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Jane the Virgin - S2E19 - Chapter Forty-One

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Forty”

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I Just Can’t Get Enough…

Jane’s love for Mateo temporarily blinds her to what’s in his best interest. It takes an ethically-questionable writing assignment and a helicopter mom to realize she might be letting her separation anxiety get in the way of putting her kid first. Mateo cries each time he leaves Jane and we know the crying is really from Jane’s heart. A little magic realism touch this show does so well.

It also addresses real everyday problems well. A wedding and a baby are expensive. Michael’s job loss and Jane’s attempts to compensate ring true. This is commendable for a show where Jane is staying at her baby daddy’s luxury hotel and her trust fund kid could be diapered in dollar bills.


It’s All a Just Matter of…

Rafael doesn’t trust Petra with the (baby) twins’ trust. With good reason, but perhaps he should have more faith. He does trust his brother. With good reason, but perhaps he should have less faith. He listens to Petra’s advice and tells Derek he’s the one who blabbed about the boat. Looks like his good deed will not go unpunished, but do we care? This continuation of the Muttar storyline feels half-hearted, at best. If they bring it around with more Rafael and Michael collusion, I’ll be here for it.

I Don’t Think You’re Ready…

Petra is jealous of Jane. She’s a great mom and she has Raf’s trust (and heart?). We empathize with Petra because she has changed and Jane does seem too (annoyingly) good to be true. It’ll be a misstep if Petra returns to her old ways. One of the best things to come of this show is her relationship with Jane. Lucky for Petra, scheming runs in the blood and Petra (and the writers) can outsource any villainy to her twin sister. Unlucky for Petra, her sister might come after her if Petra stands in the way of Anefael.

Yael’s performance in differentiating Petra from Anezka is wonderful, but Anezka is a bit too goofy of a character. Let’s see if this Anti-Jane conniving makes her any more interesting.

What’s more interesting is Petra’s continued apathy towards her babies. There’s no way she’s actually taking her medication, right?

Sounds of…

Xiomara is prematurely given the role of silent screen starlet. Xo realizes she can’t act and Rogelio is sniffing around Dina. She’s a little sad, but let’s all be grateful she doesn’t cry and she actually talks to Rogelio about it. Rogelio realizes Xo can’t act and he’s falling for Dina. But Dina truly can’t be bothered. We might expect another show to have these two realize they are falling for each other. In this show it seems like a dead end for Rogelio. It’s a shame. Rogelio and Dina have chemistry and it was nice to see Rogelio happy and excited. Though, I’d pay to see what Turk spot Rogelio sniffing Carla’s hair.

Happy Rog

Tiago Mansplains History

This week Tiago slept with a made-over Eleanore Roosevelt and a lesbian silent movie star. He also nudged a Spanish-speaking FDR to run for president.

Ominous (for Michael) Quotes

“Alas, knowing telenovela structures as I do, I’m a little worried”

“Half the time my heart is somewhere else”

“You and Mateo are my priority.” This guy is doomed.

Inside the Writer’s Room

Through Jane the Writer and the Rogelio-as-Doctor Who Show, we get a glimpse into the writer’s real (or fantasy) lives. Here’s what we learned this episode:

  • They rock the flannel-and-Uggs couture.
  • They wear the (sweat)pants in their relationships.
  • They’re confident in their bedroom prowess.
  • They know the writer sellout struggle is real (good thing they got this gig).
  • They really don’t care if you don’t like subtitles.
Jane the Virgin S2E19
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    Performances - 8/10


This was a standard fare episode. I liked addressing the money and job loss issues, but was anyone surprised at Michael working security for Rogelio? I liked seeing Jane in a flapper wig, but silent screen motif was cute at first but grew old quickly. I could do with a lot less of Anezka. Surprisingly, my favorite storyline was between Rogelio and Dina, but it looks like he’ll either end up pining for her or it’ll come to an end. Neither is satisfying so I hope they prove me wrong.

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