is she experiencing dehydration cramps? Is there any bleeding? All we know is she had cramps and was feverish. I don’t consider this a bad thing because Maggie got conveniently sick so the show could have another reason for everyone to leave the safety of their community. It sucks because it makes me hate Daryl and Rosita even more for being stupid enough to take their only doctor on a run.

All Life is Precious: Morgan kills the Savior who had been torturing Carol right before he was about to kill her.

Was anyone really surprised by this? We knew Morgan didn’t want to kill, and wouldn’t kill even when the person tried to kill him first. But did anyone ever think Morgan wouldn’t kill someone to save a life? Did anyone think he wasn’t going to pull the trigger to save Carol? I knew he would. So, what was the point of this? They’ve both killed when they had to, but didn’t want to.

Still, it was nice seeing him kill that which needed killing. And at least they ran into two nice guys from Skyrim.

Wrong Way: For fuck’s sake. How did Negan manage to find so many ain’t-shit sons-of-bitches in the ZA? The RV group ran into three separate groups of Saviors, each larger than the last, and two booby-trapped roadblocks. Later, we find out Negan put on the grand show just to prove he could. Just to show them he’s a bad motherfucker.

Point taken, Negan. Point.Taken.

How was a group this large operating in the area without coming upon Alexandria? Also, someone in Hilltop is a snitch, right? Negan knew Rick’s name after he was pointed out as the leader. And who told them about Alexandria to begin with? I bet it was raggedy-ass Gregory. They should have let him die.

Eugene the Explorer: Did I miss the part where Eugene is the only person who knows how to read a map? You giving map duty to the guy who speaks in riddles? Although, at the end there, I was half-hoping he’d pull out the map and show the group exactly where they fucked up.

“Remember that mile marker where we walked away with our lives and didn’t go home? That’s where we fucked up.”

X Marks the Spot Where They Think the Audience is Stupid: Thank you, Saviors. Thank you for spray painting that guy’s chest with an X so we’d recognize him when he asphyxiates.

The Good

He’s on a Horse: Morgan found the mystery man’s horse and used it to track down Carol. I like this because a black man on a horse is always awesome.

Library Squad: The Saviors grip up a man from a group that didn’t follow the rules. Not our group and not Hilltop. (And looks like he wasn’t with the men Morgan meets at the end.) This group recently had a shoot-out with the Saviors and reside in or near a library. This means Jesus wasn’t a lying liar who lies and we can (hopefully) look forward to our Alexandria crew having some help dealing with Negan.

Gabe Da Gawd!: Y’all can’t talk shit about Father Gabe no mo’. You hear me? That man has stepped all the way up and the fact that Rick leaves him in charge of Alexandria and Judith is amazing.

Abraham Wants Pancakes: Nothing like a few near-death experiences to make a man want to settle down and have some babies. Despite the fact that pregnant Maggie is writhing in pain in the back of the RV, Abraham takes his eyes off the road to ask Sasha if she’d like some of his Bisquick. Even though her face said, “Is you crazy?,” Sasha was surprisingly down with it. I mainly liked this scene due to Sonequa Martin-Green’s face.

Chain of Fools: One of the Saviors’ roadblocks was a chain of walkers blocking the road. The visual was cool and even though we knew no harm had yet come to Michonne or Daryl, Rick and the gang didn’t know that and their reactions to finding Michonne’s locs and Daryl’s arrows on the walkers was great.

Also, I can’t wait for Michonne to kill the Savior who thought it was a good idea to touch a black woman’s hair.

Eugene, Come Through!: Eugene’s arc has been on an upswing. He’s more confident, he’s been useful (see map comments below), and you don’t automatically assume he’ll kill himself when he picks up a weapon. So, it was great when he actually offers to kill himself by driving the RV as a decoy while the rest of the group take Maggie to Hilltop on foot.

Of course, this means absolutely nothing because he’s later gripped up by Negan. Damn, Eugene! You can’t even die right!

