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Battle of the Female Badasses: Rogue vs. Elektra

Now that our TV champion is confirmed, it’s time to move on to the comic book/graphic novel bracket. Our first two contenders are both from the Marvel Universe. We thought we knew how the TV bracket would play out and we were wrong. Will you ProFans shock us again? Let’s find out.

Rogue - Beautiful, tough, sassy and romantic, the mutant Rogue (Anna Marie) has been the heart of the X-MEN for many years. A Southern Belle born in Mississippi, her mutant powers erupted in her early teens when she kissed her very first boyfriend and put him in a coma. Rogue learned the hard way that she couldn’t touch anyone without absorbing their abilities and souls. Rogue spent a long time unable to control her powers, draped in clothing that covered her skin. She was the girl all men loved but couldn’t touch. Recently Rogue finally learned how to turn her absorption powers off and on at will, and has been a powerful and successful fighter and leader. Rogue is unwavering in her loyalty to the ideals of Professor X, founder of the X-MEN.

Elektra - The highly-trained assassin Elektra has battled almost as many personal demons as she has evil doers. In fact, in some story lines, she’s been the one causing harm. The Greek beauty has put her signature pair of bladed sai to use fighting with and alongside Daredevil and Wolverine. Her past includes lots of loss which may explain her several dalliances on the dark side. Created in 1981, Elektra remains one of Frank Miller’s most beloved characters to this day.

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