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House of the Dragon - S1E3 - Second of His Name

All a king wants to do is celebrate the second name day of the son he had with his daughter’s bestie. Oh, and marry said daughter off to a Lannister frat boy. He doesn’t want to be bothered with a war that he’s losing or quieting the whispers that call for his daughter’s removal as his heir.

And that’s why we won’t have nice things and I can’t believe dragons will die for this.

Speaking of dragons…

Those Targaryen boys just built different. Fueled by nothing but petty spite, Daemon ended the war in the Stepstones in five minutes, all so he wouldn’t have to thank his brother for the help he didn’t ask for. I stan forever.

Listen as Sarah and I break down the latest episode of Viserys, What Is You Thinking?

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