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5 Male TV Characters We’d Like to Drink With

Perhaps the highest honor you could bestow on someone is, “I’d like to have a drink with that guy.” Hey, it’s how some people choose their president.

Sometimes a celebrity just looks like someone you’d like to have a few rounds with. Can’t you just see yourself splitting a pitcher of beer with Vince Vaughn, sipping scotch with Angelina Jolie, or poppin’ a bottle of bubbly with Jennifer Lopez? What of their fictional counterparts? Well, we present you with the five TV characters we’d most like to have a drink with:


Tyrion Lannister

Intelligent, witty, debaucherous, and yet somehow very charismatic, we would pay fifty dragons to share a flagon of ale with Tyrion Lannister, the breakout character on Game of Thrones. What’s the worst that could happen? Sure, you may get thrown into jail because of his mouth and have to bail him out, but a Lannister always pays his debts.

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Don Draper

Jon Hamm is already a celebrity we’d love to have a drink with. Now, wrap him up in the charismatic, womanizing alpha male that is Mad Men’s Don Draper and we’d be more than willing to shell out enough money to pay for a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue just to sit back, relax, and allow him to buy us an old-fashioned and pay a woman to slap us around.


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Any male character from Grey’s Anatomy

And no, this isn’t a cop out. There was no way to pick just one male character from Grey’s Anatomy. Not only are they all supposed to be the best in their field, they are all entirely too good looking to be hiding behind those surgical masks.

And he’s the UGLY one!

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Sean and Gus

This duo from Psych may say “dude” a lot but, the way we see it, Sean’s attention to detail is a surefire way to make the night interesting. Couple that with being able to witness Gus’s nicknames being created firsthand and we’re in.

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Ron Swanson

Those of you that enjoy Parks and Recreation on a regular basis know all about Mr. Swanson. Those of you that have never seen the show are probably sitting there with a befuddled look on your face and thinking, “Who? Why?” Rather than go into a lengthy explanation that will bore Mr. Swanson’s fans, we present you with Exhibit A:   Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson.

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So, if you could put a few back with any male TV character? Who would it be?

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Rosangela Robinson is an introvert turned party girl turned mother-of-two. Having recently re-joined the workforce after five years of being a stay-at-home mother, she now spends her days trying desperately to balance her love of her family with her love of reading and writing in a way that leaves her family feeling loved but still allows ample time for her to escape to a place where her family may or may not exist.

59 Comments on 5 Male TV Characters We’d Like to Drink With

  1. I could drink with Don Draper, definitely.

  2. I could watch infinite drunk Ron Swanson allllllllllllll day. I need to recreate my own version of this somehow.

    Oh, and I’m realizing that I really need to get into Mad Men.

  3. Sean and Gus! For sure. We would mix weird, tasty, experimental drinks in red Solo cups and eat junk food and listen to 80s music. I love those boys.

  4. Mmmmm….Grey’s Anatomy guys. Although, I have to say, McSteamy is looking too skinny these days. It’s kind of a turn off

    I’d like to drink with Will Farrell. Hot? No. Funny as hell? Yes. And maybe Zach Galifianakis. I bet he’d be hilarious.

    • My main pick from “Grey’s” is Jackson Avery. Although, I’d orobably be too busy checking him out to even get the drink to my lips.

  5. Jack Bauer. Providing he was in between missions. I’d like to help him relax 😉

  6. Dean Winchester
    Paul Kemp
    Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) There is only one Batman in my eyes.

    I can’t think of another one!

  7. The 10th Doctor - definitely. Hopping on the Tardis and sampling drinks throughout time and space? Awesome. Especially knowing that the room *is* probably spinning and it’s not just me.
    The 11th Doctor once he gets his tastebuds figured out.

  8. Jason Stackhouse because there’s a 99% chance he’d sleep with me after.
    Louis C.K., for the same reason.
    Andy Botwin…and holy crap, clearly I am creepy as hell.

  9. Jameelah Obaid-Schmidt // July 10, 2012 at 4:20 pm //

    Shawn & Gus (count as 1) I just LOVE them so HARD.

    Sam & Dean Winchester (they also count as 1): the stories they could tell. And just sitting across from them (read, sitting across their laps) I would be in heaven.

    Damon Salvatore (lustful sigh) that is all

    Batman (Christian bale) he’s batman, how flackin awesome would that be.

    Rick Grimes: one word, RICKTATORSHIP (talking dead reference)

  10. Louis C.K., for sure.
    Bender from Futurama.
    Definitely Tyrion, even though he’d likely be drinking and dealing with a trouser lamprey, at the same time.
    And Sherlock!

  11. I love Sean and Gus! Never saw the show in prime time, but catch it on the weekends on Ion.

    Brace yourselves…but I have to make a true confession here…we don’t have cable. *gasp* We have…wait for it…an antenna!

    And that first guy…I want to say I saw him in a movie on TV a few months back. Something about a train station? I can’t remember!!

