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Black Lightning - S1E8 - The Book of Revelations

Previously on Black Lightning, “Equinox: The Book of Fate” 

Apt title this week as many questions were answered, for both the audience and the characters.

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Brawl in the Family

Though Tobias Whale was absent this week, his sister’s plan to turn the community against Black Lightning is working thanks to the hit on Lady Eve. Unaware of her shady dealings, the people of Freeland believe Black Lightning killed a kind, generous local businesswoman who never did nothing to nobody. And the police agree.

In the process of clearing his alter-ego’s name and finding the real killer, Jefferson trains Anissa in how to control and gauge her powers. The student becomes the teacher, though, when it’s Annisa’s medical knowledge that determines Lady Eve’s wounds weren’t caused by lightning and Anissa’s instincts that save Jeff from being blown up once they find the real murder weapons.

While they’re busy uncovering police corruption, Jennifer’s discovering her own powers. She can, apparently, set things on fire with her hands. Thankfully, we won’t have to sit through weeks of her keeping it a secret as she promptly goes to her big sister with the news.

LaLa Land

No one is more confused as to how Lala is back from the dead than the man himself. He doesn’t remember being dead or even dying. He returns to his club to find the word on the street was that he was either dead or in jail. With Lawanda whispering paranoia and murderous advice in his ear, Lala appears quite unstable to members of his crew. To them, it looks like Lala is tripping balls.

Ain’t Shit Alabasters

The head of the ASA for the Freeland area, Martin Proctor (Gregg Henry), tells Gambi they’ve put a hit out on Black Lightning. He threw a serious kink in their plans to get Green Light into Freeland with killing Lady Eve. Gambi tries to change Proctor’s mind without revealing his personal connection to Black Lightning. Proctor won’t budge.

Lynn discovers the sample found in Alvin’s files is actually a vaccine made up of the same components as Green Light. Since the vaccine is from 30 years ago, Lynn questions Gambi since that’s when he first moved to Freeland. Their conversation leads to Gambi finally telling Jeff the truth:

Gambi and the ASA distributed the vaccine in Freeland as a way to keep the residents docile and compliant. When he discovered the side effects, he leaked the information to Alvin, Jeff’s father, and it led to his murder. Now, the ASA wants the same for Black Lightning and there’s nothing Gambi can do to stop it.

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"The Book of Revelations"

Black Lightning - S1E8 - “The Book of Revelations” | Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Damon Gupton, James Remar, William Catlett, Gregg Henry, Jill Scott, Chantal Thuy, Skye P. Marshall

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8 Comments on Black Lightning - S1E8 - The Book of Revelations

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: I really enjoyed this episode. To me it was the best episode of the season. I liked the Jeff/Anissa stuff especially. It was cool to see him teach her how to be a hero. All that shit was cool and I hope we get more of it in the future. I also liked that we saw Jen discover her powers and tell Anissa. I want the whole family to be on the same page as soon as possible. I like that I didn’t hate Lynn in this episode too. I usually don’t fuck with her but Lynn was cool this episode. She was helping. Gambi gotta go. I don’t trust him anymore. He’s been sketchy for a while, but now we know he was tied to some Elite Level Governmental ‘Cism. Plus his mans from the Asa is racist as fuck. So, he and Gambi can kick rocks. Finally my black ass moment of the week is Dat ‘Tavius being alive. Just the fact this nigga is alive again and was about to smash LaWanda’s ghost cakes to smithereens is black as fuck to me. Aight, I’m gon, peace!!!!

  2. For the podcast:
    Episode was okayNo Tobias this week but Latavius is back-yay!! I’m trying to figure out what has he become & why is he joined at the hip w/LaWanda for eternity.

    I enjoyed the BL-Anissa daddy-daughter bonding moments during training. Black ass moment insert: Kung fu fighting😄And Jennifers powers have awaken….so will the trio be eventually known as thunder, lightening w/dash of sass?!?!

    Gambi’s moment of truth w/BL sounded like a lover coming clean w/his partner 😄
    My question:, those kids who were vaccinated w/green light years ago, are now adults w/metahuman powers & aren’t aware of them yet? Or am I clueless (as usual)😄
    That’s it for this week

  3. For the podcast: I just have semi accurate quotes for a few characters.
    Lynn is the dumbest smart person ever “Omg where ever could those controversial notes have gone?”
    Gambi is the worst cheating sidechick ever “Here’s some crucial information but um Let me handle it. You want to help? Why are you so stubborn!?” *walks off in a huff*
    Anissa and Jefferson are the guiltiest looking good guys ever “Let’s stand here, barely hidden in the woods right by some evidence. Oh someone just got blown up? Let’s stand RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the wreckage!”
    I’m excited for Jennifer even tho she’s a Disney star when she’s acting.

  4. For the Podcast:

    Gamby! You can’t trust these white folks! They’re running some Tuskegee experiment shit in Freeland.

    I love Anissa’s fighting style, which is to punch all the white people. Did you see how she punched the white lady and the maga man during that simulation? That’s exactly what I would do because y’all know that maga man has an AR-15 somewhere, but I’m sleep.

    I love how both daughters have powers and can’t wait to see them roast fools.

    Blackest moment: those dudes at the 100 club rapping, that shit was ratchet as hell and I approve.

  5. For the podcast

    I liked this episode.

    Loved the Daddy/daughter moments & Jen wasn’t annoying this week but her BFF is dumb af!

    Hollis from Scandal stays playing racist ain’t shit dudes.

    My #blackassmoment would be Latavius. I hollered during that scene in the car. The look on his boys’ faces was priceless. But seriously, WTF is going on with him? Was he the body on the table when Lady Eve was doing whatever she was doing in that one scene?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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