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Destroyer #2

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If there’s one thing Dr. Baker and The Monster have in common it’s that they don’t suffer human fools lightly. Much of Dr. Baker’s background is fed to us through the two unfortunate agents sent to obtain her in issue #1. They’re back, with strict orders that should they fail this time, there will be serious (possibly deadly) consequences. As they talk about the prominent place she holds within their shadowy organization, Dr. Baker watches. They think they’re working through her defenses to enter the cabin, but she’s allowing it to happen.

Meanwhile, The Monster makes his way to the US/Mexico border with a group of immigrants following behind him. A young Mexican boy believes he’s their salvation; that his prayers were answered in the form of The Monster. But when they reach the wall separating them from freedom, The Monster proceeds to tear it down with his bare hands, crushing and killing the immigrants around him. On the other side, the armed civilian militia takes this to mean The Monster is on their side. He violently shows them he is not.

Once the agents reach Dr. Baker’s secret lab, they open fire — but she’s prepared. Her son uses his power to dismantle their weapons. He’s out of the tank and very pleased with himself.

What’s most interesting about this series, so far, is the exploration of how monsters are made. When he was alive (or perhaps I should say, before he died), Dr. Baker’s son was surely a normal boy; we saw last issue that he was sweet and sensitive. Dr. Baker’s grief has turned him into someone (or something) that takes joy in destruction. How far are they willing to go? Will Dr. Baker instruct her reanimated son to kill?

The Monster also wasn’t always the way he is now. Through a flashback to the 18th century we see him reach out to men for help, and they quickly turn on him. He’s shot and chased, with promises to show him “what men can do.” It would appear that man is very good at creating monsters.

Destroyer #2
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Destroyer #2 of 6

Written by: Victor LaValle | Illustrated by: Dietrich Smith | Colored by: Joana Lafuente | Lettered by: Jim Campbell | Cover by: Micaela Dawn

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