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Game of Thrones - S5E2 - The House of Black and White

Previously on Game of Thrones, ‘The Wars to Come’

Brienne and Pod - Near the East Road

Our favorite traveling mentorship stops in a tavern for a bite to eat. While Pod checks out the server, a couple speaks at a table nearby. It’s Sansa and Littlefinger! And book readers lose their damn minds.

Sansa asks about the scroll delivered to Littlefinger while they were at Lord Royce’s. Was it, as her mother always said, “Dark wings, dark words?” Inaccurate, he says. His marriage proposal was accepted. Before he can tell her by whom, Podrick recognizes Lady Sansa despite her new goth appearance. Brienne sends him out to ready the horses, telling him to find another so they no longer have to share when they make their sure to be hasty retreat.

Brienne approaches their table and Littlefinger wastes no time pointing out her fancy new duds, implying she must be on a mission for someone very important and rich *cough Lannisters cough*.

She pledges her sword to Sansa. Littlefinger questions her ability to protect anyone: Renly, Catelyn Stark. Why should Sansa trust her? Brienne mentioning the shadow with Stannis’ face doesn’t help any. Sansa refuses to leave with her. Knowing she’s been beaten - for now - Brienne attempts to leave and has to knock about a few of Littlefinger’s men to do so. She manages to let loose a few of the guards’ horses before she and Pod take off, but Littlefinger’s guards are close behind.

She and Podrick get separated - leave it to Pod to pick a horse he can’t control. Brienne doubles back and sees Littlefinger and Sansa riding off. She makes note of their direction before returning to rescue Podrick from two of the guards. It is gory and magnificent.

Pod wonders if maybe the Stark girls are a lost cause - they both refused her service. Neither of them believe Sansa is truly safe with Littlefinger, so they are going to follow her.

Cersei and Jaime - Kings Landing

Cersei has received a crude gift: Myrcella’s necklace hanging from the mouth of a serpent statue. It is a threat from the Martells of Dorne, who have her daughter and are probably just a tad upset that Oberyn died in the capital.

Cersei rages about their daughter’s safety and scoffs at Jaime’s warning to keep her voice down. She doesn’t care. One of their sons is dead, their daughter is practically being held hostage, and their other son is due to marry a smirking whore from Highgarden. Princess Smirks-a-Lot!

Jaime offers to quietly go to Dorne - so as not to start another war - to retrieve Myrcella. And he’s not going alone.

Bronn is taking a walk with his bride-to-be, Lollys Stokeworth. He’s eyeing the castle he’ll inherit with his new wife, when she corrects him: the castle will never be theirs when her father dies. It goes to her older sister who’s a bit of a twat. We can practically see Bronn’s plans to murder the sister playing in his head. They’re both surprised to see Jaime Lannister waiting for them. Alone with Jaime, Bronn learns Jaime needs his help on a trip, and when they return, he’ll be given a better bride - probably one who won’t have a sibling in need of murdering.

Cersei observes the head of a dwarf brought to her by two hunters. They won’t be collecting that bounty, however, because it’s not Tyrion. Never one to waste anything, Qyburn asks for the head for his “work.”

Cersei holds the small council meeting, though she is not Hand of the King. She’s simply advising her son until he’s of age. Mace Tyrell offers to take on the role, but she tells him he’ll be busy being Master of Ships and Master of Coin. Qyburn will be Master of Whispers, which sends Grand Maester Pycelle into a sputtering fit of rage. She offers Kevan Lannister, her uncle, the role of Master of War. He’s honored, but would like to hear it from the king himself. The king is busy. The king, he says, needs to have his ass at the small council meeting to learn to lead. He has no interest in watching Cersei fill the council with sycophants. When she won’t tell him what mission Jaime has taken, he announces he’s going back to Casterly Rock. If Tommen needs him, he’ll come back.

Shireen’s Reading Rainbow - The Wall

Shireen is teaching Gilly to read while Sam studies the history of the Lord Commanders of the Night’s Watch. Gilly asks about Shireen’s greyscale, which she got as a baby. Shireen’s not sure how she was saved from death. Gilly tells a story of her sister wives who had it, and how they were taken out to the woods and killed by her father husband. Selyse arrives and puts a stop to all of that. She instructs her daughter to stay away from Gilly.

