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Game of Thrones - S6E4 - Book of the Stranger

Previously on Game of Thrones, “Oathbreaker”

With one exception, the women of Game of Thrones stole the night by having agency, more courage than most of the men, and smarter plans to get what they want.

A Stark Reunion

Jon’s exit last week wasn’t exactly the mic drop we thought it was when the credits rolled. He still needed to pack his stuff, which is what he’s doing when Edd tries, again, to get him to stay. And good thing that, because Sansa, Brienne, and Pod arrive and if they had missed Jon the world would have sobbed. Okay. I would have sobbed.

I still sobbed at their reunion; two characters who’ve not been seen in the same location since season one-episode one, “Winter is Coming,” and even then with no scenes together.  After they’ve hugged it out and after Sansa apologizes for being such a brat, she makes the case for taking back Winterfell. She repeats what Davos has told Jon before: The Wildlings owe you their lives. They will fight for you. They should fight to keep and protect the safety you’ve provided them.

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One person willing to follow Jon is Melisandre, who is convinced Jon is the prince who was promised. This prompts a conversation between her and Davos as he wants details on what happened to Stannis and Shireen. Brienne is all too happy to inform them both that she executed Stannis after he admitted to using bloodmagic to kill Renly. Davos looks like he wanted to ask, “Why you bringing up old shit?,” but Brienne’s sword was out.

During dinner, as Tormund makes sexy eyes at Brienne, a messenger arrives with a letter from Ramsay. He taunts Jon, threatens Rickon, and demands Sansa’s return. Now Jon is ready to fight. Tormund is in for 2,000 fighters and Sansa is sure the North will provide more.

The world collectively fist-pumped.

One woman who did not do well this episode was Osha. Freshly bathed, she’s presented to Ramsay. She tries to pull the old “I’m going to pretend we’re about to have sex and then I’m going to slit your throat” trick again, but Ramsay isn’t going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe. He stabs her in the throat instead.

Same Ole Robin

Being under Lord Royce’s tutelage hasn’t made Robin good at… anything. He’s happy to see Uncle Petyr, who comes bearing gifts and threats. He skirts Royce’s accusation that Baelish took Sansa to the Boltons by saying they were ambushed on the road, and implies that Royce was the one who set them up. Robin is ready to toss Royce through the Moon Door, but under Baelish’s advisement, Royce is spared. His strategic planning and the Knights of the Vale will be needed to assist in freeing Sansa and taking back Winterfell and the North.


Dat Privilege

Tyrion’s grand plan is to meet with the masters from Yunkai, Astapor, and Volantis. He tries to convince them that they can amass fortune without slavery, and that Daenerys will give them seven years to phase it out.

This doesn’t sit well with Missandei, Grey Worm, or the former slaves of Meereen. Tyrion thinks the “keep your enemies close” approach is what’s best until Daenerys returns, but Grey Worm insists the masters cannot be trusted. And both Missandei and Grey Worm take issue with allowing anyone to be a slave for a moment longer, let alone seven years.

There’s a painful exchange where Grey Worm explains that they (he, Missandei, and the other brown folk) aren’t viewed as human. Tyrion thinks his status as a dwarf is comparable. It is not. Tyrion means well, and this may be the best plan at their disposal, but that doesn’t make him any less privileged and tone deaf. Here’s to hoping Daenerys returns before any negative fallout.

The Lion and the Rose, Part II

The High Sparrow plays mind games with Margaery, allowing her to see a broken Loras in his cell. He’s not strong enough to hold out much longer; she realizes this.

Tommen opens up to Cersei about the High Sparrow’s plans for Margaery to take a walk of atonement as well. Cersei and Jaime convince Lady Olenna and Kevan Lannister to put aside their differences long enough to snatch the queen before she can make her walk.

I think we all know this plan will not go off without a hitch or five.

Reek Goes Home

Yara greets Theon with suspicion, thinking he’s only returned home after their father’s death so he can make a play for his throne. He apologizes for that time he dimed her out Ramsay when she was trying to save his life. All Yara wants from Theon is his assurance he’s not trying to take control and his support at the Kingsmoot. Theon quickly agrees.

The Unburnt

Jorah and Daario have tracked Dany to Vaes Dothrak, and as they prepare to go in disguised as lost merchants, Daario notices Jorah’s disease. They both agree Jorah gonna die. They find Daenerys, but she isn’t ready to run just yet.

When she meets before the Khals, they’re debating between selling her to Yunkai or allowing her to remain at Dosh Khaleen.

(If Yunkai knows where Daenerys is, why would they be willing to negotiate with Tyrion? How come the people of Meereen don’t also know where she is?)

Daenerys has another plan. Daenerys is all, “How about I knock over all these lanterns and watch you burn alive since the two men in love with me have already locked the doors from the outside?”

She walks out of the flames, fully nude. The waiting Dothraki fall to their knees in worship. And so do Jorah and Daario.

