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Geek Item of the Week: Veronica Mars

With the long-awaited Veronica Mars movie being released this week, what better lead up to it than to watch the original series? If you’re looking forward to the movie, you should already own this, but in case you’ve been remiss in your duties, you can pick up the entire series on Amazon.

The first season is currently available for $36.97. The second and third seasons are also available for around the same price each. On top of that, the entire series is currently streaming on Amazon Instant Video. So, get to it and get watching!

Don’t forget, Veronica Mars fans, to enter our #1 Marshmallow Photo Contest on Facebook. If you can show us you’re the biggest fan of Veronica Mars, you could win a great Veronica Mars prize package!

We also have Veronica Mars-inspired shirt designs available in our Zazzle store, for all your Marshmallow wearable needs!

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