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A Man of Steel Sequel is Already in the Works

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, days ahead of its release date, Man of Steel already has a sequel on the way.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Warner Bros. Pictures has officially gotten a follow-up to the Superman reboot underway. Barring a completely shocking box office meltdown, Zack Snyder will be directing another David S. Goyer screenplay, with Christopher Nolan’s involvement currently unknown. The guess would be that Nolan would take an executive producer backseat credit, as he is plenty busy, right now, directing his next film Interstellar.

I’m still of the mind that this sequel will be Man of Steel: World’s Finest, but that’s entirely fan speculation on my part (and wishful thinking). What we do know, however, is this quick movement at least means Warner Bros. and DC are looking to strike while the iron is hot, and that can only mean more good things for fans hoping to eventually see an interconnected DC Cinematic Universe to rival that of Marvel and their Avengers.

Here’s more fan speculation: if the Man of Steel sequel did become a World’s Finest adaptation, I’d venture to guess the most logical villain to use would be Lex Luthor, right? Sure, Darkseid is out there, and the DC Animated Universe’s newest addition, Superman: Unbound, offered an exceptional adaptation of Brainiac and the bottled city of Kandor, but both of those villains are guys who really have to be taken on by Superman (or perhaps would make great fodder for a Justice League team-up); Luthor, on the other hand-with his cerebral and human attributes-would be perfect for a Superman and Batman pairing.

So many possibilities.

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