Game of Thrones S6E4 = 9.4/10
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9 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E4 - Book of the Stranger

  1. I need to join you guys in the thread next week, y’all be having too much fun.

    FOR THE PODCAST: I’m going to call this the #Lemonade episode because all the women were in formation, even Osha for a minute.

    I love how Sansa was the one getting buck and telling Jon it’s time to fight. Brienne walking up to Davos and basically saying “yea I killed your boss and I hope he burns in hell” was awesome. And did anybody else hear the Jamaican air horns when Cersei and Olena agreed to work together? King’s Landing is about to be on fire, metaphorically and literally!

    Great recaps as always guys.

  2. Hahaha. Is it too late for feedback?


    This episode is a perfect example of Game of Thrones at its best. When the political machinations are ramped up and in motion, this show is great.

    This new generation of Not-Fuckin-Around Starks is everything I’ve ever wanted. The Battle of the Bastards is nigh, and I can’t. Fucking. Wait.

    They finally gave Dinklage some material to work with, and for one episode at least, Tyrion was at peak Tyrion. I have a feeling Carrie Targaryen is not going to be very pleased with his offer to the Great Masters.

    Speaking of which, Emilia Clarke wasn’t insufferable this episode. She’s at her best when she’s dropping bombs in High Valyrian or Dothraki, because you can’t tell how poorly she’s delivering her lines. She needs to only use those 2 languages.

    If it weren’t for the Jon/Sansa stuff, I think my favorite scene of the episode might have been the Yara/Theon reunion. Alfie Allen is incredible, and every time I see a scene with Yara in it I just want more of her.

    I’m excited for what’s to come for the first time in a long time.



    This was a fantastic episode! Tied with ep 2 for my favorite this season.

    The Stark kids reunion genuinely had me tearing up. I understand both their point of views but unless he changed his name, there was nowhere Jon could go where he wouldn’t have to fight. And I feel Ramsey made a mistake dragging the Wildings in it. They will definitely support Jon now since the asshole of the north is up there talking about slaughtering them. Do you think between them, the remaining loyal Stark Bannermen and the army from the Vale can take Ramsey?

    It’s about time Cersei put her petty aside. But since none of her plans work, we shall see. What do you guys think Margery will do to save her brother?

    So I love when Dany’s burning mofos up. But must we always have the damn kneeling? Must it always be majority brown folks doing the kneeling? But I do love how she basically rescued herself. She just needed some backup.

    And the best part of the episode, besides the obvious, had to be Tormund’s reaction to Brienne! Omg! That was the best! So do you think she will respond in kind? How should he approach her? Hmm.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. And can we have a moment of silence for Osha. She tried. But Ramsey ain’t like other men. That shit don’t work on him. Damn! She deserved better!

  5. FOR THE PODCAST:Hi Nina, Donald And John. This was a fantastic episode of Game of Thrones and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts are. This season has been fantastic so far and i am loving it. Aside from all the big scenes we have going one thing I loved even more is the nuance from the side characters from thormund, delores. Can I get an amen for all the ladies kicking ass this season, I love it. I thought the pace would slow down by episode three but it doesnt look like theyre going to be doing that at all which has me even more excited. Thanks again for all you do and happy belated bday Donald. Question: Why did jorahs nasty ass have the greyscale airing out for the world to see? ewww

  6. Hey girl! I just realized it was rude to just greet Nina…so hey John and Anton! FOR THE PODCAST:

    This was the Formation episode.

    Sansa said 🎶 Okay Jon Snow, now let’s get in Formation! 🎶 I so didn’t think they were going to reunite but I’m so glad they finally gave us a reunion!

    Cersei said 🎶 Okay small council, now let’s get in Formation! 🎶 too! I’m fine with them tabling the petty to take down Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, I found it interesting that he told Margaery she only wanted to see her husband and family because they have money and that’s a sin. Umm, bitch, maybe she just wants to see her damn family.

    I don’t care about the Greyjoys. Skip.

    Shout out to Dany singing 🎶 Okay Dothraki now let’s get in Formation! 🎶 as well! She’s really riding the wave of this Great White Hope thing. Glad we’re done with Great Value Khal Drogo though. I’m wondering about how GRRM said Dany being unburnt was a one time thing though.

    This season is moving at light speed and I love it. Can’t wait to hear the hot takes!

  7. I tried to keep it short for you Nina
    For the podcast:
    I am just going to touch on three things
    1. A Stark reunion that has been a long time coming I mean Jon and Sansa didn’t even used to like each other but they ran to each other like they was Captain America and Bucky seeing each other again for the first time in 40 years
    2. Pink letter happened shout out to the peeps who guessed it!
    3. Tormund and Brienne totally have to fuck..right? Like that look he sent her said we gonna get it on. I mean she can’t play as hard to get as a bear 😂

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