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Black Lightning - S1E3 - Lawanda: The Book of Burial

Previously on Black Lightning, “Lawanda: The Book of Hope”

Black Lightning slowed down the action just a tad this week, and made room for some much-needed conversations between the characters.

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In the wake of Lawanda’s murder, Reverend Holt (Clifton Powell) rallies the community to march in her honor and as a show of taking back the streets from The 100. This doesn’t sit well with Tobias Whale or the other power on the streets, Lady Eve (Jill Scott). His monetary reparations for the trouble LaLa caused only scratches the surface. She instructs him to shut down the march and Black Lightning by any means. As we’re slowly introduced to Freeland’s criminal hierarchy, the villains get more frightening than the last.

With things heating up on the streets, and the community actively calling for Black Lightning’s intervention, Lynn asks Jefferson to consider letting Jennifer move in with her. Not exactly what a man who wants to put his family back together wants to hear, especially when Anissa’s newfound power has caused her to isolate herself from the family. On that front, it appears she’ll have someone to confide in with Grace Choi (Chantal Thuy), a librarian/bartender with a passion for comic books. Chenoa makes Anissa return her key when she catches the two dancing. Even though Anissa spends time working on her power(s) and understanding it, she doesn’t tell Lynn about them when her mother tries to find out why she’s been so preoccupied. Her abilities are already making her feel like marching and organizing aren’t enough. She’ll most likely be taking her power to the streets; like father, like daughter.

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Despite Jeff’s and Gambi’s efforts to keep the march route safe (and with the conspicuous absence of any real police presence), one of Tobias’ henchmen fires upon the protestors. He and a few others are stopped by Black Lightning, and the superhero’s appearance finally confirms his return to the community and to Tobias. He orders Syonide (Charibi Dean Kriek) to kill him, but she hits Holt and Khalil instead.

It’s Lit

The introduction of another crime boss, and one that Tobias seems to have some respect for, was something I didn’t see coming, but Lady Eve is intriguing. We see how it turned out for Lala when Tobias put the pressure on. Now I want to see what kind of moves Tobias will make with Lady Eve stepping on his neck.

The shooting at the march provided Gambi with surveillance footage of Tobias, which he then deleted to keep from Jeff. What’s that about?

While it was refreshing — if a tad unlikely — to see Jennifer inform her parents of her intention to lose her virginity to Khalil, it was hilarious to watch Jeff remain quietly supportive to her, but menacing to Khalil in an effort to shut it down. Unfortunately for Khalil, his injuries mean he may never walk again so now he has bigger problems.

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"Lawanda: The Book of Burial"

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Damon Gupton, James Remar, William Catlett, Gregg Henry | Director: Mark Tonderai

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13 Comments on Black Lightning - S1E3 - Lawanda: The Book of Burial

  1. For the podcast

    Another great episode!

    Is Jill Scott the big boss even over Tobias? Cause he seemed very wary of her.

    Poor Khalil. He ain’t deserve that. But Jennifer is a mess! You don’t announce that shit before family dinner. Smh

    My favorite black ass moment was “My Father would say this is some white folks mess!” My father would have definitely said that shit. Lol

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. Another great episode but Khalil really? they had to do that to the one fine ass virgin who may never be able to have sex now because of this? What? the plot to save the virtue of a young christian loving black girl. 😡

    Now it seems Lynn finally got her reality checked!! Thank the Black Freeland Jesus for that!! She was freaking annoying me. Including “that maybe the girls should live we me” now move. UGH!!

    Is there a criminal hierarchy? Seems Tobias may have to report to a Woman? hmmm is she the meta human? It is interesting that she is, what, a funeral home owner? The opposite of the “black church?”

    I really loved the sex positive and sexual orientation perspective of this show. Loved that he tried to be positive but getting a date and time about his daughter’s sex escapade was a bit too much for him and he played it real kewl. So I guess Anissa isn’t really a fuckboi she just wasn’t happy with her current partner. She called her an Instagram ho. girl bye.

    Looking forward to Anissa revealing herself and how she does it this time as she develops her powers.

    Once you have a Reverend marching in the streets you can’t get any blacker than that.

  3. Hey All,

    I have to say that I really enjoy the non-white centered bi-racial couples that I’m seeing on TV these days. Too bad Nina is right, Anissa is a fuckboi. I did feel more chemistry between her and Grace than her and that other woman.

