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11 Geeky Engagement Rings

Mario Bros Engagement


Last month I shared some delightfully adorable nerd proposals. We may never know what type of engagement rings they proposed to their ladies with, but I’ve compiled a list of ten kick-ass engagement rings that any geek girl would be happy to have on her hand.


Star Wars


Stars Wars Engagement Ring


For those Star Wars obsessed couples. These Han and Leia quote rings are awesome.





You could possibly roll this ring to make decision in your marriage.


Star Trek



Make it so.


Doctor Who


This TARDIS engagement ring seems a little too awkward to actually wear, maybe, but it looks awesome and isn’t that really all that matters?


Iron Man



I would do all.the.things with Robert Downey Jr without a ring, but this ring adds some frosting on that Downey cake.


Super Mario Bros






I’ve never seen Stargate, but this ring looks pretty sweet. It kind of makes me want to watch Stargate.


Lord of the Rings


Lord of the Rings Engagement Ring


And of course the most obvious of rings.








Decoder engagement ring! Decoder! Three bands that rotate to line up a specific code.

Legend of Zelda


I was going to stick with 10 but this one is too awesome to skip. Even though I’m not a Zelda fan, I love these rings.


And for unrelated, but sort of related awesomeness:


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  1. I the Iron Man ring, but man that Decoder ring looks awesome too! I am a fan of Zelda and I want those rings just because they are sweet! Great Job with this article! It is a lot of fun!

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