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In Space, No Can Hear You Tweet… Alien Day is Here!

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere (or trapped in a cocoon made of some foreign resin) 20th Century Fox has been steadily promoting Alien Day on Tuesday, April 26 aka LV-426, the designated planet where the ill-fated crew of the Nostromo first encountered the xenomorph.

Aside from the limited edition products being released by various licensees in celebration of the event - Reebok’s ‘Alien Stomper’ sneakers, Funko figure sets, NECA action figures, Dark Horse Comics releases, etc - the iconic movie studio will re-release Alien and Aliens as a double feature in select theaters! Unfortunately many screenings were sold out faster than Bishop’s reflexes. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try and find a seat!

Online, 20th Century Fox will interact with fans on Twitter for the most intense interactive trivia contest on social media. For 24 hours, 35 questions will be asked and winners could potentially receive the motherlode in Aliens merchandise and memorabilia! Beginning at 12am ET, @AlienAnthology will unveil a question every 42.6 minutes (I see what you did there) and those who promptly reply could win some pretty awesome swag.

In order to participate, fans must pre-register their Twitter handles at the Alien Anthology website. Don’t forget: you must reply directly to the trivia question and use the hashtags #AlienDay426 and #Contest.

Get in there and prove you’re the biggest fan! And don’t forget… stay frosty unless you want to make a Hudson of yourself.

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