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Jane the Virgin - S2E1 - Chapter Twenty-Three

All I Need is un milagro

Mateo (Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva) is having a doozy of a first day. He’s taken from the hospital by Sin Rostro (aka his step-grandmother) who wants to ransom him for a chip containing the identities of her affiliates. Michael heroically forgoes the police’s case against Sin Rostro and makes the swap. Mateo is returned to his parents’ loving embrace, only eight ounces lighter.

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Jane’s guilt over Mateo’s abduction affects her milk production. Rafael reads a book for once (thanks to Michael) and lays down some baby knowledge. This… primes the pump, but Jane standing up against the nuns and prying public really get the juices…milk, flowing. And Mateo feeding. Because, babies.

However, Jane Villanueva isn’t safe quite yet. A mysterious lady wants her for… reasons.

Sympathy for the…Petra

Petra plays will they/won’t they with her ex’s sperm. Upon Trainwreck Louisa’s advice, she decides they will. Thank goodness Room Service has turkey basters.

The Passions of Padres

Xiomara is likely pregnant with Ragelio’s baby (according to this avid watcher). Don’t worry, Abuela; they were married in Vegas by a Cher impersonator, so the baby-to-be is legit.

Dad Wars

Michael – Gives both Rafael and Rogelio sage insight into Jane. There’s nothing sweeter than an unselfish man who knows you.

Rafael – Initiates skin-to-skin contact. There’s nothing hotter than a chiseled man with a baby on his chest.

Rogelio – Foregoes tweeting for changing a baby’s diaper. There’s nothing more admirable than a guy who goes outside his comfort zone.

Villanueva Women Do

The three generations bond together to stuff Jane’s breast into baby Mateo’s mouth “like a hamburger.”

Jane the Virgin S2E1
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


Got to give it to Jane. They neatly resolved the questionable kidnapped baby cliffhanger within the first twelve minutes of the episode. It didn’t make the best sense from a plot perspective but added humor and emotional resonance, so I’m more than willing to hand wave. In a show with such a strong female gaze, I really appreciate the scenes between the men. I could watch a spin-off with Ragelio and Michael any day. I’ve missed the warmth this cast brings to their characters (and to my television). #jane #love #jlove

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