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Crisis on Earth-X: Supergirl & Arrow Overview

We no longer cover Supergirl with written weekly reviews, but I still cover The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow; and Alison still covers Arrow. Of these four shows, we only cover The Flash with a weekly podcast. Listeners asked how we’d cover this crossover event on the show. Since they’ve done a stellar job (so far) combining the shows with the “Crisis on Earth-X” event, it seems only fair that we talk about all four episodes on the podcast. And that means providing you guys an opportunity to leave feedback for us to read on the show. Below is my overall breakdown on the first two parts of the crossover as they appeared on last night’s Supergirl and Arrow. I’ll do another combined review for The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday night in place of my usual The Flash review. You can leave additional feedback on that post, and we’ll read it all on the podcast when we record Wednesday night.

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The Breakdown

Members of Team Arrow and Team Legends, plus Kara (Supergirl; Melissa Benoist) and Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) travel to Earth-1’s Central City to attend Barry and Iris’ wedding. The ceremony is crashed by Nazis from a 53rd Earth, Earth-X. It’s a world in which the Nazis won and everything is terrible because Nazis are the fucking worst. They’re led by Earth-X’s Kara and Oliver (Overgirl and Dark Arrow, but we ain’t calling them that), who are married and evil, because Nazis… and Eobard Thawne (who still looks like Wells; Tom Cavanagh) a.k.a. Reverse-Flash from Earth-1.

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Lots of ass kicking and witty quips ensue, and when the smoke clears part of the Earth-Xer’s plan is revealed: They’ll hold the heroes’ loved ones hostage until they can extract Kara’s heart and put it in Evil Kara, who is dying of solar radiation poisoning. Barry, Oliver (Stephen Amell), Alex, Jax (Franz Drameh), Stein (Victor Garber), and Sara (Caity Lotz) are imprisoned on Earth-X as Kara is, presumably, about to go under the knife (made possible thanks to tech stolen from Earth-1), and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Iris (Candice Patton) are trapped by Nazis inside S.T.A.R. Labs back on Earth-1 with members of Team Arrow, Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), and an unconscious Cisco (Carlos Valdes).


The first hour (technically an episode of Supergirl) was, by far, the strongest of the first two offerings. It didn’t feel like a Supergirl episode (no shade), which is refreshing considering last seasons’ Supergirl crossover was anything but. You should be able to watch all four hours and have it feel like one cohesive universe. Even if you don’t watch Supergirl (or casually watch it like I do), you’re able to easily follow along with the bits of plot that are unique to the series: Kara is avoiding talking about her returned lost love who is now married to someone else and her sister Alex is still mourning the end of her engagement.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

With a few exceptions, the cast has great chemistry. Alex’s one-night-stand with Sara was a highlight, especially Alex’s awkward walk-of-shame and small talk the next day. Chyler Leigh has great comedic chops.

We all knew the wedding wouldn’t happen (at least not in the first episode), but what we got was amazing: Barry’s tears in his eyes when Iris walked down the aisle; Iris looked radiant; everyone cleaned up nicely; and the battle once the Nazis crashed was cinema-levels of good. They made great use of everyone’s individual strengths: Cisco breaching Oliver to the balcony; Wally Motherfucking West (Keiynan Lonsdale) being a badass and tossing a Nazi’s bullet back into his gun; Alex and Sara ripping their skirts to kick ass; the double-take Mick gave Caitlin when she turned into Killer Frost; Killer Frost bitchslapping Nazis with her ice arm; and Supergirl’s sonic handclap. Just greatness.

Evil Oliver and Evil Kara have better chemistry than Oliver and Felicity. Yeah, I said it.

I don’t care what anyone says: Mick Rory is the best wedding guest and houseguest. Fight me.

Fun seeing Tommy Merlin (Colin Donnell) as Earth-X’s Prometheus, but sucks that he died so soon… again.

Legends of Tomorrow has done such a fantastic job building up to Victor Garber’s departure. They’ve really taken their time and allowed the characters of Jax and Stein to navigate their conflicting feelings about breaking up their partnership.

The enthusiastic caterer who was just a bit too giddy to witness Barry and Iris get married is played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. I absolutely adore her and I have a strong theory about who her character really is, but I’ll save it for the podcast.


Oliver proposed to Felicity at Barry and Iris’ rehearsal dinner because he has no damn home training. Glad she said no. Loudly.

The team suiting up at the end was cool… except Kara’s part because that was stiff and lame. Don’t do it again, show.

Image: The CW


Why were Oliver, Felicity, and Kara talking about not attending the wedding/failing to RSVP when they were actually in the wedding party?

