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Channel Zero: No-End House - S2E5 - The Damage

Previously on Channel Zero: No-End House, “The Exit”

The Father following Margot and Jules out of the No-End House may be the least of their problems. As Margot checks in with her worried mom, she’s unable to picture her mother in her head. The same goes for Jules with her mother and sister. Their images are distorted in the girls’ minds. What does this mean for their lives going forward?

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There’s little time to ponder that as Seth first grabs Jules to warn her that The Father made it out. They interrupt him trying to feed off a sleeping Margot and subdue him long enough to figure out their next move. Killing him is on the table, but Jules decides that’s a bridge too far for her and heads home.

Margot voluntarily feeds a memory to The Father, but it’s laced with the same medication he used to kill himself. Margot sees that his first death wasn’t peaceful at all as she watches The Father choke and swell up before falling to the floor. Margot and Seth’s escape is delayed when her mother returns home and finds The Father on the floor… and he’s not dead… again. The Father knocks her out and almost kills Seth until Margot agrees to go back to the house with him. This leaves Margot’s mother to explain to the cops how her dead husband kidnapped their daughter.

Jules arrives to witness the aftermath and takes off after Margot, but the No-End House is no longer there.

This may not have been a particularly scary episode of the series, but when it’s not completely freaking you out, it’s grossing you out with visuals that are hard to stomach. This week it was watching Seth wrestle with The Father and almost getting his skull crushed as The Father’s thumb pressed against his forehead.

I’ll never be right after seeing that.

I know Jules feels bad for allowing Margot’s grief to come between them, but… I don’t know that I’d be going back in that house to save her. She knew the risks! If Jules sacrifices herself to save Margot, I’m flipping all the damn tables.

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"The Damage"

Channel Zero: No-End House - S2E5 - “The Damage” | John Carroll Lynch, Amy Forsyth, Aisha Dee, John Carroll Lynch, Jeff Ward

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