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Colony - S1E10 - Gateway

Previously on Colony, ‘Zero Day’

All season long I said that Colony was so good that the least compelling part was finding out what the aliens looked like. Watching Katie try to keep her involvement with the Resistance a secret from Will, while also having to prove her worth to Quayle and Broussard had more than enough danger and intrigue to keep me satisfied and watching. However, if the penultimate episode of the season ends with the Resistance getting their hands on one of the aliens (covered from head to toe in a suit of armor and helmet), you kinda have to show us the damn alien in the finale! And if you’re not going to show us, at least give us one or two cliffhangers we can care about. Colony didn’t do that. At all.

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The missing VIP is a problem, and since it was taken in Snyder’s bloc, he’s being replaced - a move he knew was coming even before the VIP was snatched. Will and team are instructed to get the VIP back quickly, or else everyone can kiss their asses goodbye.

Thanks to Madelyn’s position with Mr. Burgess, she’s able to take the kids into the green zone in case the worst happens, but Bram runs off before they go through the gates. Meanwhile, Katie and the other Resistance members make it to a safehouse with their hostage, who’s unresponsive (and probably dead) under the armor.

With Beau gone, Will is forced to trust McMahon with his secret, and she surprisingly gives him a head start when Katie’s location is found. Unfortunately, she and the others weren’t able to remove the armor before Will’s arrival and they’re forced to flee ahead of the Red Hats, leaving Will to get Katie away on his own.

The entire Bowman family is scattered as the episode comes to a close: Katie is home alone, unaware that the crazy nanny is now working for Burgess and therefore still has contact with Grace; Bram and his teacher are arrested trying to go through the tunnel; and thanks to Snyder using his remaining bit of power to keep his word, Will is on his way out of the bloc to find Charlie, who is running the streets with two other kids.

See? Not very exciting at all.

Still, Colony ended up being much better than I thought it would going in. And while the finale was a bit underwhelming, there’s still a few interesting bits to bring me back for season two, like: Will Beau’s disappearance have any consequence? Is Bram being sent to The Factory? Is Snyder? How long will it take Madelyn to figure out that the nanny is batshit cray? What happens to Katie, Broussard, and the Resistance now? How long will it take Will to find his son?

And, of course, what the hell do those aliens look like?

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