Stannis is hot with Jon’s ass. He thinks he showed too much kindness when he put Mance out of his misery. Jon counters that the free folk won’t follow him whether he’s nice or cruel. They will only follow one of their own. Speaking of which, Stannis received a response from House Mormont, whose leader is just a girl of ten. They will not recognize anyone as the leader in the North unless they’re a Stark.

Davos points out that Alliser Thorne will most likely be elected Lord Commander that night, and that will make life tough for Jon. How about he allow Stannis to make him legitimate by swearing his sword to him? He’ll rise as Jon Stark, and help Stannis control the North.

At the voting ceremony, Sam balks when Jon says he won’t accept the offer. He already pledged himself to The Night’s Watch, Jon says. What kind of leader would he be if he can’t keep a vow? Well, you kinda already broke a few of those when you got all up in Ygritte, but okay.

Before the voting begins, Janos Slynt gives praise to nominee, Alliser. Another speaks on behalf of a ranger who’s been a member for eons. Jon taps his cup in agreement, so we know who’s getting his vote. Sam surprises everyone by throwing Jon’s name into contention. He snitches on Janos for being a punkass bitch during The Battle at Castle Black. Sam lists all of Jon’s accomplishments: taking over defense of The Wall, leading the men when Alliser was hurt, going beyond The Wall to speak with Mance, and leading the mission to avenge Commander Mormont. Alliser can’t let this endorsement go unchallenged and reminds everyone Jon fucked a wildling. Stay classy, Alliser. 

Everyone votes, and it’s a tie between Alliser and Jon, but Maester Aemon breaks the tie and Jon Snow is appointed the 998th Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch.

The Martells - Dorne

Ellaria Sand watches as Myrcella strolls through the water gardens with her betrothed. If looks could kill, there’d be a Marcella-Shaped stain on the ground. Ellaria takes her anger to Doran Martell, Oberyn’s older brother who is confined to a wheelchair. After snapping at his guard, Areo Hotah, she demands to know what Doran plans to do about Oberyn’s death. She has the Sand Snakes with her and they’re prepared to send Myrcella to Cersei bit by bit. He reminds her they don’t mutilate young girls in Dorne, not while he’s in charge. Ellaria wonders aloud how much longer that will be.

Tyrion and Varys - On the road to Volantis

Tyrion has a bit of cabin fever as he’s been traveling in a wheelhouse with Varys with no other company. At least he has his liquor.

Varys points out Tyrion was a pretty good ruler for that short time. Tyrion admits Shae wanted them to leave, but he stayed because he enjoyed playing the game of thrones.

Arya - Braavos

As the ship passes through the giant legs of The Titan, the captain explains to Arya the statue’s significance, and she gets her first look at Braavos. He rows her through the canals, past the merchants and markets and deposits her at The House of Black and White - a large structure along a shore.

This is everything Arya has been waiting for! Tentatively, she knocks on the door and is greeted by a grumpy old dude who kinda looks like Maya Angelou and a turtle mixed together. Despite seeing the coin given to her by Jaqen H’ghar, he tells Arya to kick rocks. She sits on the steps, chanting her death prayer all night and through the rain. When the sun rises, she tosses the coin in the water and leaves.

“Well, shit.”

Arya is out in those Braavosi streets, cutting off the head of a penguin so she can either cook it or sell it. We don’t find out which because she’s approached by some street thugs. She and Needle are about to do work when the Turtle Man appears. The thugs are scared simply by his presence. She follows him back to The House of Black and White and he returns her coin. Then he reveals another face: Jaqen H’ghar! Who’s not really Jaqen because a man has no name. He is no one, which is what a girl needs to become. She follows him inside.

“I promised you justice and peace. One cannot exist without the other.” - Daenerys
Daenerys - Meereen

Daario gives Grey Worm a lesson in espionage as he leads a few Unsullied to a hideout of one of the Sons of the Harpy. They find him hiding in a wall after Daario stabs through it.

Daenerys receives advice from her council: Mossador - a former slave and leader of their rebellion - wants him executed without a trial; Hizdahr zo Loraq doesn’t believe the former slave owners are paying the SOH to stir up trouble; Barristan Selmy recommends a fair trial to decide the man’s fate. Daenerys dismisses them all. Barristan stays behind to remind her of her father’s actions when he was at his maddest. Basically, check yourself, girl. She promises to give the man a fair trial before executing him.