Pee-Pee Pants City: We witnessed the exact moment an actor took a role and made it so that you can never imagine anyone else doing it. Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not disappoint (with his fine ass). His bars were so good. I cannot remember the last time watching a scene made me physically ill. And everyone’s face acting was on point while Negan was evil monologuing.

Also, he’s observant as fuck. He knew Carl was Rick’s son just by looking at him. He wouldn’t have been able to do that with Judith, though. For reasons. #ShanesBaby

And don’t even get me started on the return of Rick’s crazy-face, complete with snot. Negan had Rick shook!

Game Recognize Game: I love how Negan recognized that Carl is ’bout dat life. He was like, “Damn. You not even scared, future serial killer?”

I am only in volume 3 of the graphic novels, but I’m calling it now: Carl gonna fuck Negan up.

What did you think of this season finale? Did you love it? Or did you, like me, find it to be like dry-humping: pointless and unsatisfying? Leave your thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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39 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E16 – Last Day on Earth

  1. For the podcast:

    I got nothing. I enjoyed the finale for showing how some of the group has grown (like Gabe and Eugene), but I hated the finale for a the lack of balls. I feel like they filmed the bat scene and will decide who died in October after seeing Twitter and Reddit reactions, which is bullshit. While we’re being honest, I think everybody except Michonne, Aaron, and Carl needed to get hit by Lucille. This is what happens when you decide to be cocky and dumb. I know I’m not saying a word about Michonne on Twitter because I don’t want these writers noticing and taking her away because of the reaction it would cause. Can’t wait for the podcast, I’ll see y’all during FTWD.

  2. For the podcast:

    I never comment for twd and I’ll be short.

    #whoisit? Fuck you talking dead.
    Fuck you Gimple you hack job you left it hanging because y’all dont know who you want to kill. Or maybe that is too much credit for you. Fuck you.
    JDM is so damn fine. GOSH DAMMIT he is so fine.
    In summation, fuck this show. I don’t give a shit who dies.

  3. For the podcast


    That pretty much sums it up. Shitty writing but great acting. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is scary & sexy all at the same time. I’m here for Negan & Richonne.

    Wtf did they do to Carol? What was that bullshit?

    I understand where Carl was coming from with Enid. He just went about it the wrong way.

    That’s it. I’ll watch in the fall but that was some bullshit! Fuck Gimple & Fuck Kirkman!

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast. Thanks for putting out such a great show even when the show you’re talking about becomes a pile of shit.

  4. I’m so mad that I can’t even read the recap ?

  5. For the podcast

    Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
    I’m usually the fan who says,”Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” or “I’m sure they know what they are doing with the story and where it’s going,” but NO! F this show! I’ve been giving them the benefit of the doubt for too long and I can’t back their play any longer.

    So every damn cast member who wasn’t already gripped up by the saviors needed to help get Maggie to the hilltop?!? I have a teenage son and there is no way on this gods green earth that I would have let him go. Rick, damn it! Carl sit your ass down and stay in Alexandria where you have at least some protection. Let’s just put everyone in eminent danger and for what? I’m already so damn tired of people guessing who it was that met the business end of Lucille tonight.
    I stayed up late for this?!? I was waiting for 90 min for a big payoff and they seriously dropped every damn ball. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing and was the ONLY good thing about that abomination I just watched. Now I have to wait until October?!?! Damn it!!!!!! I’m all up in my feelings about this and I truly need to reevaluate my dedication to this nonsense.
    Sorry it’s so long. I love the podcast.

  6. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Denise needed to be posthumously hit with Lucille. Why? Because she would have been able to check Maggie out. But here the hell we are.

    I hope Maggie met Lucille, honestly. I’m so sick of this broad. Her privilege was on 1,000. She gets sick and now the entire group is ready to take her ass to Hilltop, which, from what Jesus said earlier, was a day’s ride. Then she gets carried on a stretcher right to Negan. Here’s my problem. Alexandria’s huge. I’m sure several of the women have been pregnant. None of them could help her out and figure what was happening? None? Nah, fck everything. We’re going to East Bumblefck.