At which point in the Earth-1 timeline is Eobard from; I’m guessing we’ll find out Tuesday night.

Earth-X’s Hitler died in 1994? What kind of The Strain shit is that?

Leave your SUPER brief thoughts — like, tell us one thing you liked and one thing you didn’t like — on the first two episodes below and we’ll read them on the podcast tomorrow night.

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Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1 and 2

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, Emily Bett Rickards, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L Martin, Keiynan Lonsdale, Tom Cavanagh, Chyler Leigh, Caity Lotz, Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, Dominic Purcell, Danielle Panabaker

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6 Comments on Crisis on Earth-X: Supergirl & Arrow Overview

  1. Hey guys! Thank you for the podcast.

    Night one of the xover was exciting. I loved Barry’s disregard toward Kara’s heart ache, he was like been there done that, not that, anyway can you sing at my wedding? The error hour was a dud, the Supergirl hour was amazing, I can’t wait for parts 3 and 4, and to see how the “cater waiters” story unfolds. They dropped so many hints, this house is bitchen, Iris you’re glowing, we’re going to need more diapers, Nora shouldn’t be here, just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️👰🏽🤰🏾👶🏽

  2. For the Podcast

    Supergirl hour was amazing!

    Arrow hour was just ok. I used to ship Olicity. Now they just irk me.

    WestAllen is everything! I kinda ship AgentCanary. And Wally was amazing with the moves! But why he gotta go protect Joe & Cecile? He couldn’t help with the fight?

    That’s it! I’m sure there will be night 2 Feedback.

  3. Hey guys! That. That was amazing! That church scene gave me so much life!! Sara using that thurible as a weapon tho.. is that sacrilegious? Nvm everything about that episode was fucking epic.
    First time EVER watching an Arrow episode so I’m okay that it was this one. But you’d think for the show with the least amount of superpowered folks, they’d know how to choreograph and film a fight scene. Had no idea who tf anyone was so I’m glad they weren’t there too much.
    Excited to hear y’all talk about all this!!


    Nina, you will get to everything that made me mad at the end cause you are the G.O.A.T.

    That said, I enjoyed this (that ending notwithstanding, and Barry’s ridiculous decision to leave Thawne alive, which prior to the ending I had called as the only downside of the crossover.). BUT…I need them to stop centering Oliver in these crossovers. It is not because of any resentment or anger I have towards Stephen Amell (so many folks have done way worse shit so at this point-Stephen has admitted he’s not that bright so he’s okay-wooden acting but okay.) I understand last year when Supergirl was moved to the CW and both that show and Legends were recovering from lackluster premiere seasons and getting their feet. But these shows have found their footing, and Flash despite some story missteps has the best acting of the Flarrowverse shows. Legends has the best stories and acting (Franz’s dry ass crying notwithstanding) of all the shows. It’s time to stop putting everything Oliver front and center.

    Have a great rest of your week my lovely people!

  5. For the pod: I second all of what Leshanda says. Doesn’t Barry carry around enhanced handcuffs and whatnot for these occasions, because how are you gonna let your arch enemy live? Is it a Batman Joker thing where I don’t make sense if you’re not around? They stay with the convenient holes that they dismiss away as emotional circustance (though it comes off as stupidity).

    Anyway, I loved seeing Thawn. Fine ass. Had the memories sturing. So glad there wasn’t a, “Run Barry, Run!” I would have gagged. Oh, that near 20 min struggle cry brought all the levity back to the show lol. Oh, why didn’t they give him some drops or tell him to cover his face in despair or something hahahahahahahahaha! I felt sympathetic dryness for his face. Like, hiccup or something! BUT, it highlighted Candice’s acting ability at the end. She’s the real deal. Her eyes went through stages of happy tears (before that 🗑🍑 ending).

    But, I enjoyed it overall, especially the first 2 hours. They ain’t 💩 for that Wally tease. Those 2 hours were action packed and definately better than the first crossover. I love Cold, and I know they’d bring the character closer to the actor’s reality when he shows up after the guy says, “…for loving the wrong person.” Did he go to Legend’s?

    Love y’all! Bye.

  6. For the Podcast

    Hello Nina, Donny, and John. I really enjoyed these episodes. This is how you do a crossover. There were only two things that really bothered me. 1) Oliver and Felicity, and their relationship woes. I thought their timing was horrible. 2) Why did they bring Wally back if he was going to be sent away immediately? Also if Cecile and Joe need protecting shouldn’t Iris and Felicity as well? That’s it. I can’t wait for the podcast.

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