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Gotham - S3E10 - Mad City: Time Bomb

Previously on Gotham, “The Executioner”

Gotham - S3E10 - “Mad City: Time Bomb” | Starring:  Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Morena Baccarin, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Cory Michael Smith, Jesica Lucas, Chris Chalk, Drew Powell, Michael Chiklis, Benedict Samuel, and Maggie Geha.

After the last episode in which Barnes was captured, I say prematurely, Nygma thinks Butch killed his girl, and Thompkins and Gordon are trying to keep their feelings in check. I am hoping for an action-packed or drama-filled episode. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Thompkins and Falcone leave their rehearsal dinner, and as their car is brought around to the front of the restaurant, it explodes. Don Falcone wants to go on the war path but Gordon, of all people, tries to talk sense into him. Falcone is giving him one day. So the clock is ticking.

Acting Captain Bullock is stressed assuming all of Barnes’ responsibilities and keeping his seat warm. Fox brings them a lead on the bomb; they head off to meet with an explosives expert named Fuse, but he already had a visitor. A sword wielding assassin tries to take Mario out, but Gordon thwarts the attempt.  And because Mario does not trust anyone but himself he is going to take care of this. He makes himself bait for the assassins, but Gordon finds him. The assassins attack and one of them is killed but not before he tells him he knows why they are coming after him. Falcone thinks he knows who put the hit out on his baby boy, but he has to be sure and to do that he has to do some cutting. And guess who…who…?  Falcone has a meeting with Kathryn, who says he is not privy to things. He does not like that answer and says he will make things difficult if his son is harmed. She tells him his son is safe from them, but he will have to assist them when they come a’callin’.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Penguin is holding a villain’s meeting with Gotham’s top crime families. As the meeting begins, Barbara crashes the party looking for Butch and Tabitha. Penguin has no idea where they are so he calls Nygma to see if he knows.  Nygma is asking for space, but Penguin needs his question-man back. Nygma is busy grieving and has the two people everyone is looking for all tied up.  Nygma wants them to help him get through this difficult time.

Barbara comes back to Penguin’s to talk to the help; particularly Olga (Beborah Unger). Olga first spills the beans on Penguin’s feelings for Nygma, and then she gives her another clue about Nygma himself.  Meanwhile, Butch is getting the electric chair treatment, but he’s not saying anything useful to Nygma.  Barbara is playing detective Fifty Shades of Gray-style and discovers where Nygma is and what sick plans he has for Butch and Tabitha.

Nygma gives Tabitha a choice like Rick was given a choice. Will we hear the electric sound of heartbreak or the sound of one hand clapping? And the answer is… Butch and Tabitha will have to cooperate to make that clapping sound because she choses Butch. And now Butch and Barbara both know who really killed Isabel… I mean Isabella.  And now they are going to start the war the city needs.


Bruce and Selina are eating breakfast. Selina does not like to feel jailed, even if it’s in luxury. Alfred does not think it is a good idea to be running around with people after them and Bruce agrees. Bruce is looking for a match to the key they found, and Ivy is trying out some more mind control perfume to get herself out of the mansion. Selina proves she is smart, she is kind, and that she is important and finds an engraving of an owl on the key. Bruce, of course, remembers his last run in with the Court. Ivy gets caught while out of the mansion and she looks scared. The people trying to kill them sendsBruce a message telling him to bring them the key and they give him instructions to follow. At the end of the instructions they find a man named Luka Volk (Costa Ronin), who is the leader of the Whisper Gang. They are a group of criminals who the Court betrayed and now they want revenge. Luka tells them the key opens a safe that has something that scares the Court. No one knows what it is. Bruce wants to join the Whispers to go after the Court. Before they get to start on their revenge plan, the Court finds them and sends Talon to negotiate for the key. Well, that is the end of the Whispers and the Scooby gang are on their own.

Best Scene: Tabitha has a choice. Let Nygma’s machine cut off her hand or electrocute Butch. Believe it or not she chose love. “Hey Butch, you’re sweet.”

Worst/Best Line(s):  Nygma: “I would put that hand on ice.”

Honorable Mention: Barbara: “Do you like role play, Todd?” And “Give mommy the combination,”  as she asks for the combination to the safe to find out what Nygma bought and grabs Todd’s butt.

Most Ridiculous/Funny Scene: Butch tries to reason with Nygma, telling him he has not even heard of a lady called Isabel. Nygma yells back, “Isabella! Why is that so difficult?”

Honorable Mention:  Gordon opens fire in a courtyard full of people to protect Mario.

Gotham S3E10
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    Plot - 7/10
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    Dialogue - 6/10
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    Action - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Performances - 7/10


So in the end, Mario is safe, the Whispers are gone, Barbara and Butch are about to start chaos, Bruce and the Scooby gang have a key to something, and Thompkins was on her way to her rehearsal dinner when she tells the cab driver Gordon’s address. She kisses him goodbye with Mario looking on and thugs watching Mario. And then we see what his secret is: he has a little Alice in him too!  Not sure how that happened. I am sure they will let us in on the secret at some point. This episode was good even though not much happened. The best part was the Nygma, Barabra, Tabitha, and Butch stuff. Also, in this episode the writers try to make the storylines converge or at least have a binding element, which was the Court. 

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