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Attack on Titan Season 2 Further Delayed

The highly anticipated second season of Attack on Titan has been delayed. The reason given by the creator of the franchise, Hajime Isayama, is that the anime is only two story arcs behind the manga. The creators want to keep the manga four arcs ahead, eliminating the need for original content or filler arcs. It’s that move to keep the anime close to the manga that has netted Attack on Titan the success it enjoys.

Attack on Titan

Even though fans, including myself, are disappointed (understatement of the year) to hear this soul-crushing news, it’s not the worst thing to happen. Filler arcs tend to be some of the worst received in most anime, so it’s a smart move. Though initially, when the news broke I yelled like Sirius Black.

You can binge watch the whole first season of Attack on Titan on Netflix and Hulu.

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