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Childhood’s End - The Overlords

The two-hour premiere of Syfy’s three-night miniseries, Childhood’s End, was slow-moving, but by the final moments, I was fully onboard.

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It hit all the alien invasion beats right away: massive spaceships hover above major cities throughout the world, bringing excitement, but mostly fear to governments and citizens. The alien “supervisor” for Earth, Kerellen (voiced by Charles Dance of Game of Thrones) appears before people using the avatar of a dead loved one. Through them, he explains that they are not here to conquer, but to enable. The world will continue to function as it always has, but now without injustice, pain, or suffering. He promises to usher in the Golden Age of Man.

But what’s the catch, right?

Newspaper mogul, Wainwright (Colm Meaney) certainly thinks there is one and it can’t be anything good. He leads the way in calling the alien visitors The Overlords, and is vocal in his belief that humanity should not accept anything from them and demand their departure.

Karellen chooses Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel), a midwestern farmer, as the messenger who will convey information from the aliens to the rest of the world. Karellen explains his choice by referencing Ricky’s trustworthiness and his ability to bring people together in the past.

Karrellen does have one request: They ask that humans allow the aliens to keep their physical forms hidden until they believe mankind is ready to accept them. It takes 15 years of the aliens delivering everything they promised - no more war, disease, or famine - before Karrellen reveals his true form.

And they were not ready.

As someone unfamiliar with the Arthur C. Clarke novel upon which the series is based, I had no idea what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed, though I wasn’t interested in the personal drama: Ricky’s fiancee doesn’t trust Karellen and cites the fact that Karellen appears to Ricky as his dead lover in a replica of a hotel suite special to them as signs that they’re messing with Ricky’s emotions.

But the first night raised many great questions like, what becomes of science if these aliens can provide medical and technological advancements? How will their presence affect religion?

Hopefully, tonight’s second episode will dive into those aspects more and leave some of the personal turmoil in the background.

What did you think of the premiere? Leave your thoughts below and we’ll read them on tonight’s Premium podcast. If you’re interested in becoming a Premium podcast member, click here. 

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4 Comments on Childhood’s End - The Overlords

  1. It was a bit Meh. I can’t stand the lead actor, but I’m gonna try again because of Arthur C Clarke and I trust my PF sci fi geeks like @Delva and @Nina

  2. The only reason I was aware of this show is because they kept Marrying its promos to the Expanse which is a book series I fell in love with earlier this year… The premise of the show to me was kinda so so .. It seem like they were glossing over some valid points that Wainwright was bringing up. Yea they’re doing all these wonderful things ..but why.

    Its kinda of scary that an Alien being comes out of no where telling you that you not allowed to use your space drivers license.
    Then proceeds to ground all you air travel and you not question it.

    Rickey is a like able guy but, he sure does allot of dumb things . That metal flute thing could of been a disease like the Gov’t agent said….. but what does he care ..lets open it anyway? You take the only living picture of the alien and you decide to delete it ? Why?

    I already know Nina wasn’t having that the only black woman on the show was of course on drugspossible hooker lol …even i was like like really . Glad to to see the “Wolf” from walking dead keeping his promise of killing people .

    Lets skip to the reveal. As a person who went to Catholic school all his life but not practicing this really hooked me. When i saw those Cloven hooves i so did not see that coming. But it makes sense one of his names is the Prince of lies so he would show himself as benefactor rather then an adversary . And you would neve equate Satan to being an Alien We all have a notion of what the Devil looks like which would make sense that he would wait 15 years when religion is all but died out so that the children would have no real fear or concept of him.
    Its only a 3 part event so i’m gonna stick thu it.

  3. So, the best way to end war and human suffering is to have aliens invade us. If that’s the case, then I’m down with that.

  4. All the way through I thought I was watching a remake of “V”.

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