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Colony - S1E1 - Pilot

Some time in the future, the world has been occupied by aliens and our new overlords are not in the mood. Life pretty much sucks for those who choose not to collaborate and go with the flow, and there are those among them who secretly rebel against the new order.

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The pilot gives us the lay of this new world through the Bowman family in Los Angeles. The husband, Will (Josh Holloway), heads off to work and then sneaks aboard a truck headed for Santa Monica. An explosion (set by the resistance) literally blows his plans apart.

After being detained for a day or so, Will is brought before the man in charge of the area, Proxy Alan Snyder. He’s one who has chosen to get along to get along and is very rich and comfortable because of it. When Will’s background check reveals he’s ex-military and a pretty badass soldier at that, Snyder offers Will a chance to improve his family’s lives by agreeing to help their “hosts” hunt the resistance.

Colony - Pilot

Meanwhile, Will’s wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callis) braves a trip out to illegally trade liquor for insulin that she promised a neighbor. It seems the hosts have deemed diabetes an ailment not fit to treat and people with it are basically shit out of luck. When the insulin supplier tries to pass off a bad patch, we learn Will isn’t the only badass in the family. Katie pulls a gun and talks her way out of the situation - without the cloudy insulin, but with the liquor she came with.

Will is sent home to think about Snyder’s offer, and he has to explain to Katie why he was detained. He was trying to look for their son who was trapped in Santa Monica after the invasion. Impatient for an answer, Snyder lets himself in the Bowman home to cook bacon (another item hard to come by) for Will, Katie, and their two kids.

Colony - Pilot

Will agrees to work with Snyder, but only if they can get their son back. Later, Katie meets with the resistance and announces they now have a man on the inside.

Colony S1E1
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I’m intrigued enough to stick with this for a few more episodes. I like that we haven’t seen the aliens and neither have the people they’re keeping prisoner on their own world. What do they want? Is every city in the world like Los Angeles?

It wasn’t clear to me if Will is a part of the rebellion or just Katie. I’m hoping it’s the latter as watching him try to do his job while living with a rebel would be far more compelling to watch.

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