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Counterpart - S1E6 - Act Like You’ve Been Here Before

Previously on Counterpart, “Shaking the Tree”

Shaking the tree bore useful fruit in the form of documents stolen from within Quayle’s department and delivered to the other side via Lambert at the embassy. Howard Prime tasks Quayle with figuring who took the documents. This is understandably unsettling for Quayle, whose birthday celebration that night will include colleagues. He could very well be inviting the mole to his home. It’s this bit of info, delivered early on in the episode, that should have tipped me off to the big reveal at the end of “Act Like You’ve Been Here Before,” but I didn’t see it coming.

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Baldwin confronts Clare as she does her grocery shopping. She wants to finish the job she was hired to do, and she wants Clare to pay her the money she was promised if she gets it down. Baldwin is under the impression they need her to do it, but since Clare has already tasked the three newly arrived agents with taking out the targets, chances are high that Clare was lying when she agreed. Before they part, Baldwin tells Clare she pities her because nothing in her life is true.

Meanwhile, Other Howard is scooped up by Ian’s team once Ian learns he and Emily Prime shook down the embassy courier. Howard passes a lie detector test because he genuinely doesn’t know the answers to Ian’s questions. Emily shuts down the interrogation and tells Ian about the house Edgar uses when passing off the stolen info. As Ian prepares to lead a team to the house, one of his men secretly tips off Pope to their plans.

After Prime learns of Heinrich’s murder, he interrupts one of Quayle’s “runs,” and tells him the leak most definitely is coming from Quayle’s department and he better do his job and figure out the mole’s identity. At home, Quayle pours over the copied documents just as Aldrich informs Cyrus that person replaced was the former deputy director of strategy, who died of a heart attack. Quayle replaced him. As they wonder what they’re going to do about it, Quayle realizes the stolen documents match the exact ones inside his personal safe and only one other person has access to it: his wife, Clare.

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"Act Like You've Been Here Before"

Counterpart - S1E6 - “Act Like You’ve Been Here Before” | Starring: J.K. Simmons, Harry Lloyd, Olivia Williams, Sara Serraiocco, Ulrich Thomsen, Nicholas Pinnock

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