Mossador visits the terrorist in his cell and kills him. He leaves the body in the streets with the message: Kill the Masters. In the throne room, Mossador explains to Daenerys that he did it because she could not. His father died in the uprising, and if they allow the SOH to return them to chains, then his father never lived. Daenerys is moved, but not enough to let him go.

Mossador is marched before the people - masters yelling for his death, former slaves yelling, “Mysha!” Though it pains her to do so, and despite Mossador’s plea for forgiveness and the former slaves’ cries for mercy, Daenerys orders Daario to execute Mossador. The former masters look satisfied, but the former slaves hiss like snakes. Daenerys and her court are hustled away as violence erupts.

In her quarters, Barristan and Grey Worm vow to stand guard outside her room all night. She asks to be alone, and when she is, hears something outside. She goes outside to investigate because scary movies aren’t a thing so how could she know this is a bad idea? On the balcony, she finds Drogon on the roof looking He comes closer and she reaches out tentatively, unable to touch him before he flies away.

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • I love all the changes from the books! Sansa meeting Brienne is not book canon - at least not yet - but it makes total sense. And though we don’t know what this proposal is all about, I don’t have any doubt that Sansa will eventually be glad that Brienne hasn’t given up on her.
  • This is why I couldn’t be the leader of a country. I would have totally forgiven Mossador.
  • Fist pump for Kevan Lannister who stood up to his niece, pointing out that she’s clearly loading the council with people dumb enough to do her bidding. And also, props to him for taking his ass promptly back to Casterly Rock. Challenging Cersei and staying in the capital is basically committing suicide.
  • We gonna find out what Qyburn is doing with that dwarf head or nah?
  • Why do I feel like Bronn will not make it to or out of Dorne alive?
  • Very little Tyrion this episode, but that’s okay. What we did get was top notch.
  • We heard their names, but didn’t get to meet the Sand Snakes! *hiss*
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11 Comments on Game of Thrones - S5E2 - The House of Black and White

  1. Got damn, what an episode!!! This show is a beast!! I’m so hyped I couldn’t even sleep until I left feedback!! I’m so glad I waited to enjoy this(yall know who yall are

  2. This was another good episode of Dem Thrones. I enjoyed watching it and here are some thoughts on what we saw.
    1. Arya ? My girl is back. It was great to see her and I?m looking forward to her do her thing. Keep on rocking, Arya. You?re a little badass, and I?m here for it. Represent!
    2. Jaequin ? My dogg Faceless Killa is back on these streets. I hope he and his crew train Arya to become like them. I want to see them set it off on people.
    3. Cersi ? It seems like this season is going to show us a lot more of Cersi and her motivation. I think we?ll see her continue on her downward spiral of drinking, being petty, and crazy. Hopefully it will lead to her demise. Oh, and shout out to Uncle Kevin for telling Cersi she really don?t run shit but her mouth. That was good loot.
    4. Dany ? I?m over this chick. Time to pour liquor on her like Nino Brown and yell out ?Cancel this bitch!?. How the fuck are you gonna tell these people you?re so different than the slave owners who ruled over them with iron fists, then do some shit they would do? Executing that man in public was the wrong thing to do. If the man he killed was worthy of a trial, why not him? Especially after the people begged for mercy on him. I could see if her initial plan was to kill him. But if you want people to believe in you and your cause, you don?t go through with it after they say not to do it. She should have changed her mind in that situation, let the man up and put him to trial. Even if the end result was still his execution, it would have been a sign of good faith to show the people you?re willing to listen to them while making a decision about what to do in a situation like that. I forget exactly what Jorah did to get banished, but it?s clear that Dany is missing his advice and guidance. She?s in way over her head and it?s annoying.

  3. Hey y’all

    I’m excited to see Arya’s training at the House of Black and White which is the best part of the A Dance With Dragons.

    Sansa was not here for that oath, Brienne needs to give it up! Don’t save her she don’t wanna be saved. I’m interested to where that storyline is going but it leaves me cautiously optimistic.

    Dorne so Black! And I can’t wait to see more of Dr. Julian Bashir and Deebo.

    The Varys and Tyrion road show is going to be greatness. I can listen to those dudes talk to each other all day.

