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Defiance - S1E6 - Brothers in Arms

Previously on Defiance “The Serpent’s Egg”

Reunited and It Feels So Good

A Castithan man is browsing through the Defiance outdoor market when he spots a human man and takes off running. The man gives chase and tackles him to the ground. He then pulls a gun on the Castithan, who in turn rips off his necklace and throws it on the ground. It releases an explosion of blue energy and knocks everyone to the ground. In the commotion, the Castithan tries to escape, but Nolan tackles him.



Nolan’s friend is ex-military and now bounty hunter. The Castithan is wanted by the Earth Republic. While the prisoner is being checked by the doc, he says he recognizes her from The Pale Wars and admired her experiments. She says he must have her mistaken for someone else.

Tommy comes in with info on the prisoner. He’s Paul Maddis and he invented Drop Blasts (the necklace he tossed). Nolan takes his friend, Eddie Braddock, to task for not being honest with who Maddis is. Eddie is down on his luck and needs the bounty. Nolan offers him some money. Eddie says if he can’t get the bounty, he’ll just get drunk and find a whore. He tries picking up Kenya, but realizes she’s with Nolan. When Nolan says he won’t get between Kenya and her work, Kenya agrees to go upstairs with Eddie. Upstairs, she says she has a client in five minutes who she forgot about, but gives Eddie two girls on the house. She reminds them to show him “The Six-Legged Monkey Crawl.” Kinky.

Wanted by Everybody Man

Nolan appeals to Amanda to let Eddie take Paul Maddis. She wants to turn him over to the Earth Republic in exchange for their sign off on their railroad project. She agrees to consider it.

Ulterior Motives

Nicky, the ex-mayor, approaches Rafe’s son, Quentin, in a diner. He calls her “aunt Nicky.” She notes that Quentin is reading a book with symbols that match those on a cavern wall Rafe had shown her a long time ago. Later, she speaks with her henchman and speculates that Quentin must have found the artifact that Luke hid. She says they’ll let him hold onto it… for now.

About Last Night

At the station, Tommy asks Irisa if she’d like to go back to his place. “What’s at your place?” “Um, me. A bed. Some drinks.” She doesn’t answer. Tommy gives the prisoner, Maddis, his food, and then tries again with Irisa. This time, she flat out says no. While they’re not looking, someone slips a small packet to Maddis from the vent. He asks Tommy for some water and salt for his food.

Sister Bonding

Kenya and Amanda talk over drinks. Kenya doesn’t like the fact that her relationship - if it is one - is getting in the way of her work. Amanda tells her that it’s okay to fall in love and that Nolan is a good guy, unlike Kenya’s ex, Hunter.

She Knows

Quentin tells his dad that Nicky was asking questions about the symbols and that he thinks she knows he has the artifact. Rafe tells him to get rid of it. Luke was killed behind it and he wants it gone. He warns Quentin that Nicky Reardon is a dangerous woman.

Maddis is Ghost

Irisa and Nolan are talking about Eddie when they hear an explosion from the station. Tommy is knocked out and Maddis has escaped. Nolan agrees to let Eddie help in the search.

Maddis goes back to the marketplace to retrieve a case he stashed when Eddie first spotted him. The merchant who found it wants money in return. Maddis kills him by tricking him into holding a silver coin which emits a shock.

Connor Lang

An Earth Republic rep, Connor Lang, comes to see Amanda. She knows him, but their relationship seems weird. He wants to talk about Maddis. Amanda says he must have had help and Lang blames Nolan’s incompetence. Amanda wants to make a deal for Maddis; she claims they have jurisdiction over him because he hurt Defiance citizens. He gives her two hours before their rollers show up with ER teams.

Doc and Datak on the Hot Seat

Eddie and Nolan question the doc, and Eddie flat out accuses her of helping Maddis escape.

Datak Tarr arrives home to find Paul Maddis in his kitchen. Maddis thanks him for the care package that helped Maddis escaped. Datak says he has no idea what he’s talking about. Maddis says he was told that Datak was a comrade and that he could help him get out of Defiance. Datak offers to make calls immediately, Maddis tells him to hold off and they eat for a bit… until Datak pulls a gun and orders Maddis out. He says that he supports the Voltanis Collective and that they need a world of their own, but he’s worked hard to build a life there and he can’t be associated with Maddis and what he’s done. Suddenly, Datak starts to feel sick and falls to the floor. Maddis has poisoned him and controls how much it affects Datak by turning his ring.

While searching for Maddis, Eddie tells Nolan that Kenya didn’t have sex with him and that she must really like him.


Eddie and Nolan show up at Datak’s saying they’re going door-to-door looking for Maddis. Maddis hides while Datak tries to get rid of them. When he says something negative about Maddis, he clutches his stomach as it makes a weird noise. Maddis must have turned up the ring. When they leave, Maddis tells Datak they’re going for a ride.

In the car, Maddis admits that he doesn’t give a crap about the Voltanis Collective - he just likes killing people. Nolan and Eddie pull up alongside the car and a chase ensues. Irisa and Tommy show up and the chase ends. Nolan tells Datak he knew something was up when Datak was so nice to him at the house.

Nolan orders irisa and Tommy to take Datak home and he hands Maddis over to Eddie. Maddis boasts that the ER won’t be putting him in jail. They’re courting him just like the Voltanis Collective: The highest bidder gets his weapons. Nolan is pissed that Eddie knew this was about money and not justice. Eddie reminds Nolan that they’re soldiers, not politicians.

Nolan agrees and shoots Maddis. DAAAAAMN. That was cold. Why did Nolan do it? “Because it felt right.”

Eddie loses his damn mind. He needed the money. Well, if he can’t get Maddis, he’s turning in Nolan. There’s a $250K bounty on Nolan for stealing someone’s something or other… some energy jump thingie.

After an argument, Nolan agrees to be turned in, but Eddie has to tell them that Irisa is dead. Before a decision can be made, the ER team show up with Connor Lang.

Eddie takes the blame for killing Maddis and leaves with Lang.

Tossing the Place

Nicky’s henchman - I’ll get his name next week - sneaks into the McCawley house to look for the artifact. When Quentin walks in, he attacks him and gives him a taser to the neck. He pulls the artifact out of Quentin’s pocket, but Quentin comes to and gets the drop on him. Quentin starts to choke the man, and as he does his dead brother Luke appears over his shoulder to cheer him. The man dies.

Closing Montage

Kenya turns down Nolan when he tries to see her that night. She says she doesn’t have clients; he just isn’t her type.

Eddie eyes the soldiers who are taking him to Vegas for justice.

Amanda gets flowers from someone, presumably Connor Lang.

The doc injects some tube with bright green liquid into Datak.

Nolan drinks with Irisa and says they’re going to talk about her uncle Eddie. She says she doesn’t have one. “Yes, you do.”

In the transport, Eddie reaches into his boot and then asks for water and salt tablets.

Quentin drops the henchman’s body in the mines.

- Nina Perez

Defiance returns in two weeks with all new episodes. 

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