    My husband and I got into Grimm this past year, and I think Nick and Monroe would be pretty damn cool to hang out with…

    • Oh, I’ve been on the no-cable bus. I also call it the read-a-whole-lot-of-books bus… Or the time-to-buy-more-DVDs bus.

    • When people say they don’t have cable, my eye twitches. I may or may not watch too much TV.

      OK. I do.

      • haha @nina ! A couple of years ago my husband lost his job suddenly and we downgraded some bills until we could get things figured out. I tood our Dish Network down to basic programming ( which is not too bad) when I told our ( then) 5 year old what I did and why he threw himself backwards with his hand on his face and said ” Will we have to live like this forever!!”…..

    • I have an antenna, too (Clearview 2 - best antenna EVER) but get to ‘hang’ with Don & Tyrion via my subscription.

      Nick is some serious eye candy, but a tad boring methinks. Monroe is a font of useless information (well… not to Nick) which I think is awesome. Together - awesomeness.

      • We shut off the cable cold turkey three years ago when my husband busted out on his own subcontracting instead of working for a company. And we had nothing for almost a year. No cable or antenna! Just a DVD player and a VCR stuffed full of crayons. The kids went through major withdrawal. I started watching stuff on Hulu when the Fall season started, but it sucked to have to sit at my desk to watch. We got an antenna maybe a year later and were amazed at how many channels we pull in. I still have an intimate relationship with Hulu, and I call it my DVR. I even convinced the hubs to set up the computer so I can watch it on the tv screen.

        So we’re not totally in the stone ages anymore!

        I think Nick is going to become more badass as he discovers his Grimmness. And let’s face it…we ladies love a badass.

  12. My personal idea of the highest compliment that can be paid is wanting to have hot naughties, rather than a drink, with someone I admire. In either case, this list is pretty spot on. Hey Ron Swanson, how YOU doin’?

  13. I like that you put Tyrion Lannister first. He’d definitely be at the top of my list 🙂

  14. So, I’m thinking a flagon of Arbor Red with Tyrion. Of course, he’s going to want to touch “the girls” when he gets too drunk. I think I love him for his mind, though.

    Don Draper can definitely touch “the girls”…

    I’d love to get completely trashed with Ron Swanson and burn down the local post office and other government buildings. (After dark, of course, when there are no humans in them. I’m not Timothy McVeigh, for Pete’s sake!)

  15. No “Misfits” guys?!?! Seriously?!?! Nathan would be freakin hysterical and ‘new’ Simon… ummmm.. hullo??? Did someone say something about ‘hot naughties’.

  16. Ron Swanson would be on mine, Raj from big bang theory, Jean Luc Picard, Dale from King of the Hill, and Desmond from Lost.

  17. Klaus from Vampire DIaries =]

  18. RON SWANSON. Yes. I <3 him, hard. But then, my husband practically IS Ron Swanson, so I could probably just drink with him.

  19. I like Sheldon Cooper “drunk”. I’d have to sneak the booze into him somehow, but, I’d do it.

  20. Jack Carter- Eureka
    Mal, and Wash from Firefly
    (Or can I count all the males from that cast as one? Cuz, then I’d add Jayne, Book and Simon, too.)

  21. The guy who played Pinnochio on Once Upon a Time is pretty hot. And I like Jack Porter on Revenge.



    • MIKE ROWE!

      He should always be in Caps lock.. I love that man. Every once in a while I see someone on television that I just HAVE to know in real life…. he is at the top of my list. 🙂

  23. My “Absolutely Ridiculous” list (in no particular order):
    Taco (The League)
    Johnny Fever (WKRP in Cincinnati)
    Basil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers)
    Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation)
    Nathan (Misfits)

    This could go on much longer, but I limited myself to five. This list will be forever changing.

  24. My “I Wanna Be On You” list, in no particular order:

    - Richard Castle (Castle) and/or Mal (Firefly) I’m counting them as one…. just fit more in. (Heh. Fit more in. That’s what she said.)
    - Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
    - Sawyer (LOST)
    - Don Draper (Mad Men)
    - Conrad (Weeds)

  25. Alcide
    Jack Carter
    Mike Rowe
    and definitely Tyrion

  26. My “I Don’t Necessarily *Need* to Be On You, but Let’s Start Drinking and See Where This Goes” list (in no particular order):
    - Logan Echols (Veronica Mars) – about whom I had the filthiest dream last week…
    - Will Schuester (Glee)
    - The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
    - Luther (Luther)
    - Doug Heffernan (King of Queens) – I ADORE Kevin James. (On second thought, I DO need to be on him…)

  27. YES. MIKE ROWE. I didn’t really count him as a character, but yeah, he kind of IS.
    My husband has actually said he’d like to drink with him. (and start a bromance, probably.)

  28. Maurice Moss. IT Crowd. 🙂

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