    I also want Glenn to meet Lucille too. I’m just so over him.

    Mostly, the writers and AMC need to holla at Lucille too. They claim to have a 90 minute finale, but 45 minutes worth of commercials. I know they aren’t hurting for sponsors, either. That was some high class bullshit. And I should have known. As soon as I saw him playing “Eenie meenie miny mo” (which, not-so-fun fact, was originally the n word and not “tiger”), I looked at the clock and it was 10:30. And I knew it would be more class A fuckery.

    I’m officially #TeamNegan. His one-liners are as great as Abraham’s. #MotherBitch

    I await the podcast with baited breath- I know y’all are gonna go off and it will be glorious.

  7. For the podcast:

    Negan’s speech… he should have been more menacing and intimidating. I was expecting him to be so much more and it seems like he was holding back on the evil part. I know he’s just been introduced, but he’s toyed with them all day and to me, he underdelivered in his delivery. Then, he was small AF! Don’t get me wrong, he looked the part but I expected him to be bigger as in buffer.

    Carol… she irked my nerves this and last episode. Every time she spoke that “killing for others” bull just imagine that I kicked a kitten and stole a child’s lollipop. Lol. Damn she was annoying.

    Rick…. he’s scared AF and I like seeing this side of him. He’s at another man’s mercy and there’s no way out.

    Lol the Michonne locs.

    What are you looking forward to next season?

    Y’all be easy ✌


    I told a friend of mine the other day that for all the shit I’ve given AMC and TWD over the years, they had the most epic moment in the show’s history coming up. He asked me if that put unreasonable expectations on the finale and if I was going to be disappointed because of it.

    “Nah, there’s literally no way to fuck this up, because it’s a perfect moment, all they have to do is film it.”

    Well, I’m a lie. AMC and Scott Gimple, in all their glorious shittiness, managed to fuck up an unfuckuppable scene.

    I made the comment in the group a week or so ago that I would never watch another episode of TWD if they cut to black without showing us who Negan kills. I said that because I never imagined that would even be within the realm of possibility, but I also said it because I 100% meant it.

    I am no longer willing, in good conscience, to give Scott Gimple or AMC the satisfaction and profit generation of my eyes and ears. This is not good storytelling and this is not a good show. This is fuckery at its finest, and AMC will never give a shit because nobody will stop watching this. This show is written by people who got their doctorate in social media management, not people who understand or even care about how to write a compelling narrative. The final moment of this episode was legitimately embarrassing television. I could not believe what I was watching, and could not believe that in a matter of 30 seconds they managed to turn what was the most tension filled and creepy episode that this show has ever had into a god damn video game clownshow.

    No amount of Jeffery Dean Morgan being pitch perfect as Negan is going to bring me back, despite him being the only actor on the planet who could pull off the insane stupidity of something like “pee pee pants city.” Unless Scott Gimple is fired tomorrow, I’ll just have to assume that he goes on to be awesome.

    I’ve had a lot of fun listening to this podcast, leaving feedback, and hanging out discussing this show, even if the overwhelming majority of the time was spent hating it. To go out on a positive note, Bear McCreary is a musical God.

    Looking forward to Preacher and Westworld, assuming that show ever sees the light of day. And I guess GOT too, if for no other reason than it will be really pretty to look at for an hour. Deuces.

  9. For the podcast:

    Blah blah blah, we all know that shit sucked with that impotent ending. My question is this. When they start filming for season 7 and ONE cast member is not seen on set after the first week, there are spoiling sites that will no doubt know exactly who got the bat. By doing this asinine cliffhanger this way, we will all know who was killed before the premiere. When they do their Comic Con premiere clip anyone in the clip who is actually alive will be outed as “not the dead one”. Are we just going to have trailers of Father Gabriel standing on the guard tower mean mugging the forest? Or maybe just clips of Morgan and Carol exchanging whoa is me stories? They have ruined EVERYTHING by limping out this way. Fuck this show, Fuck Scott Gimple, Fuck Robert Kirkman, Fuck everybody who had a hand in this disaster of a decision.