    So, my black-ass moment is when Anissa knew she had shit to do so she threw her hair up in them braids. Black women only wear braids on vacation or when they got shit to do.

    I am so happy to see Miss Jill Scott. The last time I saw her was in HBO’s The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency and I loved her so much, in that. I’m still hurt by that cancellation. Anyway, I’m intrigued by her character in Black Lightening. She is deliciously sinister.

    I have only two criticisms.
    1) do people really start a march at night? I’ve been to a few in my day but NEVER at night. Am I being a scardy-cat here?

    2) there was some super choppy editing at times. I kept feeling like I was missing a conversation between Jeff and Lynn regarding how they wanted to proceed with their relationship?

    Finally, a question.
    Where is “Alfred” getting the bank roll for all that high tech he has? Are we to assume he’s playing Tobias to get funding for Black Lightening?

    Welp, thanks for the podcast, Nina, since I know Donald and John are basically there so they don’t get fined. Loving every bit of this podcast.

  4. For the podcast

    Here is your black ass music of the week:
    Mary don’t you weep by Aretha Franklin
    Sorcery by Charles Lloyd
    The End. By Jennah Bell
    Highs high to lows low by Lolo Zouai
    Renegades by Dawn Richard
    Sweet love by Anita Baker (at the dinner table, background instrumental )

    Quick Hits:
    Jilly from Philly on here! Listen! I would risk it all, twice. #1 on my list.

    The best thing about this show is that they write the black people to talk like black people. It makes look at the West Family differently. You could probably put any other people as the West Family and you wouldn’t have to change the dialogue.

    The Whale is on point. All black people in the church do is pray and sing. The first two hours of church is a bunch of singing and long prayers then a 30-45 minute sermon. No thanks.

    My BAM (black ass moment) is “This is some white folks (shit)”

    Loving this black ass show

  5. For The Podcast:

    Hey Nina and her two white co-hosts Donny and John who can’t say a whole lot cause this is such a black ass show lol. I had flash backs at that black ass funeral. I was waiting for someone to yell “TAKE ME JESUS!” I wanted a fight between that cop and that Reverend (black ppl know when the church pastor aint doing enough) then Tobias with the quotables “Everybody wanna get to heaven but nobody wanna die”. I’m here for it all. LOVE THE PODCAST!

  6. For the podcast
    1. Tobias Whale is a great villain-so evil! Did his mama love him?!?! His backstory would be fascinating.
    2. Jefferson & Lynn are such loving, supportive parents but if Jennifer approached my old school albeit professional mom & aunties w/that sex news she would’ve gotten the “excuse you” look followed by your black ass ain’t going nowhere but your room Saturday night” 😂
    3. Love the relationship b/t the sisters
    4. Blackness moments for me:
    Tobias complaining about these church singing & praying negroes 😂😂Now he needs Jesus more than anyone. Also ,pastor holt w/his designer suits, shoes & tie & that old school gospel music-was that Aretha Franklin singing???
    5. Why did fake Albert delete Tobias’s profile?!

    That’s it for this week

  7. I hope I’m not too late! For the podcast: Hi Nina, Donny, and John!

    First, I fuckin love that y’all are covering this show. I’m not sure if it’s because the show is so black, Nina is so hype, or because Donny and John show comical restraint in not saying anything. I think it’s a perfect combination of all three.

    When I first heard about Black Lightning, I kept thinking about how I wanted the other shows, especially The Flash to crossover with it. After three episodes I’m like, hell nah. Team Flash not ready for this. Shit, I’m not ready for this. They straight killin people with no thought or remorse in Freeland. That nigga Tobias stabbed his gunman in the hand then told him to stop bleeding on his desk!! Where the fuck they do that at?? Tobias is truly the baddest mofo lowdown around town and he got me shook every fuckin episode. I love Jill Scott as Lady Eve, too. At first I wasn’t sure about how she was playing the role, but I think that quiet, “lady-like” delivery is just as scary as Tobias. Blackest moment was this line from Tobias: “Are they singin? This is exactly why I don’t like church-goin negroes. They always singing…and marchin…marchin and singin.” This dude is TOO. MUCH.

