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Gotham - S2E22 - Transference

Previously on Gotham, “A Legion of Horribles” 

So, we are finally here at the end of the line for Gotham season 2. We have had a roller-coaster ride of thrills and some very boring-to-blah moments. We were introduced to the most characters yet in the series and believe it or not, the show did a really good job not making the show seem cluttered or crowded.

However, none of the main characters have really had any growth to speak of this season. Gordon had family, killed a guy, lost his job, went to jail, lost his family (including his unborn child) and I would say he is the same guy at the end of this season as he was last season. Now, he does do something at the end of the episode, which, I guess could be considered a change in character - but that is a stretch.

Bruce is pretty much the same guy, too. He goes to live on the streets of Gotham, he finds the man that killed his parents, his parent’s killer dies, he finds that there was a man who was behind the guy that killed his parents (Professor Strange), he helps take Strange down, and now finds out that there was a Court, behind the man, behind the man. Confused yet? And in the end, Bruce is essentially the same obnoxious kid he was in season one. And, come on, of course there was no movement for Bullock or Alfred. So the best part of the season was the rise of the villains, which I guess is how it should be considering it was this season’s tagline.

The episode begins with Basil/Clayface posing as Gordon and telling the GCPD to stand down at the gates of Indian Hill while Strange is arming the really big round bomb in the basement. Can I say again how awesome it is to see the show really takes risks and pulls out a villain like Clayface? I didn’t expect to see him in the show.

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With the destruction of Indian Hill now set, Strange and Peabody have to begin the evacuation of all their zoo animals and this includes Fish. Meanwhile, Nygma plays quiz games with Bruce and Lucius trying to see what they know about Indian Hill. One wrong answer and they get the gas. Of course, they give the wrong answer and they get the gas.

Strange gives Gordon a truth serum and asks him a series of questions to attempt to get to know him better and see if he knows about the Court. He does not know anything about them, but we know Gordon will remember this line of questioning and it will give him a new bone to obsess over for next season. Strange reports back to the Court that Gordon, Fox, nor Bruce know anything. They don’t seem to be the trusting sort and the White-Haired Woman tells him to kill them all. Oh, and none of his experiments are to escape. So we know what that means. The inmates are breaking out. And guess who is the number one inmate wanting to get out? Fish has Peabody under spell and confronts Strange, who strangely runs at the first sign of losing control of a situation. He locks down the facility and sets the bomb.

Penguin, Barbara, and Butch are playing house. They are decorating and everything. Penguin seems very interested in a news broadcast when Professor Strange’s name is mentioned. He wants some payback. So, he sends Barbara to the GCPC  to get information on him, and she talks to Clayface/Gordon. Barbara dimes out Clayface/Gordon after realizing it isn’t him, and Bullock and Alfred send the calvary in to Indian Hill.

Meanwhile, Freeze and Firefly fight it out, which was pretty cool to see. The show had to spend that special effects budget somewhere. I don’t think Strange liked it as much as we did, though. How is he not dead? In the end, Gordon and Fox defuse the bomb using Peabody’s water suggestion, Fish escapes with the inmates, Gordon leaves to find Thompkins, and Bruce is off to hunt the Owls. Oh, the questions we have for next season.

Best Scene: Fish letting Oswald and Butch know she is back!

Honorable Mention: Clayface/Gordon and Barbara having a real serious conversation about what is going on at Indian Hill. When she asks him about Dr. Thompkins he says “Screw that hoe.” And with that, Clayface/Gordon’s cover was blown.

Best/Worst Line(s): Fish attempts to touch Peabody to see if her new powers can work on her. She can’t touch her and Fish asks her if it is a busy day. Peabody answers, “We will get to you number 13.” Fish replies, “Yo mama is number 13, but I am a human being.” “Don’t you talk about my mama!”

Most Ridiculous Scene: Clayface/Gordon smiling! Now I know why he doesn’t do it regularly in the show. Yikes!    

Honorable Mention: Oswald still has Grace… or at least her head and it is on a pedestal. Why, Penguin, why?

Geek Out Moment: A song of ice and fire in Gotham. Firefly versus Mr. Freeze.

Gotham S2E22
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The season finale was not the worst thing ever. It had a few interesting moments and one head scratcher that I am sure will be the question starting season 3. There was nothing earth-shattering about the episode, but it was entertaining despite itself. Overall, the episode was a vehicle to re-introduce Fish, take down Strange, and.. what else… huh… nothing. Yes, we had many villains and monsters, but none of it really went anywhere. All we can hope is that all those monsters follow us into next season.

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