  10. For the podcast:

    Way too many commercials. Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not disappoint as Negan though. And if I am honest as I watched them being treated like cats in a maze, I was terrified for the group and so excited and scared to see Negan show up. That said, that ending was almost more terrible than Dumpstergate. But JDM makes everything better cause he’s just so good. I say all that to say I was pissed last night, but now I’m conflicted like I was about BvS-I enjoyed moments, and it was entertaining, but ultimately disappointing.

  11. For the podcast:

    I loved Eugene and Gabriel in this episode. Especially Gabriel. His reassurances to Rick, laying everything out, and seeing that Rick was responsive to that was great. I feel they have come full circle.

    Eugene has grown up. I loved that he gave Rick his bucket “recipe” and was so sad when he got in the rv and drove away.

    Seeing ricks face when he pulled michonne’s hair off that walker my heart broke ?

    Overall, I liked the episode. I’ve been in love with Jeffrey dean Morgan since grey’s anatomy. He is definitely a heart throb as a bad boy.

    I HATE how they ended. And we’ve got to wait til when?? October????

    Oh and what’s up with the hunger games whisteling?? It brought in a creepy factor that soon became juvenile

  12. Oh yeah and Dave Alpert. Fuck him too!

  13. Shit the bed indeed. It shit the bed, Gimple and company took the time to strip the sheets, scrub em out, put them through the washer, remake the bed, tuck TWD back in, kiss it good night, and as they were tip toeing out the room, it promptly shit the bed again.

  14. FOR THE PODCAST: This episode was a complete waste of our time. We didn’t need a 90 minute block to watch Morgan ride a fuckin horse, then save Carol (who TOLD him and everyone else to leave her alone). Also, we didn’t need to see Morgan try to force his beliefs on her for the one millionth time. We didn’t need a 90 minute block to watch Rick and them ride around in a piece of shit RV either. We damn sure didn’t need whatever amount of time that was that Abe and Sasha had that awkward, unnecessary conversation about having kids. That literally made me wish death on Abe. He gotta go! Why the fuck are you having that conversation while riding around looking for people you’re about to go to war with? That conversation is the prime example I’m not for all this love shit in a show like this. It’s got people think about the wrong shit at the wrong time. Anyway, someone tell me what the hell did we accomplish in this episode? Nina? John? Donald? Any of y’all got anything? No? I’ll tell you what the fuck we accomplished in this episode… NOTHING!!!!!! We accomplished Bitch Nuts! That’s what. This may have been the last straw for me. Time will tell, but I am certainly considering quitting this show. It’s 50/50 right now. I’m tired of the arrogance of this show. They seem to seriously think they can do whatever they want and get away with it because “Hey, you’ll be back”. That’s disrespectful to your audience. That said, my biggest problem with this finale is that we ALL knew someone was gonna get beat to death. Both spoiled and unspoiled people expected/knew that Negan was gonna show up, and that someone would take the L. The fact they didn’t show it was some bullshit, because again we all knew it was gonna happen. Had it been a secret that no one knew was coming (maybe only spoiled folks at best) and they let it all play out like this, then it would have played differently. The reaction of fans would have been different, and it would have actually been a cliffhanger. But the way it went down wasn’t.

