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Tokyo Ghoul Re – S3E7 – mind: Recollections

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul, “turn: In the End”

No, sometimes I sit and cry alone for fun, okay?

Climbing out of the deep, dark butthole we were shoved into last week comes mind: Recollections with a reset. Those that have been down since day one know the drill: big fights lead to slowed down character episodes. This week steadies the boat but let’s be real, they couldn’t have done much worse after blowing it on every level.   

It’s Gone, But I Can Still Smell It

Speaking of which, “turn: In the End” left one last dookie smear on “mind: Recollections” with the weakest payoff to the cliffhanger. After the double critical stabbing, both guys just get up and head out with injuries we’ve seen them power out of a hundred times. They limp and hold body parts while I wonder why I should care when they’ll be fine next scene. The worst victim of this is Hinami, who for some reason dropped to her knees and stayed put while Arima and his doves surrounded her. What credibility she did have as a pragmatic, hardened leader flies out the window when you realize her super hearing should have tipped her off long ago.

Don’t look like that, you earned this.

I’d say that’s what she gets for helping, but she should’ve been long gone, emotional or not. She has a stay of execution in Sasaki’s custody which hopefully means she’ll play her part with him sooner rather than later. And oh, by the way, all the other fights ended off screen with everyone getting away. Just. Terrible.

The Young and the Restless

In a training session with Mutsuki, Juzo explains that taming your weaknesses is how you win. No one is perfect, however those who learn to cope with their shortcomings survive, which is a running theme this week. Mado, who catches a glimpse of a fleeing Takizawa long enough for them to recognize each other, reignites hope Amon survived.

Sup girl?

Though she has fought it, the feeling has never left, and it just might pay off in a way she’s not expecting considering he seems to have been doing some ghoul munching in his spare time. If he is a ghoul, there’ll be some hard questions when it times to take some action, a problem Shirazu looks to share in a different flavor.

Everyone who survived the auction raid was promoted ( double for Mutsuki) yet the only two not happy about it are Urie and Shirazu. Shirazu is still shook over Nutcracker, a sentiment that isn’t helped when she is turned into his new powerful quinque. Unsure of their mission, there is no excitement in his new status or quinque, which could get him killed. On the other hand, Urie can’t enjoy it because Takeomi overshadowed him by killing the clown with his bare hands.

The interesting thing about Urie here is that he almost gets a full arc in one episode. Drenched in his petty powers, he shades Takeomi and his father for congratulating him. Having been bested, he spends all of his free time obsessing and training, however Mutsuki’s hug has stuck with him. Somewhere in that gesture, he softened and possibly matured just a bit. Later, Sasaki shows some concern and floats it out there that he and the others can help Urie when he needs it. For the first time, Urie considers it and somewhat agrees, albeit only to himself. It’s not much, but that’s a giant step for Urie I didn’t think they would let him make for a while. To push it a little further, we meet Shirazu’s Haru when Urie eavesdrops in the hospital.

The same branch from Evil Dead?

Seeing as how she’s comatose with an apparent demon branch stuck in her face, the conversation is one-sided and Urie gets to hear all the warm fuzzy stuff Shirazu says about him. There might be an actual change coming for Urie unless his daddy issues hold him back.

Don’t Push Me Cuz I’m Close To The Edge…

Of course, the biggest example goes to the slowly cracking Sasaki who splits time between his new family and looking for clues around his old one. To bring everyone together and celebrate their promotions, he has a big dinner and gifts for the Quinx squad, Arima, and Mado. The whole sequence is saccharine sweet, feeling like it’s another step in priming Sasaki for a big fall, although it does raise a question I’ve been wondering since day one. How are the Quinxes eating? Being half-breeds like Sass/Ken, they have to eat us, so who are they eating and where are those people coming from? It’d be stupid (or lazy) not to address it, and after last week…

On the flip side of all that sweet cuteness, Sasaki’s Kaneki problem continues to grow with him popping up Nightmare on Elm Street style. No longer just only appearing when their lives are on the line, Kaneki and old memories (good and bad) begin seeping in . This pretty guy had the unfortunate position of turning into Jason for a few seconds.

I loved him on Goonies.

Eto also gives him a nudge in the right direction with a care package, his old mask and the book she signed. Thrown for a loop, Sasaki ends up pondering it amongst his old family’s shop, :re. Unlike the Quinxes, the :re squad (Touka, Yomo, Nishio, and Uta) have it together. As much as they care for Kaneki, they never break character or try to force anything. It takes real strength to watch your loved one make a colossal ass out of themselves at your expense, especially when that loved one could get you all killed. This was nice but they can’t keep playing this game for too long, something’s has to shake with the way everyone is on top of each other and connected with Sasaki in the middle ready to break.

“mind: Recollections” was a much needed change of pace and a good step in the right direction. Not concerned with action, they were free to do more subtle work like the tonal shifts between the three groups. With the CCG, the coloring and layouts are cold and feel sterile with everyone being rigid and formal. The doves are more cutthroat than the ghouls and will do anything to get the job done. On the hand, colors get warmer with the Quinx family get together and you could settle down by the fire like an old Folgers ad with the : re gang. Even when he finds himself at Anteiku’s vacant lot, it’s like a warm spot in the middle of snow. It’s the little touches that count. This week made me less scared for the Gourmet’s return, a little less. It’s been a bumpy ride this season and I have zero ideas where they’re going with this.  

Please don’t screw up my Gourmet.

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2018 | Directed by Odahiro Watanabe | Written By Sui Ishida & Chûji Mikasano | Production Company:  Pierrot | Funimation SimulDub | Tuesdays 11 AM EST | 12 Episodes

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