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Gotham - S2E17 - Into the Woods

Previously on Gotham, ‘Prisoners’

After escaping from Black Gates Prison, Gordon attempts to clear his name by enlisting the help of the man that put him there: Nygma. Meanwhile, Penguin discovers that his step-family had a role in his father’s death, which causes Professor Strange’s conditioning to break and awakens the psychotic from his sleep.

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Bruce is still learning a life of crime by robbing people, but the fact that he throws the money after he steals it annoys Selina.

Meanwhile, Bullock and Gordon are trying to find out who framed him, which is strange because the show seems to believe we have forgotten the fact that Gordon may not have killed Officer Barkley, but he did kill Galavan.

With Captain Barnes nipping at their heels, the two try to track down a tape of the witness who called into the station. The tape is distorted, hiding the person’s voice. Of course, Gordon turns to the smartest guy he knows: Nygma.  As the night goes on, Nygma tells himself he is talking too much, which is true. His dialogue plus the cuckoo clock in the background of the tape tips Gordon off to Nygma being the voice on the tape. But Nygma knew that he knew and shocks Gordon with electricity he had rigged beneath his chair. Still, Gordon manages to get away. He runs to Selina for help and finds her and Bruce playing house. Gordon decides to use Selina to spring a trap, which works and Nygma takes Gordon and the GCPD right to where Ms. Kringle is buried. Looks like another Batman villain is off to Arkham.

Penguin’s dad is dead and he is taking it hard. Grace (Melinda Clarke), Penguin’s step-mother, is not too keen on the idea of him living with them now that Daddy Penguin is gone. But Oswald is willing to do anything to stay in the house with his new family - even become the new butler. Don’t think that is what daddy had in mind for a family reunion.

Penguin is not doing a very good job being the butler, maid, cook, and food catcher. In the process of getting Grace’s drink he discovers that liquor was poisoned and that was how his father died. This knowledge breaks Professor’s Strange’s conditioning and the Penguin we know and love is back. He kills his stepmother in the most spectacular fashion, but not before feeding her dinner.

Barbara is back, participating in a support group and confessing her sins with Professor Strange looking on. He is curious about her change in mindset not wanting to be crazy anymore. So what does he do? Release her into the wild.

Best Scene: Penguin serving up Sasha and Charles, his step-siblings, for his step-mother to have a taste. Sasha is definitely more tender!

Honorable Mention: Bullock in his underpants about to get beaten by his internal affairs boo. You are an animal, Bullock!

Honorable Mention 2: Nygma having a break down after Gordon has Selina go into the GCPD and bait him. Nygma running the numbers and talking to himself in the mirror was good. Liked the special effects.

Best Line(s): Captain Barnes and Bullock are having it out with Barnes asking Bullock where Gordon is. Bullock denies knowing anything and Barnes say, “Stop it, you’re not smart enough to play dumb.” Bullock then says that they both know Gordon did not kill the cop and Barnes says all he knows is that a Gotham jury found him guilty. Bullock says “That Gotham jury can eat my socks!” Barnes says, “I know you know something now and I will bust you like a bum I’ve never met!” 

Most Ridiculous Scene: Penguin made the family his mother’s famous goulash. No one really liked it and for his hard work, his step-siblings decide to throw food at him as he attempts to clean up the table.

Honorable Mention: Nygma trying to run away being surrounded by cops in the woods. He even trips over a log and says, “Crud.” 

Profound Scene: Nygma and Gordon have a heart to heart about what type of killing warrants the label of a psychopathic act. Gordon explains he feels the killing of Barkley is a cold blooded act by a psychopath. Nygma responds with “I knew the rumors were not true… that you killed Galavan, you would never do that. That would make you like the people you are hunting… sick, diseased.”

Gotham S2E17
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This episode was by the numbers until the last 15 minutes, which had all kinds of hijinks. The scene where Selina went into the GCPD and baited Nygma to go dig up Ms. Kringle was particularly good, especially the shots of Nygma talking to himself, as was Penguin discovering that his step-family killed his father.

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