  15. I was not a fan of the finale: full of filler. The last ten minutes was acted to perfection though ( please see snot faces and tears that we have not seen from our crew in quite awhile). I just feel like they could’ve still shown who got killed and people would still want to tune in next season bc we still want to see how the crew is going to deal with being Neegan’s bitches basically. I wonder if people will turn on Rick now bc he presented the idea of going after the saviors and now the community is suffering bc of it. I know it was an emotional time, but I hated when Glen yelled when neegan was in front of Maggie because he then let him know of their close connection. I was expecting neegan to use this to his advantage and be extra savage by killing 1 killing a woman, 2 killing a woman in front of her husband and 3 secretly to the audience and the group killing a fetus as well in process. If he killed Aaron I think that will be a cop out. I’m thinking maybe it Darryl because he has that biker show coming out. I know they better not have Neegan beating a black woman (Sasha or michonne) with a damn bat.,


    Good thing I love Nina more than I hate The Walking Dead right now because I have no fucks left to give for this show. It’s no longer priority viewing for me. I can’t even muster up anything nice to say about the episode that was otherwise pretty good until that very ending.

    Fuck Scott Gimple, Fuck Kirkman, Fuck Chris Hardwick, Fuck The Walking Dead as a staff, TV Show and as a motherfucking crew! They really fucked up the one of the most iconic moments of the book. I understand it doesn’t have to follow the page directly but this was the one thing that should have. It was no fucking reason to end it on a cliffhanger! NONE!!! Because the only thing they are going to do is come back in October with a time jump or some bullshit.

    Then Gimple gonna say some hemming and hawing bullshit about “We’re going to deliver you a story next season that justifies that cliffhanger.” Nigga fuck you BYE!!!

    Love y’all tho!

    Well it ended just as many thought it would…sometimes I think gimple & co are too “cute” 4 their own good.
    JDM as negan was great! I was truly riveted for those last few minutes until the end-yea I understand gimple’s point that it wasn’t about the death but Rick & co going 2 far -still I think the death should’ve been revealed- For me, to wait until s7 opener is anticlimactic-the aftermath should’ve started the new chapter.
    Carol has 9 lives & just about used them all only to be saved by her knight in post apocalypse armor aka my Morgan who rode in on his mighty steed-speaking of, it appears we have a new group -knights of the zombie apocalypse?!l?
    Thought Maggie was a goner-
    Could Rick & co have come up w/better plan than every1 leaving 2gether?!? Maybe split up & one team do some reconnaissance or something to that effect?
    That’s all I have at the moment! I can wait for season 7.

  18. For the podcast. At least the horse survived. ?


    I haven’t left feedback in awhile, but I had to for this episode. Man I could’ve watched the finale in October instead of having butt clenching moments for 90 minutes last night. That ending was stupid, why couldn’t they just show us who died so we can cry over the summer and be ready to go in October? Other than ending, I enjoyed the episode. The crew finally understood that they messed up and saw that the Saviors roll DEEP! This is why you don’t let your friends (Daryl) write a check your group can’t cash. Their face acting during Negan’s scene was everything. I felt their terror and wanted someone to die so I could be put out of my misery.

    Speaking of Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not disappoint. He was terrifying with his fine self. He’s the first villain on this show that I felt Rick and the crew couldn’t defeat. I look forward to seeing how his “New World Order” changes the show next season.

    Good for Father Gabe for stepping up. Greg at the Hilltop is snitching so he gotta die. Abe wants to pour the bisquick and make sweet pancakes with Sasha <3. Carol and Morgan’s scenes were cool, but I’m not gonna clap for Morgan for doing his job and killing when it was necessary. No gold star for him. S/O to Abe for saying “Bitch nuts” and his other terrible puns.

