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Black Lightning - S1E12 - The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain

Previously on Black Lightning, “Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion” 

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Not to beat a dead mortician/drug dealer, but Black Lightning continues to shine when its villains are under pressure. This week, Tobias Whale’s alliance with the ASA is on shaky ground; he’s ready to fill Lady Eve’s shoes, but first he needs to bring Black Lightning to Martin Proctor — alive. Proctor figured out that Black Lightning must be a product of their vaccine; one who has not only survived, but learned to use his powers. The ASA wants to study the superhero and they can’t do that if he’s dead. Tobias, who very much wants Black Lightning dead, has to table his vengeance to get the job done. He has help in the form of the newly walking, newly loc’d Khalil, back from an ASA makeover.

It seems everyone keeps tippy-toe’ing around the fact that Jefferson Pierce high school principal is also Black Lightning. I thought Tobias had figured it out when he tasks Khalil with going to the school to start trouble, but Tobias only understood that if there’s one sure way to draw Black Lightning it’s to threaten the kids. Feeling some type of way from his tension-filled reunion with Jennifer, Khalil stomps around the school, blasting kids with ASA tech until Black Lighting and Thunder sashay to the rescue.

This leads to the Cyanide/Thunder face-off I didn’t know I wanted. Anissa Despite Cyanide figuring out it’s best to strike when Anissa is in between breaths, Anissa whupped that ass. Black Lightning holds his own against Tobias, until Khalil comes in for an assist and kills him. Thankfully, Jenn’s own lightning powers come in handy in resurrecting her father, and the sisters are able to get him out of the school safely and without blowing his cover.

Speaking of resurrections: It turns out that the person pulling Lala’s strings is none other than Tobias Whale. He activates his minion with a single phrase delivered over the phone, and keeps him in line with another. Lala seems to be struggling against the mind control so how long this will last is anyone’s guess.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your brief thoughts below, email them to, or leave them on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain"

Black Lightning - S1E12 - “The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain” | Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Damon Gupton, James Remar, William Catlett, Gregg Henry, Jill Scott, Chantal Thuy, Skye P. Marshall

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11 Comments on Black Lightning - S1E12 - The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain

  1. For the podcast:
    Ahhhhhh Tobias is back!!! And he’s being all terrifying and maniacal. It’s so nice to have a villain who has a plan and doesn’t feel like he has to hide it from the audience. I was NOT expecting him to have control over Lala. This show is really good at the unexpected. The guy playing Lala is so good. He looked terrified and hurt whenever Tobias activated his Winter Soldier programming.

    I’m so glad they explained how Khalil grew shoulder length locks in like 3 weeks. Now if we could just get this type of planning and foresight over to Arrow and Flash, the DC shows could be great. Though they have continued in the terrible wigs tradition.

    Look at my girl Jen. Saving the day and hopefully this means she will stop messing with Khalil. I want Jen to be her best. #JenPop

    Anissa was serving up those hands this episode but I guess basic Becky isn’t all that basic. Is she like a lizard alien like in the show V? Who knows.

    Excellent episode.

  2. Hey guys!! Love this show! I can’t believe they had me feeling bad for LaLa this week! Did y’all see the tears in his eyes when Tobias called him a bitch and told him to sit down? Wow.

    Lynn is a trip, she out here competing with Gambi on messing with Jefferson.

    Fuck Khalil’s dumb ass though and that stupid regenerative pill he took to get that hair. I couldn’t be Jefferson cause I would be petty as fuckkkkk if he came by, did his ass even apologize? Smh

    I can’t think of a black moment, the entire show is a damn black moment!

    Can’t wait to hear y’all do you thing and John and Donny be afraid to step out of bounds. And y’all are all my favs, I mean Nina is number one obviously, I don’t throw out favs like some other people around here whose name rhymes with Kevin.

    Can’t wait to listen! 😘

  3. For the podcast


    This shit was good I couldn’t live tweet or chat in the group at the end. Wow! They really bought it this week!

    WTF is Cyanide? She ain’t human? Android? That fight with her & Anissa was everything!!

    Fuck Khalil! Bad enough he got on one of Michonne’s old wigs but he straight done lost his damn mind. He ain’t even go see his poor mama! Wtf was he shooting up people with? Green light? A sedative? What? He did learn that Tobias ain’t the one tho. Lol

    Now we know why Anissa & Jen got powers. Jeff is lighting Lyn up when they’re getting it in.

    This is getting long but oh this episode was great! Tobias is back and he’s gunning for Proctor. But how is he controlling Lala?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  4. For the podcast:
    Enjoyed this episode! My highlights:
    1. Tobias is back-angry, evil and more powerful! I loved Tobias demeanor as Proctor talked down/at him-Tobias is like your a$$ is next!😄
    2. Khalil’s back too-who/what superhero/anti hero is he supposed 2 be? Did he kill or mainly subdue the student body with those darts?
    3. Enjoyed black lovin b/t Jefferson & Lynn but I was little surprised how angry he got later w/her re Jennifer. However she knew Jennifer’s fears/concerns -did he?
    4. Fight scenes were great especially b/t Anissa & syonide. Tobias had some good quips i.e calling BL super negro & lightening bug😄
    5. Surprised that Tobias is Lala’s master-I was looking 4ward 2 their battles but no go for now.
    That’s all I have-looking forward to the finale.

  5. For the podcast:
    Hey Nina and the Supremes. Love the podcast and this Blacktey-Black-ass show.

    The fight sequence in the school was fire…minus Khalil’s Nerf gauntlets and magic hair. He looked like the 3rd lead in an 80s Lazer Tag commercial. Naw costume department, just naw. Also, someone finally noticed Anissa’s gasping and wheezing and used it against her. Hopefully, they’ll do away with that silly mechanism in season 2 and she shall never breathe again.

