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Defiance - S1E8 - I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

Previously on Defiance, “Goodbye Blue Sky

Welcome Home, Son

As Nolan and Tommy head out to the site of the arkfall from last episode, we get a cute scene in which Nolan basically tells Tommy that he knows about his relationship with Irisa. He warns Tommy not to hurt her or else. They find the wreckage is full of American space program equipment and later find a human male who’s been in some kind of hyper-sleep. His name is McClintock and he’s a famous astronaut who was presumed dead.

Nolan and Tommy take McClintock back to Defiance and the astronaut is having a hard time processing this new world. “I know St. Louis. This is not St. Louis.”

An Offer She Should Refuse?

Connor Lang from E-Rep is back and he has a job offer for Amanda. He thinks she’ll be able to help more towns like Defiance. When she asks what he’s not telling her, he admits that he misses her. Before they can talk further, Irisha arrives to tell Amanda that Nolan needs her.

What’s Up, Doc?

Doc Yewll is examining McClintock and he’s also examining her. He’s amazed by her alien skin. There’s obviously something she suspects about him, but she keeps quiet. When she shines a light in his eyes, he has flashbacks to being examined by Indogenes and he freaks the hell out.


Not What I Ordered

Datak arrives at the brothel and is annoyed to find that Kenya won’t be servicing him. He manhandles Kenya’s replacement until Kenya arrives to put a stop to it. He is offended that when she decided to cut back on her clientele, he didn’t remain on the list. He makes a few veiled threats before storming out.

TMZ of 2063

McClintock is a celebrity as everyone thought he died in a space shuttle explosion. As reporters take his picture and bombard him with questions, Nolan and Amanda load McClintock in a car to take him to Rafe’s. Connor tries to corner Amanda saying that E-Rep could use McClintock’s story to their advantage. It would be a blow to the Voltan Collective if word got out that they held a human and staged and the shuttle explosion. She brushes him off.

McClintock immediately feels at home at Rafe’s house since it looks exactly as a home in 2013 would. They tell him about how famous he is and how a movie was made about their expedition. Robert Pattinson played McClintock, which sparks some *wink wink nudge nudge* dialogue as the actor who plays Rafe starred in the Twilight movies. Everyone has had a lot to drink so it’s decided they’ll all sleep over.

Bathe With Me

Datak arrives home to find Stahma bathing alone. She looks to be fantasizing about something sexual right before he walks in. He questions why she would bathe alone, asking what would the servants think. She changes the subject by asking him why he’s not at the brothel. He tells her about Kenya’s refusal to serve him and how it felt like she was purposely trying to disrespect him. Datak considers sending someone over there to rough her up, but Stahma takes his mind off of Kenya by seducing him.


As McClintock sleeps in Luke’s room, he has more dreams about his alien abductors. He sleep walks into the living room where Amanda is asleep on the couch and starts to choke her. She struggles and tries to fight him off. Before he can hit her with a blunt object from the coffee table, Nolan and Rafe arrive to pull him off of Amanda.

Tommy and Irisa arrive to take McClintock to jail and Doc Yewll examines Amanda. She says they need to get back to the infirmary so she can determine how serious the damage is. When they arrive, Connor is outside and wants to know what happened. Nolan gets him to back off and explains what little he knows. Connor accuses Nolan of not being a good lawkeeper if he can’t protect Amanda. Nolan fires back that his concern is funny considering E-Rep tried to kill Amanda a few weeks ago. Connor claims to know nothing about that.

Doc Exposed

McClintock starts freaking out in his jail cell, slamming himself into the walls and yelling in a Voltan language. Irisa and Nolan manage to subdue him and Nolan snaps McClintock out of it by slapping him in the face. The damage McClintock did to himself reveals his blood is silver.

Nolan storms into the infirmary where Yewll is still examining Amanda. He puts the doc in a chokehold and demands to know why she failed to tell them that McClintock isn’t human.

The Full Story

Doc Yewll admits that before the Voltans made contact with Earth, they watched and abducted human subjects they could turn into Indogene assassins. McClintock was the perfect candidate as he’d have access to high level human officials. His silver blood is a sign that he was an early prototype. The real McClintock is dead and this one just has his memories. She says she didn’t tell them because E-Rep would definitely use the knowledge of what the Voltans had done against them. Connor pipes in that she’s damn right; McClintock is coming with him. This causes McClintock to flip out, attack Nolan, take his gun and then pretty much kick the asses of everyone in the room before leaving.

A Hooker With a Heart of Gold

Stahma is finishing up a visit with Kenya at the Need Want brothel when she warns Kenya to not piss off Datak. She appreciates Kenya’s excuse that she did it for her, but says Kenya needs to play the game smarter and better if she wants their visits to continue.

Rafe Finds McClintock

Rafe finds McClintock down in the mines. McClintock is debating whether or not he’s going to kill himself. Rafe tells him he has a second chance and should take it. It’s a nice talk, but Gordon McClintock jumps anyway.

Amanda Says No

Amanda refuses the E-Rep offer. Connor finally lays all the cards on the table: E-Rep wants in on Defiance because of their supply of Gulanite, which powers everything. They’re convinced that if they get rid of Amanda, a new leader would allow them to do what they want with Defiance. He warns that they’ll remove her in any manner they can, but that the can protect her in NY. She still says no and that she doesn’t need his protection. That’s pretty dumb considering he just told her that E-Rep will kill her. He reminds her that whatever happened between them in the past wouldn’t have if she’d just had more faith in him.

Nolan Figures It Out

Nolan goes to Rafe’s to retrieve his gun that McClintock stole. Nolan wants to send a team down into the mine to retrieve McClintock’s body so that he can have a proper burial. Rafe shoots down that idea and offers Nolan a drink. While they drink, Nolan pieces together that Rafe was the last person to see McClintock alive and the only person who can confirm that he actually jumped. They toast to Gordon McClintock, wherever he may be.

Happy Ending

McClintock arrives at the home of his wife who is now a much older woman. She’s hanging up laundry to dry outside when she senses him behind her. She turns and recognizes him immediately. She caresses his face and they hug as the sun sets.


The someone started cutting onions in my living room.

Doc Not Off The Hook

Nolan storms into the infirmary and demands answers from Doc Yewll. He wants to know exactly what the Voltan program was that turned humans into Indogenes and if there are any more they need to worry about it. Before she can tell him to go to hell, one of the reporters who’d been hounding McClintock enters and passes out. She’s bleeding from the nose and mouth. Doc Yewll says their conversation will have to wait. They have a plague on their hands.


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