  8. For the Podcast
    Hey Nina, Donnie, & John
    Happy black history month!
    1) That was a black-ass funeral, in a black-ass church … looked just like my daddy’s.
    2) COME ON with this “Set it Off” tease and Anissa lookin like Cleo (Queen Latifah’s character) as she’s rockin with these braids; Yup she a fuckboy like my ex & I cackled when Lynn verified.
    3) I LIVE for the sideeye on Lady Eve as Tobias put that bag of money by her – for John that look literally translated to “Dis bright nigga here done lost his damn mind” I trust Donnie already understands the translation of that look … but Black women are AMAZING and RUN ALL THIS SHIT!
    4) Now hold on Alfred … ugh, knew you’d be aint shit
    5) Y’all called it last week, something was gonna happen to that poor boy and sure enough, they pulled a page from Degrassi like when they crippled Drake’s character jimmy smh … Poor poor virgin fungus dick.
    Blackest moment: when someone yelled (Jefferson I believe) “Dis SOME WHITE FOLKS MESS!”
    Keep it up & I’m driving everyone to this show & podcast

  9. Hey guys!!

    Another good episode, Really getting a lot of insight into who Jefferson is and was. This is yet another episode where people thinks he has narrowed his field of vision to only saving the kids in the school when he used to be a larger and more critical part of the community, seems his life as a man reflects his life as a hero. I wonder if he’ll be more active in the community as Jefferson as he becomes more active as Black Lightning.

    Anissa such a fuck nigga and even her momma know it! She tried to blame her breakup for her issues and momma was like… “Okay when you decide to tell me whats really wrong cause we know you did not care about her.”

    And I changed my Black Ass Moment 3 times. First it was the preacher having a $25K watch in a church that did not look like the AC worked while not having on a suit that looked anything close to tailored. Then it was Khalil not having a bath mat and using a towel when he steps out the shower… but I finally decided it was Black lightning running from the police even when he ain’t do nothing wrong cause he knew they wouldn’t let him explain.

  10. For the podcast

    Nina, u called it an episode ago. The test results determine that Dirty Harriet is…a fuck nigga. Her reward? Superpowers? Smh!

    I was hoping Khalil wasn’t gonna bump bellies with Jennifer cuz traditionally, at least in movies, being a virgin secures ur safety and what they end up doing? Took away his ability to run.

    I can’t wait to hear John spaz out when he sees Alfred’s has invented new lightning capabilities

    I admire the relationship Jennifer and her parents have but I was uncomfortable cuz for 2 min I was waiting for the SLAP!! sound and it never came. To this day my parents think I’m a virgin. 😂😂😂 ☺️

    I👏🏾LOVE👏🏾TOBIAS!! He oozes swag! That nigga said “are they singing!??” ☺️☺️🤣.

    My fav black moment was how his female goon missed her target. Now THATS some black shit. Niggas stay missing their intended targets

  11. For the Podcast (I dunno if I’m too late, but here’s hoping)

    Hi, Nina, Donald & John -
    This show just gets Blacker and Blacker every week and I LOVE it. You know how Black this show is? Clifton Powell is in it! That’s how Black it is. He don’t take no jobs that don’t have craft services catered by someone’s auntie!

    Tobias is basically Ben Carson with super-strength (I think)

    Jill Scott clearly watched all her Batman ’66 tapes to research her Lady Eve characterization. They could stand to get her to scale it back juuuuust a bit….

    Love seeing Jefferson train and learn new tricks. But where does Alfred get all of these wonderful toys? And why he dirty?!?

    How did Jordan Calloway end up playing actual Chuck Clayton from “Riverdale” here but not on “Riverdale?” Can we blame Cisco?

    Also, Jennifer telling her parents she was gonna have sex…yes, that is some “white folks’ mess.” I legit thought she was about to die. In my house I grew up in, she’d already be well on her way.

    Can’t wait to hear the show!

  12. For the podcast:
    What up peoples. I didn’t enjoy this episode quite as much as the other two. But I do enjoy all this damned blackness, so unless we find out Lala rolled under a dumpster, I’mma keep enjoying all this hot sauce with my super-hero. It isn’t lost on me though that they got Raiden from Mortal Kombat to be in a show about a nigga shooting lightning. I SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE!
    Did this version of Alfred used to be Batman?? Where is he getting these toys and the money for said toys? Not to mention there is never any customers in his shop. See this how people get audited, with his “tailorin” ass. He prolly getting paid by Tobias, smh.
    My black ass moment… Not being able to stop myself from standing up in front of my family during the funeral scene to say “This Pinky Nyugga!”

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