  20. For the podcast
    I’ve got a question, do you guys think you would have been as mad if you didn’t know someone was suppose to die tonight .? Cause Negans reveal felt like when everyone kept saying the Red wedding is coming which kinda takes all of the surprise out of what your trying to accomplish.
    Me personally I liked the episode only because it was not ruined for me with this shows flawed attempt to turn an iconic moment into click bait. After reading that moment in the book I was slightly disturbed . It’s the zombie apocalypse so you see walkers getting smashed up all the time so you become numb to it.. This is the first time you see something like that happen to a person you thought was completely safe . They didn’t cut or shy away from the horror of that moment, it’s what made you take Negan more seriously then any other adversary the group had before this. Making it a POV shot and teasing it for 6mos is dumb …why because Internet .
    Example there was a death on another show this past week that I saw coming because it was announced that the actor was gonna be on another show …So you’re telling me that who ever the actor is that was killed of is not gonna work for the next 6mos ?
    I guarantee you that people right after last nights show went onto a wiki or bought issue 100 just so they could find out.
    The reasoning was so forced as well . I would of believed it more if they seeded Maggie’s illness through out the last couple off episodes. Instead they just shoved her being in pain at the end of last weeks . Could be a case of bad gas for all we know .
    Morgan and carols plot line were by far my favorite. Yea it was obvious that Morgan was gonna shoot that guy with his invisible bullets but it’s great that we can see that he’s growing in his philosophy. The best part we got introduce to some guys in their +5 charisma armor.
    Anyway I’m gonna be here next season like everyone else but I got my books .
    Can’t wait for the podcast
    Hope you *of a good day .

  21. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey Nina! Hey John, I hope you’re keeping hydrated because I don’t want you get hoarse while you’re cussing the show out. Hey Donny. Not even going to comment on the ending. I do want to comment on Negan’s strategy though. It seems to me like the guys Carol encountered weren’t “going to Alexandria” so much as they were getting into position around Alexandria. I think Negan’s group watched them for those weeks after the raid and then got into position to trap them when enough of them left the gates. (Another reason why I think they wouldn’t be in this mess if everyone had stayed they asses home). I think someone at Hilltop definitely snitched but I think the plan was to wait until the Alexandrians had to do another run to Hilltop and catch them then. It was just good luck/bad writing that Daryl left and then Maggie needed a doctor. What do you guys think? Also what does Negan’s crew do all day but go around collecting stuff. It doesn’t seem like they do any work themselves just take from other communities.

  22. For The Podcast: This finale was bullshit and the season premiere will be bullshit too because you know they’re not picking up where they left off. Instead they’re going to do an episode leading up to that moment once again and in the last 15 minutes they’ll finally show us who it is. And imo it’s gonna be Abraham. He was talking about having babies and shit. Did you just start dating Sasha? Chill. This show doesn’t have the balls to actually kill Daryl or Glenn and I just read a tweet from Chandler Riggs saying something to the effect of, “don’t feel bad, six months later and even we still don’t know who got the bat.” Which just proves to me that this was a marketing and ratings ploy by AMC with their stupid “who is it” hashtag and that this was also a way to finalize on the character that is actually going to die by Negan because I don’t even think they (the writers) know. That’s how little faith I have in Gimple. It’s sure gonna suck to be that actor. On a more positive note: Andrew Lincoln was amazing in this episode and he deserves all the awards. All the acting was phenomenal, even with the 10 seconds Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira got, they really sold their characters emotions. Props to all of them. (Might be a spoiler idk, don’t read it if you think so) Also happy that their introducing The Kingdom, another community from the comics. But seriously, fuck this show. That’s it, can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3 Forgot to mention: but did you notice how they did the same thing with Negan’s group, that they did with the people at Terminus. Negan was leading him to the direction he wanted them to go in, in order to trap them. When is our group going to step up their game?

  23. For the podcast:
    I’m not mad ( I was initially) I’m disappointed. As I said in the thread the build up has been there since 6B started no need to stretch off of this iconic moment.
    I do see how TWD is flexing their PR muscles but it isn’t with the viewers. It’s at the expense of the viewers. Am I surprised they faded to black? Not really. It’s just reading as if TWD is more about fucking with loyal fans than entertaining those fans. Kinda like when Scandal had a “the last five minutes will blow your mind” commercial every episode. You’re playing to hashtags. That Who is it tag could have been Who will it be? after Negan was first mentioned, it could have been advertising gold.
    I understand that the fans do not and should not dictate the show but the media blitz shouldn’t either.
    And they haven’t killed a MAJOR character in a long while so this could have been it. If it’s a second string person (Sasha, Abraham, Eugene, Aaron) the build up was really wasted.
    I see it like a roller coaster.
    They think they stopped it at the top of the drop with all of us waiting to whip around the next season, that scary click noise getting faster and faster. Instead we’re all sitting at the start position waiting for the ride attendant to press the Go button.
    This was supposed to be short. My bad.

