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Arrow - S4E12 - Unchained

Previously on Arrow, ‘A.W.O.L.’

Arrow’s regular reviewer, Alison, is on vacation so Nina is filling in. Here, in case you missed them, are the key moments from Arrow S4E12, ‘Unchained’


I hate the flashbacks on Arrow. All of them. I stopped paying attention to them at some point in season two. At this point, I just assume each flashback will either have a parallel message with the current-day storyline or it reveal some shock at the very end, a shock that has an effect on what’s happening the present. Either, I’m fine not paying attention to them until the episode is over. In this episode, the message seemed to be dealing with guilt head-on instead of being a whiny baby about it. You know, as Oliver has done for four whole seasons.

The Thea Red Herring

Because they’re stretching the fuck out of the “who’s in the damn grave” mystery, it’s now Thea’s turn to almost maybe die so we can all think it’s her. But, you know, shit’s not looking so good for Thea. Her refusal to take a life has a deadly consequence: the bloodlust turns on Thea and begins to slowly kill her.

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On the bright side, Roy’s back.

Roy’s Back

Oh, yeah. Roy came back. He was in too deep with some old dude hacker, The Calculator, who wants to get his hands on a nuke. Mr. Red Hoodie rides with Team Arrow again to stop him. Felicity assists from her place at the keyboard, going head-to-head with The Calculator, who just so happens to be her father.

Roy leaves again. For reasons.

Nyssa’s Back, Too

Awwww, yeah. Nyssa’s back. There are still League of Assassins member who are loyal to her and they break her out of the Nanda Parbat prison. As Malcolm is in Star City tending to Thea, Nyssa’s escape was super easy. By episode’s end, she arrives in Thea’s hospital room and informs Oliver that there just so happens to be a Lazarus Pit antidote made by her father’s enemies. OF COURSE. She’ll tell Oliver how to get it and save Thea if he will kill Malcolm.

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