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How to Get Away with Murder - S2E4 - Skanks Get Shanked


Previously on HTGAWM, ‘It’s Called the Octopus’

Nate’s wife, the one who is dying of cancer, calls Annalise from the hospital and asks her to visit. She asks something major of Annalise and refuses to take no for an answer.

Annalise takes on a new case: A teenage girl who is being accused of killing her best friend, but she claims two other popular girls forced her to do it. Laurel doesn’t trust her and steals her phone when she’s not looking. She finds an app made to hide files where parents wouldn’t think to look. They find a surprising video that starts eating away at Connor’s moral compass. When they return to court, Zoey lashes out in a big way.

Michela is given the task of finding out if Caleb and Catherine are actually engaging in sexual relations with each other. Caleb continues to deny it and gets pretty snarky with her. Catherine, on the other hand, has a slightly different story after hearing the house manager has claimed they have been intimate with each other.

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Wes and Levi continue their hunt to figure out what happened to Rebecca. With some help from Nate and some thorough research, they get a few more leads. Meanwhile, Asher has his daddy get him out of some sort of hot water with the mystery girl from his phone.

Relationship Updates

Bonnie & Asher- Bonnie keeps pressing Asher to admit he’s dodging her. When she approached him after his dad leaves from fixing a screw up of his, she takes the heat from all his suspicion of Annalise and Frank and takes the blame for Sam’s death.

Questions that Still Need Answers

Why is Bonnie taking the blame for Annalise with so much huge stuff?

What did Asher do that needed his dad’s help with?

Can Wes really trust Levi? Or will Levi throw them all under the bus?

Time Jumps

Paramedics get to Annalise but it’s not looking too good. The group is in Nate’s car, listening to the scanners and freaking out. Michela takes the lead and goes up to an apartment to meet Caleb, who asks “Is she alright?”

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