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Channel Zero: No-End House - S2E3 - Beware the Cannibals

Previously on No-End House, “Nice Neighborhood” 

After a promising start, things got a little dumb on No-End House this week. Still creepy as hell, but this week wandered into predictable territory. Still, a few WTF moments at the end left me intrigued for what’s to come.

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Margot was legit able to fall asleep in the house she knows isn’t really her house with the man she knows isn’t really her dead father, because… well, dead father. After a stretch and a yawn, she opens a door and finds a gaping vortex where the rest of the house should be. If ever there was a justifiable reason to take your ass back to bed, this is it. Eventually, she wanders downstairs where she lets her dead father cook her breakfast again, and finally asks why he killed himself.

Even if we hadn’t been made aware of the doppelgangers who can’t actually remember sensory experiences, John Sleater’s answers sounded fake. He speaks like someone is saying what they think a suicidal person might have said and not like someone who was actually suicidal. Perhaps picking up on this, Margot quickly throws away her untouched waffle (Atta girl!), and prepares to head to her room. She sees her mother’s face in the trash and tries her best to escape without letting her father know what she’s seen. She settles for locking herself in her room. When John figures out what she saw, he confesses (from the other side of a closed door) that I needed to feed and suggests that she might be able to help feed him in the future. Say what now?

Margot eventually escapes and runs through the streets with John not far behind. Jules, Seth, and Not-JT are also out searching the neighborhood, and they witness John kill a man who was just trying to water his lawn.

The teens eventually meet up, but not before John stalks Jules and Margot throughout the empty high school’s halls. They’re saved from getting caught by a distraction by the guys. Later, on the run from John again, she lets him corner her and confronts him on his empty words. This isn’t really her father. This thing doesn’t know anything she doesn’t know. He can’t tell her anything about her father’s true feelings and motives, and this means she definitely can’t trust his love. John falls for the okey-doke and steps into a hole, disappearing in what appears to be an endless void.

Meanwhile, Dylan ties Lacey up and shows her photos from their lives together. Her “husband” comes home and Dylan is forced to kill him. That night, Dylan finds the teens and explains that the people who’ve been there too long are basically brainwashed and confused. He’s sure if he can get Lacey home, she’ll get better. They agree to search for the exit to the No-End House in the morning.

In no time, Seth and Margot are back making doe eyes at each other and no one notices that Not-JT is acting bizarre; even for JT. As Jules is drawn to the sphere once more, Seth and Margot have sex because of course they do and Jules summons what looks like the naked bodies of her mother and sister. So, I guess Jules will be the one feeding John?

At this point, it feels like Margot and Dylan are the only people not completely affected by their surroundings. Not-JT is sick and his skin is peeling off. Without his “host” he’s falling apart. He too seems to think getting out will “cure” him. After sleeping with Margot, Seth sees Not-JT’s peeling arm and isn’t affected by it at all. Is he like Not-JT? The fact that he admitted to not being able to remember his childhood seems to point to yes. Maybe? And Jules isn’t telling anyone about her orgasmic experiences with the giant, glowing ball.

Most interesting, though, is the reveal that Margot doesn’t really remember her mother after John “ate her.” These beings apparently feed on the living’s memories.

… when I found my mom’s face in the trash. To Jules’ credit, though, she did try to leave.

… when John killed a man with a water hose to the face. Notice how the sprinklers began spraying blood?

… when Seth suspiciously looked not all that enthusiastic when Margot spots what she thinks might be the exit.

… when Dylan suggested they wait till morning to leave. Nah, dude. Nah.

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"Beware the Cannibals"

Channel Zero: No-End House - S2E3 - “Beware the Cannibals” | John Carroll Lynch, Amy Forsyth, Aisha Dee, John Carroll Lynch, Jeff Ward

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