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Cleverman - S2E4 - Muya

Previously on Cleverman, “Dark Clouds

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After last week’s turbulent series of events, Koen and his Hairy brethren gained a reprieve from the dogged pursuits of Minister Frith and the Containment Authority, if only to settle personal dispute between them and their respective groups. Still recovering from Waruu’s unexpected assault, Koen eventually discovered the debilitating effects of his brother’s attack. Bookended by West’s inability to heal and summon Uncle Jimmy and Jarli’s ideological conflict with his tribe’s leadership, virtually all the leads face engage in a trial by fire in “Muya”.

Although it took a bit of time, we’ve come to see that Koen and Jarli’s quest to broker peace between Human and Hairy run parallel courses. Both men face considerable opposition, howbeit - humans have driven relationship into a vicious cycle of racism and violence, leaving Hairies no alternative but to retaliate. Now that the hatred has escalated on both sides, Jarli and Koen must assume double duty as mediator and protector. Undeterred by Aunty Linda’s stunning admission that she’d killed Koen’s father and mother in a jealous rage, the cleverman eventually accepted that Linda is crucial to their Hairy camp’s survival, and she’s suffered a great deal on her own for the deaths she caused.

Nevertheless, Koen’s emotions briefly got the better of him when he restored Linda’s soul during a potentially fatal act. For a moment West had his revenge when he choked the life out of Linda, only to return it in full and assure she’d walk with her ancestors when her true passing occurs. In the outskirts of the city, Jarli was the lone dissenting voice among his elders in regards to Charlotte’s presence in their camp. Darana (Alec Doomadgee), quite disdainful of humans, wanted to kill Cleary before he knew she was carrying a Hairy child (damn). If anything, Charlotte’s unborn child awarded her a reprieve from a quick death and gives Jarli a chance to change minds and bridge an understanding between his tribe and Cleary.

For the first three episodes of the season, everyone was still attempting to recover from the devastating mandate enacted by humans. In a matter of a day, the residents of The Zone were removed from their homes, their daily lives upturned and, worst of all, their very culture is on the cusp of erasure.

This last act was set into motion by Waruu West, who continually infuriates viewers with his boundless disgust towards the Hairies, and most especially Koen. But as we learned throughout the episode, Waruu isn’t in full control of his life from a number of fronts. Firstly, Jarrod Slade continues to pull West’s strings quite aptly in spite of Charlotte’s abduction. Waruu knows he was put into place as a figurehead for the Inclusion Initiative but figured he’d earn the respect of his contemporaries. Clearly that isn’t the case with Minister Frith, who has been patiently expecting results. Waruu has only one ace up his sleeve - his brother - and he isn’t willing to give him up for the benefit of others.

Nevertheless, Slade managed to procure the petrified sap Waruu used to limit Koen’s abilities. No question Jarrod will analyze the material with the intent to wield Jimmy’s nulla nulla for himself. In the meantime Frith can no longer stand by and let Waruu dawdle about and waste Department of Human Safety resources; he must find “the creature” or he will be replaced. She too as eyeing the disc of sap before Slade got his wormy hands on it but the Minister may have a far greater concern: after Waruu dodged Frith for the second time this episode, she noticed a single long hair fall off of West’s arm. Be it as the face of the Inclusion or a scapegoat for its potential failure, Waruu will be manipulated by the higher ups for their gain.

At the very least, West has become adept in using The System to its full potential and wielded his clout to gain custody of his wayward daughter Alinta. Since no one gives a damn about Waruu, his kid will face the brunt of his frustrations as she’s house bound and in threat of being processed by the CA if she doesn’t comply.

Cleverman S2E4
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Cleverman - S2E4 - Muya | Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins, Iain Glen, Deborah Mailman, Frances O’Connor, Rarriwuy Hick, Jada Alberts | Writer: Jade Allen & Jada Alberts | Director: Leah Purcell

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