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Gracepoint - S1E8 - ‘8’

Previously on Gracepoint, ‘Episode Seven’

It’s dark and the search team is still out looking near the vicinity where the bike was found. Everyone wants to go home, but Ellie insists they continue the search because Tom is still missing and who knows what kind of danger he may be in. Emmett tries to get her to go home and calls her “Ellie” for the first time.

I’m still over this journalist who has shown back up. Renee she is called. She’s annoying but she brings along the suggestion that maybe this is the act of a serial killer. She tries to get a hotel room right next to Carver, but is turned away and she won’t stop calling Owen, who won’t answer her calls. Go home! Nobody wants you here!

Praise Jesus! The priest finds Tom bleeding and disheveled, but alive, in the woods near the Backpacker’s property. Emmett still has the Backpacker at the station and he yells and tries to get information out of him, but he isn’t talking. So, he goes to talk to Tom instead. Tom says he doesn’t know the Backpacker and has never met him, but had gone out to his place to check things out and got lost in the woods. The saddest thing on this show so far is that Tom carries around a crossword puzzle book of Danny’s to remember him. He’d gone out to the Backpacker’s place because he wanted to help find the person who killed his friend and thought maybe showing him the puzzle book would make him feel quilty and confess.

Mark thinks it’s strange that the Priest is the one who a) found the bike, b) found Tom, and c) is in love with Mark’s wife and hates the fact that they’re together. And also, he heard Priest goes to narcotics anonymous meetings. Doesn’t make someone a murderer, but okay.


Forensic analysis about the burnt boat are in. Danny’s blood, hair, and prints were found in it and paint chips match the color of his skate board. The killer tried to clean up after themselves using glass cleaner. Dumbass. That gets rid of nothing! I can’t even get my glass windows cleaned with glass cleaner.

While out for a jog, Beth finds Renee sleeping in her car in parking lot. Ummm, hello, a murderer is on the loose. Get your ass inside somewhere safe. While she’s there, Beth asks her be put her in touch with a mother of another missing/murdered kid from another case, so she can have someone to talk to who understands.

They question the Priest again after they find out more about his prior drug use and a bar fight he got into before moving to Gracepoint. He explains everything away pretty reasonably to me. But Emmett won’t back down. He walks out after demanding that he come down to the station to give his DNA. I’m still not feeling his guilt. I don’t think he did it and they’re just wasting time.



Mark sees Chloe take off on the back of a motorcyle. He calls Beth and they chase after her trying to find out where she is. She’s in what is either a diner or her boyfriend’s living room dancing. They say it’s just to give her a chance to have fun and forget about what’s going on. She’s pretty upset about not only her brother’s death but from spending all this time being “the dead kid’s sister” and she needs to get away from it. So they all go bowling and eat onion rings. Mmmm, bowling alley onion rings. It’s nice to see a family otherwise torn apart with grief, laughing and joking and having a good time.


Emmett and Ellie have no choice but to let the Backpacker go. They don’t want to, but he has an alibi for the night Danny disappeared and Tom claims to never even have met him so they’ve got no reason to hold him.

The next morning, Susan Wright, otherwise known as Dog Lady, has Danny’s skateboard, which she brings to the Miller house and gives him Tom. Wow. Why does she have that? She says she’s been looking after it but thinks it’s only right that Tom have it now. Joe sees it and reacts like he’s seen a ghost. Yeah, I’m on to you, Miller! I bet you think you dropped that in the ocean where it would never be seen again!

Meanwhile, Emmett and Ellie go to her trailer and bust their way in after she doesn’t answer. She doesn’t answer because she’s not there. She stopped by the Journal where the detectives show up to arrest her. Ooooh. What’s this about?

Tom calls Owen to find out if things deleted from a harddrive can ever be recovered again because his dad deleted something. That son of a bitch! I knew it! Tom takes the laptop in question outside and takes it apart. The priest shows up and asks what he’s doing and where his parents are.

Susan is questioned about the skateboard but she won’t answer any questions until they let her see her dog. Emmett tells Ellie to find the dog. Vince took it, but I don’t think Ellie or Emmett know that. But we see him take the dog back to his shed and point a rifle at it. He intends to shoot the dog, but chickens out. Hate that guy. I don’t like anyone who wants to shoot a dog.

Someone reports that a light is on in the hut that was the murder scene. Ellie and Emmett go to check it out. The person throws the door open, knocking Ellie down, and runs off into the night. They chase after him until Emmett has one of his episodes and falls down and the guy gets away. It’s like a massive asthma attack and he keeps saying he’s dying. I don’t understand this illness of his. But that’s the end of the episode.

I’m getting really anxious to know who the killer is, though you guys know I already think I know.

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