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Gotham - S3E20 - Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine

Previously on Gotham, “All Will Be Judged”

Okay, so, question: Do all of Jim’s ladies turn evil? I am seeing a trend here. It does make for interesting television. And that is not all we have in this fun-filled episode. We learn that The Shaman is the leader of the Court… well kinda…  and we also see a brainwashed Bruce having a hard time killing. We all know that the killing thing will be an issue later on with the Bat. And someone big is coming to Gotham! This episode was pretty good with a few surprises and deaths mixed in. So buckle your seat belts for this penultimate episode before we get to our Gotham season finale.

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Gordon, Bullock, and Alfred are out looking for Bruce. They track him to the murdered Court members leadership. Of course, there is one still alive with his throat cut, and of course can still talk to give us our clue. He lets Gordon and company know who was responsible… the leader and Bruce Wayne. Alfred is not satisfied with the effort the GCPD and Gordon are putting into finding Bruce so he goes out on his own. Gordon had some officers stake out Thompkin’s house to let him know when she gets home so he can confront her about taking Alice’s blood serum.

The day of judgment has come to Gotham and to the Court of Owls. Bruce is here to pass judgment. But he is a little hesitant and The Shaman has to step in and the Court, as we know it, is no more. It turns out there is someone else in charge. How high does this leadership chain go? This person has a vision for Bruce and the Shaman is to help him achieve that goal. Oh, and Strange was taught by The Shaman, too.  Alfred and Bullock catch up with The Shaman and Bruce, to Alfred’s horror, Bruce has gone to the dark side. Alfred saves Bruce from becoming a mass murder by killing The Shaman, who before he dies tells Bruce to seek out the his leader to fulfill his destiny.

Nygma and Butch try to take Penguin out, but he has other plans; they do not call it a safe house for nothing. While leaving the scene, Selina gets captured and decides to help Nygma and Barbara get Penguin. And when they are all in one room, ready to kill Penguin, the real surprise is revealed: Fish Mooney is back! She takes Penguin for a ride, leaving everyone’s mouths gaping open and Butch dreams of times gone by… to Tabitha’s displeasure.

Gordon goes over to Thompkin’s house to find Morticia Addams in her place; a crazier, sexier, more dangerous version. Looks like the Alice serum made her remember just how much she loved Gordon. She loved him to death. And she probably does about the worse thing a person can do to anther human being to help him realize he loves her still too — she buries him alive just like Ryan Reynolds! One of my worst nightmares. Anyway, Thompkins gives Gordon an out. All he has to do is take the Alice serum and he will find the strength to free himself. I will say I do really like this bit of writing.

And just as Thompkins predicted, Gordon takes the serum because he thinks it is the right thing to do to save the city. I wonder what the serum with bring out in him?

Best Scene: Sad, but true ladies and gentlemen: Thompkins lets Bullock and Alfred know that Gordon is alive. She talks to him via a walkie-talkie that has some insane radio range. Bullock asks Gordon where he is as Thompkins looks at Bullock with her best “you have got to be kidding me” look knowing she would not make it that easy.

Most Ridiculous/Funny Scene: Professor Strange hanging out over the city with Alfred doing his best not to let go. I wonder if that is a Trump tie? 

Best Line: Nygma lets Barbara, Butch and Tabitha know that the Court is real. He tells them that “unfortunately, my interaction with them was limited to a woman named Kathryn…who had a stern up-do.”

Honorable Mention: “Hey! Put this animal in a cage. I will be back to bust your head in, in a minute.”  — Bullock to Professor Strange.

Geek Moment: The Shaman tells Bruce to seek out the Demon’s Head. Oooh… we all know who is coming!

This episode is all-out crazy with a few real surprises that I did not see coming.  I liked the Gordon and Evil Lee love affair and the surprise of Fish. I was not expecting that at all. She has never been one of my favorites, but I like the surprise anyway. And to put icing on the Gotham cake, they let the bomb go off and crazy will take over Gotham. What I did not like was the whole Bruce has no feelings and is ready to commit murder for a complete stranger. It is a stretch. One of the many issues I have with the writing here.  And can we stop with the over exaggerated speeches, Nygma? Next week is the 2-hour season finale.

Gotham S3E20
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"Pretty Hate Machine"

Starring: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Morena Baccarin, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Cory Michael Smith, Jesica Lucas, Chris Chalk, Drew Powell, Michael Chiklis, Benedict Samuel, and Maggie Geha.

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