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BluTuesday - May 17, 2016

What’s going on, ProFans? I’m taking a break from ramping up my end-of-year plans to bring you the latest releases to home media for May 17, 2016. In this week’s episode, we discuss a classic screen actor finding his raunchy side, a turn-of-a-century horror film, and a prison sentence. We may not have a lot here, but what we DO have is enough to whet your appetite.

Dirty Grandpa (NR - Note: original film was rated R)
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 10%

Zac Efron plays  Jason Kelly, an uptight young man who is a week away from marrying his boss’s daughter. But, he gets roped into taking Rick Kelly (Robert DeNiro), his foul-mouthed grandfather, to Spring Break at Daytona Beach. What’s the worst that could happen when these two polar opposites get together? Everything. This film, which also stars Julianne Hough, Aubrey Plaza, and Zoey Deutch, is available in a two disc Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy version and a single disc DVD version. I’m not a big fan on the raunchy comedies, but it’s always fun to see Robert DeNiro cut loose. So, give it a watch.

The Witch (R)
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 90%

In 1630s New England, devout Christians William (Ralph Ineson) and Katherine (Kate Dickie) are banished to the furthest reaches of the land by their church. The two parents as well as their five children start tilling the land, but then one of their children goes missing, another one of their children seems to be possessed by a witch, and the once-loving family begins to turn on one another. This sets the stage for a horrendous finale that will haunt you to your core. This film, which also stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Harvey Scrimshaw, and Ellie Grainger, is available in a single disc Blu-ray + Digital Copy version and a single disc DVD version. From everything I’ve heard, this is a very atmospheric and scary film. I don’t know, because I haven’t watched it. Nor will I watch it, because I don’t do horror. But, if you do, have fun with this. Just don’t tell me about it, please.

Orange is the New Black: The Complete Third Season

Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is still locked up for aiding her then-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) transport her drug money. This season shifts from being Piper-driven to more slice-of-life, but that doesn’t mean the show lead doesn’t have a story to tell. Identities are discovered, questions are answered, and more questions are asked. Buckle up; this is gonna be a bumpy ride. This series, which also stars Kate Mulgrew, Michael Harney, and Laverne Cox, is available in a three disc Blu-ray + Digital Copy version and a four disc DVD + Digital Copy version. This show has consistently been very well done and incredibly eye-opening. This season continues that trend, and as such, it’s my pick of the week.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Got any questions or comments? Did I miss something you wanted to discuss? Please feel free to hit me up in the comments section below.

Until next time…

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