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Black Lightning - S1E6 - Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder

The Pierce family’s side projects converged this week to give us one of the reveals we’ve been waiting for.

Lynn’s research into the neurological effects of Green Light prompts Lady Eve to send goons to her lab for the data. Unfortunately, Lynn is still there when they arrive. She was in the process of talking Jefferson down from murdering Tobias Whale now that he knows his father’s killer is back in Freeland. When Black Lightning shows up to save Lynn, he finds a masked Anissa has beat him to it; but he mistakes her for a villain and the two trade blows before he manages to incapacitate and recognize her.

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It’s hard to fault Jeff’s desire to see Tobias dead. As a boy, he watched Tobias murder his father, and it doesn’t help that he senses Gambi has been hiding what he knew about Tobias’ whereabouts. By the way, he’s not wrong; more on that in a bit. But the whole “you’re not a killer; you’re a hero” plot feels stale on a show that has been anything but.

Gambi’s secrets are tied to not just Tobias, but Lady Eve as well. He pays her a visit and it’s implied she was a former pupil of his within the secret agency mentioned in his conversation with Tobias. She admits to trying to obtain Lynn’s research even though they have a prior agreement to keep the Pierce family out of their dealings. Is this deal due to Jeff’s father’s involvement or Gambi’s relationship with Jeff? Either way, why hasn’t Lady Eve figured out Black Lightning’s identity by now?

Another big question rests on Lynn’s research. Jeff’s brain scan looks identical to one of someone on Green Light. Are they both linked to whatever serum that has given Tobias super strength and halted his aging? Now that Jeff and Lynn are in on Annisa’s secret and she’s aware her father is Black Lightning, hopefully we’ll get a few answers once they all start talking.

It’s Lit

The fight between Anissa and Black Lightning was fun, but it made little sense that Lynn apparently recognized their daughter and he didn’t. Also, this would have been the perfect time to finally show what Black Lightning looks like from someone else’s point of view.


Jennifer continues to be the teen whose paid just enough attention to remind her parents she exists, but without spending any real time or resources digging into her latest and numerous issues. This week, in an episode already super heavy handed with “messages,” Jennifer deals with being bullied for “acting White.” This charge is led by the same girl who Jennifer injured a few weeks ago. You would think she’d have learned a lesson, but here we are. Even though the bullying backfires and the girl’s Black peers drag her for promoting anti-Blackness, the real sting comes from Khalil participating in the online shade. We’ve not seen nearly enough of Tobias having any real influence on Khalil, so his attitude shift appears to be all on him and his current circumstances. Jefferson counsels that he’s probably just lashing out or this could just be who Khalil is when things don’t go his way. Whatever prompted his behavior, he and Jennifer seem to be done for good and he’s firmly in with Tobias.

This week tried to touch on too many hot topics and as a result, the episode felt like an after school special. We got student protest and vandalism of a Civil War statue, anti-Black bullying disguised as being pro-Black, and a “crabs in a barrel” lecture.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your brief thoughts below, on our Facebook post for this review, or to, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder"

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Damon Gupton, James Remar, William Catlett, Gregg Henry, Jill Scott, Chantal Thuy, Skye P. Marshall

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4 Comments on Black Lightning - S1E6 - Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder

  1. For the podcast

    I liked the episode. Not my fav but I still liked it more than the Flash.

    As for Jefferson not recognizing his daughter, why would he? My dad would’ve done the same. Knowing his daughter doesn’t have blonde hair means he thought she was someone else. I am looking forward to whatever conversation they have now. And hopefully Alfred can hook her up with a better costume.

    Who the fuck is Alfred? He knows everybody? Did he run some Villains-R-Us training facility?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    My #blackassmoment is basically anything coming out of Tobias’ mouth.


    “Last night I saw a superhero he was Black! He said this is for the street Black Lightning is back!”

    Shout out to J. Cole in the opening! Did Donald like that song?!

    That Godholly still goes tho!!!

    Just some brief thoughts/predictions

    This was a decent episode but it ended to abruptly and not a lot happened. But I’m glad we got some more things revealed.

    So how old is Tobias?! He has to be at least 80+ for him to be looking like he does today when Jeff was like 10. And his sister has to be on the serum as well in that case. Also his henchman and lady! Khalil bout to get on that Jesus juice too!

    Gambi is in league with the villains. I think he has something to do with the creation of that serum. He was responsible for the creation of The Whale and Black Lightning.

    Lynne may be inadvertently responsible for the creation of green light. Her lab assistant was the one that snitched to Lady Eve.

    Blackest moment was when after Jeff mollywhopped Anissa’s ass she rolled over like Oooowww daddy whyyyyyy?! It was the Blackest and funniest moment! “What I’m gon do bout my legs Charlie Murphy?!”

    Peace out Pérez and those cool ass colonizers!

  3. For the podcast:

    Black Ass Music of the week y’all. We spent a little money y’all.

    For Whom the Bell Tolls (Decent book, better song) by J Cole

    Espelho by Mathias Landeus

    HEAVN (no not a typo) by Jamila Woods

    Power by (The god awful) Godholly

    - I still don’t understand how Jeff let PeeWee Herman beat him within an inch of his life, headache or not.

    - Imma need Lynn to do something a little more demonstrative than slightly shake her head to Jeff when he sees. Anissa. Jump out in front. shake your head hard or something.

    - Jeff, nigga, take a beat or something. Didn’t even wait for a villain’s monologue or nothing. He busted up in there with the zeal of a white cop at a BLM Rally.

    -How is Anissa gonna break a damn statue while people are praying and grieving? At least jump up there and push it outta the way.

    Unblack Ass Moment of the Week:

    That was a sorry ass meme they were sending around the school. What, no cartoon? No movie reference? Has Black Twitter taught you nothing? Shame.

    Also Jill Scott can still get it, partially shaved head and all.

    Wakanda Forever!

    I thought it was an ok episode. My highlights:
    1.Anissa vs BL-young hero in the making held her own against Dad; I think he would’ve finished her off had he not known she was Anissa; so where do they go from here?
    2.Fake Alfred got his hands in so many pockets from BL to Tobias to Lynn to Lady Eve…is he the puppet master? He don’t play-displayed his piece when warning Lady Eve not to mess w/BL family
    3.speaking of, lady eve looked so FIERCE; was she grinding human bones??? starting 2 grow suspicious of Lynn; is she on the heroes side or playing both ends? did any1 think her research assistant was a tad thirsty though it was a was set up to rob the lab!?
    5.i found no Black ass moments that stood out.
    That’s all I have for this week

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