    I bet y’all niggas wished y’all watched wrestlemania and that fake ? over this dumb ass finale!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast! Oh and I think he’s beating Abraham bc he said you’re taking it like a champ!! Needless to say is I’d having been crying and saying I’d suck yo dick and I got cheeseburgers ???!! ✌?️

  25. For the podcast:

    Fuck Scott Gimple
    Fuck Robert Kirkman
    Fuck Chris Hardwick

    These bitches get on Circle Jerk the Dead and act like we’re the problem and we’re too impatient. Fuck that, do better.

    Then Chris Hardwick gets on there in the last 5 minutes of the show, demeaning anyone who dared to think it wasn’t the greatest ending ever. “Hey Robert, Scott, tell these guys why they’re stupid”

    Scott gives dumb ass outdated examples of cliffhangers and Robert, evidently, doesn’t watch his own show. He said if we followed Negan from the beginning then Rick would be the bad guys. I guess we just gloss over how they killed unprovoked, extorted people, and then sent someone back to kill they’re own leader? Yea Rick did all that. Dumbass

    I’m laying down my cape for this show. Bring on GoT

    Love you guys and the podcast

  26. For the podcast: If I’m not too late…. Okay so I don’t have much to say except what the hell were they thinking with that cliffhanger?? They quite literally got in everyone’s collective bed shit in it and then expected us to smile and say its okay. Fuck no it isn’t okay you faked us out three times this season! Dumpstergate, Daryl last week and now this! I really don’t care who dies that much anymore unless its Michonne cause if they kill her I am done with this show… Well its been…an interesting season I’m done fml

  27. For the Podcast:

    I can’t believe I had to watch the RV back up fiftyleven times so they could make this 90 minutes.

    The Morgan Carol story line was cool, but it was needlessly long. Also I knew this episode was gonna be some ol’ bullshit when they opened with Morgan. I knew he was gonna use that gun last week, and the payoff wasn’t worth it to me, if he wasn’t gonna start killing everything and saying “clear!” under his breath I didn’t care…

    Why Maggie baby so unimportant? I mean yes, you want to get Maggie to the doctor, no you don;t want to run her through the woods on foot. Were they trying to give the baby Shaken Baby Syndrome? They should have just took her home and let Gabe sprinkle holy water on dat belly and called it a day.

    The last minutes was excellent honestly, but sitting through a bullshit fuck ass 109 minutes to get there? Not so great. I was behind on the DVR and started to just fast forward to catch up, in hindsight I wouldn’t have missed much, I would have gotten it but by the fast moving frames without dialogue. Anyway I’ll be aback next season and I won’t care who is dead.

  28. FOR THE PODCAST: thank you guys for continuing to podcast this crazy show. I think this is the season I just decided to turn my brain off and let it sit enjoy it. I will say a couple of things I did enjoy was carl confident swagger and how Neegan told him he needed to lighten up. Also watching Rick shit his pants.

    Only its Michonne or Carl dead I don’t really care. I mean this show is what it is right now, and I’ve just accepted it and will enjoy it as such. Any other way is too stressful.
    I think I might just start watching the show as if the saviors are the “good” guys. Thanks again Nina, John and Donald, I can’t wait to listen. One question though – do you guys think Judith will die anytime soon?

  29. Fuck this show. Ugh. I’ve got nothing else. This is so bad for our people. There are so many whistlers. Too many. We’re screwed for a long time.

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