    That small council scene was some comic relief between Mace Tyrell begging for a promotion and Pycell looking all salty at Quyburn and my dude Kevan reading Cersei
    Kevan Lannister wasn’t having any of Cersei’s shit. He was like “you little dumb ass bitch I ain’t fucking with you!” He’s the new MVP! Someone mentioned in the group that Cersei gets marginalized from leadership and isn’t taken seriously because she’s a woman. I don’t think it’s that. She just stay fucking up, that’s the problem!

    I really wanted Jon to take that deal from Stannis. But he would make a better Lord Commander. I was weak at Sam calling Janos Slynt out! I was like nigga you just got here you don’t know shit about shit, sit yo bitch ass down. I imagine things are going to get more interesting at the wall.

    Now I have to get something off my chest.

    Yo Fuck Dany for real! This bitch…. So she gone liberate a city, have the slaves kill the masters, take away all their customs and traditions, try to instill her own, then when the masters try to clap back she wanna take old ass Selmy’s wack ass advice to be fair and shit. Then when the former slave that led the rebellion that she started had the balls to do the shit she was going to do anyway, the same shit that she just condoned them doing not too long ago. She throws all that fair trial shit out the window and have my boy executed in front of the people he helped her to liberate for the pleasure of the masters that put them in slavery! And the city still erupted into chaos. What did she think would happen?! Nah son! Fuck her wishy washy dirty ass! Drogon should have bit her hand off!

    I still love you Nina but I’m team #FuckDany

  4. I am able to leave feed back-hurray!

    I’m here for the Sand Snakes-the build for this is really good. Cersei is no where close to ready for the pain they will bring. I feel bad for her little girl. It’s good to see Jamie trying to get his groove back, and I was wondering what happened with Bronn-I was pissed for him turning on Tyrion, but at least he stayed true to character. Brienne-too noble. And I’m liking Sansa finally-she’s growing up. Sad she had to experience so much loss for it to happened, but heavy is the head and all that.

    DANY DANY DANY DANY DANY!!! What gives? When your unruly child has to come back and center you, you have issues. I need Tyrion to help her get herself in line with a quickness. I still don’t trust that her current advisor isn’t a plant from Tywin-his advice has been bogus. That said, I said this in the group and I will say it here, Dany is an example of a child (which she is) wanting to ascend to the big kids’ table without understanding the responsibility and maturity required to be there. She DOESN’T KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING-and it is showing more and more. She should have wandered the wilderness figuring it out and then test it in a smaller city.

  5. This episode was definitely a great one to watch. Aryas evolution into badass is going to be fun to see, and I cant wait to see what they do with her and Jaqens michael jackson cookie looking behind. I hope its creepy.

    Jamie continues to give me life in the leather jackets he wears and I cant’ wait for the Jamie and Bronn road trip to Dorne. I was even happy to see Lotis.

    Cersei continues to be a hot mess, im so glad when Kevan shut her down, just because Tywin is gone she thinks she can be reckless, no thanks. “I do not recognize your authority” I’m interested in seeing how dorne plays out and can’t wait to see Areo Hotah use that staff of his. I do hope we see more than one black person in Dorne though.

    The fun part of this episode for me was the parts with Dany. I’m glad at least we are seeing the dragons and the harpys are out causing trouble. It was really hard for me to believe that grey worm was an unsullied this epi, I know unsullied dont have to be buff but I need them to start feeding him! Still dont trust Dario for shit.

    I was happy to see Drogon basically leave Dany in his smoke. I guess we know who her favorite still is! Danys small counsel try to give her good advise but its just not applicable in Mereen, you would think Ser B. would be better at this. But he is a warrior and not a politician. I miss Jorah The Explorer. It sucks she killed the guy who was working for her, he was smart cute and could act. Talk about opening up a can of worms.

    I love Tyrions litter, I never realized a litter could be the size of an apt.

    Shereens school for reading at the wall continues, And how they’re picking up the plot line this season, it makes me excited!

    Sorry for this long ass feedback but I wanted to share my excitement! Anyways other than that, all I have to say is Hsssssssssssssssss

  6. By turning down Stannis’s offer to become Lord Stark, Jon did the Stark-est thing he’s ever done in his life. Which Stark is his parent may be in doubt, but he is more Stark than any Stark yet. I loved how Aemon chuckled while Sam read Janos Slynt’s mail, then cast his vote for Jon. He seemed so happy to be the deciding vote and it was adorable. In related news, the actor playing Ser Denys Mallister died after filming these scenes back in August, so we will not see him again.

