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Review: Doctor Who - New Adventures w/ the 11th Doctor #8

Previously in Issue #7


Things are getting good, y’all. In The Infinite Astronaut:

Alice has talked herself into believing that the Doctor will be happy to see her mother alive. He’ll have some Time Lord-y explanation and all will be well. Of course, that’s not his reaction. He insists whatever that is isn’t her mother. People don’t come back from the dead. Alice lashes out and refuses to listen.

But they don’t have time to fight about it due to the war going on above the planet Earth. Since they’re in a library, the Doctor tasks Alice with donning the jetpack and searching the tomes for anything that might help them. Then he tends to ARC and Jones, the former of which has turned into a ball, who are both on the floor and in pain.

Amstron guards storm in and accuse the Doctor and his crew of being spies for the J’aarodic. Before they can follow through on their threats of elimination, Alice appears and invokes an ancient rule of war.

The Amstron leader explains that his people and the J’aarodic used to be allies who’d each sent a pilot into space to explore the unknown. Their last transmission said that they’d seen the face of the creator. Then they were never heard from again. The two species began to fight over who the creator was: Amstron or J’aarodic?

Now, what Alice has done means she and Jones will take an aircraft into the same void and report back what they see. If they fail, Earth is destroyed. Just before takeoff, Alice realizes that her mother isn’t her mother because she didn’t recognize Jones.

Alice’s “mother” is none other than The Talent Scout for SERVEYOUInc. After some mustache twirling and cryptic threats, he disappears.

Alice and Jones complete the mission and report back that all they saw were beautiful lights. The two nations make peace and all’s well that ends well. Right? Kinda. The Doctor has had just about enough of SERVEYOUInc, and the TARDIS’ next stop is their headquarters.

Score | 8.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Alice imagining what she knew wouldn’t happen was heartbreaking.
  • What the hell did The Talent Scout show the Doctor?
  • What’s with the Time Lord silhouette?

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