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Arrow - S6E10 - Divided

Previously on Arrow, “Irreconcilable Differences”

This week’s Arrow was a solid, if unmemorable, outing, as Original Team Arrow (OTA) struggled with their separation from New Team Arrow (NTA) whilst attempting to thwart the plans of Cayden James’ much more cohesive band of villains.

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The Good

As much as Bertinelli’s presence seemed underutilized this episode, his comment that his cousin has gone underground was a fun little reference to Jessica De Gouw’s new gig on the now cancelled TV show “Underground”.

For characters that never get anywhere near the A-plot, Thea and Lance still somehow bear the emotional weight of the show ninety percent of the time. Someone get these two their own show where they just deal with political bureaucracy and talk about how much they mean to each other, pronto!

I was pleasantly surprised with the show’s handling of the separation of OTA and NTA. I had been concerned that the inevitable reconciliation would take place too soon, and would brush over NTA’s legitimate grievances, so to have them acknowledge that there were mistakes made on both sides, while still standing firm and saying that the surveillance was a breach of trust that can’t be easily brushed aside was a relief. It was like watching an amicable break up between two grown-ups who actually mean it when they say they’d like to stay friends.

The Bad

I understand that a show like this requires a certain level of suspension of disbelief (Oliver somehow has arrows that work like lassos???), but I cannot handle Felicity and Curtis’ nerve damage repairing chips. Fixing Diggle’s arm is somewhat acceptable, but then I can’t help but remember that they cured Felicity’s paraplegia, but still think that the best way that they can save lives is through vigilantism. That said, I am ready for Diggle’s slightly shaky arm to stop being a plot point. Not to be callous, but it never seemed quite as debilitating as Diggle made out.

Quotes of the Week

Curtis: “Like your haircut, it’s nice.”
Oliver: “I didn’t get a haircut”

Evil Laurel, proving herself much more sensible than the rest of the Arrow Villain Gallery: “That’s enough, I’m so sick of people not killing him when they get the chance.”

Rene: “Don’t you knock?”
Dinah: “Don’t you lock your doors?”

Dinah: “Yeah, but if Cayden had audio and video on all of us, especially Oliver, then why would he just tee up Rene?”
Rene: “Figures he’d go after the most handsome and charming.”

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Arrow - S6E10 - “Divided” | Starring: Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickard, Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, David Ramsey, Echo Kellum, Rick Gonzalez, Juliana Harkavy

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