    Drogon. That CGI is fantastic! I agree with theories saying that he sensed she was in trouble, and I wasn’t worried that he would hurt her. To me, these dragons are like cats-they just come to check on you, then veer off minding their own business again. If you diss them, they hold grudges and hiss and bite, but when you least expect it, they flop down at your feet. This is pure speculation, but if Drogon is like Drogo, I don’t think he would care about his brothers (sisters?) being locked up. He’s the alpha and flaps to the beat of his own drum.

    Lastly, of all the changes from the book, I am here for more Jaqen H’gar. Sending a special shoutout to D&D for working that actor back in to the show. He has the mysterious zen killer thing nailed.

  7. Ok, I don’t normally leave feedback for GoT — but I absolutely LOVED this episode & Im sure all yawl GoT scholars will address all it’s finer points of awesomeness.

    I just have a couple of follow-up points from last week:

    #1- Anton & his watch parties with his Gays sounds amazing & i wish i was there too — LOL!

    #2- re: the Witch’s Cercei prediction of a better queen — i know Cercei thinks its Marjorie & we’re supposed to think it’s Dany; but what if it’s her daughter Marcella? Watching her in the Watergarden scene this week got me to thinking that crazy-assed Cercei may be waging war against the wrong chick…

  8. OK, that was fun. To start off the cinematography was gorgeous coming into Braavos, if it was a touring a d, I’d be packing my bags to get there. Didn’t really care for the way the house of black and white went down, they could have just had jaqen open the door and I would have been just as glad to see him. I’m just glad arya is finally there and her assassin training should be fun to watch.

    Cersi still with no fucks to give is entertaining as shit. She’s manipulating poor jaime, shame he can’t see it. Jaimie got some nerve fucking with Bronns new abode, stokesworth is a good spot for a rogue like bronn. What castle is he gonna give em? Harrenhall? Side eying the fuck outta of this deal. Bronn going to end up as muscle for hire or goon on deck fucking with dem Lannisters.

    I love you Brieene. I love how much of a beast u are that you put a sword thru that fuck boys throat like it was nothing. But bitch, you gonna have to learn to lie with that Renly story. Did you see how LF and Sansa looked at her ass when she said “shadow”? Tightening up mama and tea h my nicca pod to ride a horse.

    Who knew Sam middle name was Nas? Cause he ether the fuck outta Janos slynt, even had master aemon up there smirking like that Janos is a fuck boy. Loved the rest of the speech, sam is a friend indeed. Salute to Lord commande Jon Snow. Turning down stannis offer was so Stark like all I could do is shake my head with a smile.

    Dany, baby I’m praying for you. I think she made the right decision, but the wisdom of mobb deep remains true : it ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks. Dany is a conquere/tyrant. Just own it. Fuck being nice, give them dragons free reign of meereen and have the sons of the harpy occupied on how too keep drogon off their ass and less ion plotting and shit.

    Loved the episode, ready for the podcast.

  9. Overall good episode and as usual I was nervous when Dany was trying to caress Drogan….I bet if he knew what she did to his brothers he would have taken her head off. That dragon is an effing beast!! I’m excited to see more Arya and what this faceless guy is going to teach her. And Dearest Brienne, Podrick may seem like an idiot but he’s right when he says let the oath go. they don’t want your help. Move On. So Cersai gets to play ultimate ruler until the King is of age? Little Kings needs to stop playing with his pussy cat and go learn how to rule a kingdom. Meanwhile fione ass Jamie is going to see his daughter-niece! He better not die! He really doesn’t have to do much, just stand there and look all kinds of HOT!

  10. Not much to say. Dany made the wrong move.

    Brienne may have failed those she swore loyalty to but she’s still badass!

    Jamie looked damn fine in that scene with Bronn on the beach.

    Love Uncle Kev cause he ain’t here for Cersei’s shit! Clearly he’s her father’s brother.

    And Jaq’en Hagar is back!! Woohoo! Arya will hopefully get some training soon to become even more badass! And she still has her list! It’s just a little shorter.

    And I hope refusing Stannis doesn’t bite Jon in the ass.

  11. I already told Anton this but when Arya went a knocking, I kept thinking of those cookies you get in NY

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