    Jeff went off on Lynn like she was bleaching Jenn’s skin. Powers are not who she is, they’re a birth defect from the drugs they gave her daddy. I’m here for Jeff and Lynn but she clearly hasn’t been lingerie shopping since they broke up and he clearly has no chill.

  6. For the podcast:

    Is all Tobias’ suits blue? Anyway this was a good episode this week.

    Listen!! I was multitasking, not paying attn. I glanced up just when Tobias was going to pick up his shirt and it was a close-up on his chest. I literally thought tits was on the WB. I had to rewind. #ManBoobs
    Bruh gotta clean walk tho. Black men have the best walks! #BarackObama.
    Any dude that eats his food with his fork backwards like Tobias was eating that steak, has no respect for life. Fear him!! 🍴

    Khalil showed up w/them dreads looking like Waka Flocka or Wa-khalil Flocka…Wakha’Lil Flocka? Idk how I feel about the dreads=villain scope. Why couldn’t the serum make him bald😇? Bald men have always been villains

    Lynn is a better actress on Counte…OH SHIT!! LOOK AT HIS FINGERS!! He can transfer electric currents to ur body???? So when u cum…electricity rolls..why she been refusing that man? She ain’t gonna want no regular man after BL. I’m just glad he wasn’t wearing his BL suit. It’s so unsexy…no matter what’s playing on the radio (‘In the Mood’ is added to my “love” playlist)

    I wanna know why Jen has her texts hidden? I mean…I do it to fuck w/ my guy, but she ain’t got no man. He dumped her 8 episodes ago. She ain’t even paying the bill. Lynn better start reading them messages & she better have her code. Fast ass! Yeah I said it! Had me all ready to read Waka lil Flockas text and all I got was “Khalil…text message”…olé raggedy heifa.

    See! This fight scene was perfect- in the beginning. Thunder didn’t do that big stupid ass inhale. She stood there ready to fight, taking bullets, lead pipes, and kicks. Then, they emphasized a dumb ass exhale🤦🏾‍♀️. So hoooow’d Syonide know exhaling is the time to attack?? I woulda just thought she’s tired. Like, look at this ole tired bitch😁 Also, WhoTF is Syonide? She cut her arm fighting Thunder but it wasn’t white meat or bone under that skin. It looked like dirt.

    Hearing Gambi ask “what was that?” at EVERYTHING made me laugh. Idky tho.

    Is “the devil deals the cards” a phrase used to control LaLa like a hypnotists used whistles and bells?

    BAM: Khalil being a fuck nigga. Break a girls heart then wanna come back after like everything is all good

  7. For the Podcast
    Hey Nina!
    Chad. Ethan.
    I just want to commend Anissa on not doing her “Thinking face” in this episode. Jen however was not the best with the Face Acting when she was “sparking” and the CW refused to add to the CGI budget.
    As a person with locs I am DEEPLY offended by the travesty on Khalil’s head. Plus the henchman on Lala’s team had gorgeous locs.
    Jefferson worked my damn nerves being all emotional at Lynn’s research.
    BAM lala struggling and whimpering when Daddy Tobias called him. It’s like LaLa was about to get the belt but he ain’t even do nuffin’!

  8. Hi Nina, Donald & John!!

    THIS👏🏾EPISODE👏🏾RIGHT👏🏾HERE!! I don’t usually get to watch live, but this one, I saw live and yelled at the TV all the way through. Yes, there’s issues with the acting sometimes. Yes, the dialogue can be corny. But the sum total of each episode is awesomeness - especially this one.

    We got: evil Chuck Clayton from Riverdale, Tobias is BACK (and he fights dirty), two awesome simultaneous fight sequences, Thunder saving their dad at the last possible second, Gambi showing that even his crazy abilities have limits, and Lynn trying to send Jen through ex-meta conversion therapy and sacrificing that lightnin’ lovin’ as a result.

    Love this show, love these podcasts, and boo to ole raggedy Vice Principal Thirsty!

  9. Hello Nina and The Boys,
    I can’t believe I get to leave feedback two days in a row.

    Anyway, to my observations.

    1) Khalil’s Locs are worse than Michonne’s. I would have expected better on a predominately black show but oh well.

    2) I really enjoyed Lynn and Jeff exploring what them electrified fingers do. Too bad Lynn fucked it up by not communicating with Jeff. Also, too bad Jeff overreacted to Lynn testing Jennifer.

    3) Anissa and Syonide’s fighting sequence was amusing. There was a moment where Syonide looked like a bag of bones being thrown around.

    4) I love how they dress Anissa. I also find it interesting that she seems to be the only character that wears a different outfit every single scene.

    Questions: Wouldn’t be interesting if Jennifer still said No Thank You, to super powers?

    Thanks for always making the podcasts so much fun.😘

  10. Welcome back from that trash ass episode of the Flash. I’m with you Nina, it was horrible, everyone was acting dumb, and I felt dumber for watching it. On to the good shit

    In the mood by Tyrone Davis
    Changing your mind by Moonchild
    Come through by Made, Mucho Dinero and Kid
    Get Money Big Money by Kurt Farquhar
    Never Thought by Braxton Cook

    Was it just me or when Tobias unveiled new Khalil did you go “Harpo, who dis new nigga?” He wasn’t that big when this started, was he?

    Black Ass moment
    When LaLa got that phone call from his mama saying “Imma whoop your ass when I get home”. At least that what he was acting like. Acting all hard in front your friends, then you get that call. He knew what was up.

  11. Hopefully I made it but this was one of the best episodes of the season. The fights in the school were amazing but the head tilting is getting annoying. I’m glad Khalil is a villain from the comics and I hope he survives this season. Also Tobias controlling lala and being the reason he’s resurrected was great.

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