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Jane the Virgin - S3E11 - Chapter Fifty-Five

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Fifty-Four”

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I’ve just about had it. They killed off another white man. When will this insanity stop? #notfunnybutfunny

The episode following a shocker is usually disappointing. I wasn’t sure how this show would pick up after the loss of Michael, but they pulled it off. They didn’t rob us of seeing Jane grieve over Michael, but didn’t dwell on the immediate aftermath, either. The cold open was enough and nicely done. Jane’s widow-to-widow talk with Alma was touching and realistic, down to the hair plastered to Gina Rodriguez’s face from crying on her pillow.

Minor Gripe: Forget Jane, what about Rogelio’s grief?

Then we fast forward three years. A lot has changed.

Mr. Sweetface to Monster

Mateo has behavioral problems. This is common issue parents have to face and a great topic for the show to broach. We saw the beginnings of Mateo’s issues earlier this season and it is nice to see they didn’t drop the storyline. Nor did they wrap it up by the end of the episode with a quick (martial arts) fix.

Minor Gripe: The kid playing Mateo. He’s way too cute to believe any adult could find him objectionable. His tantrums were just too adorable.

Lackey to Writer

Jane thought she had the perfect job, but it turned out to be just another dull job. Until it helped her get her break as a novelist. This is every creative person’s dream and happens often enough (though in less dramatic fashion) to be believable. What gave this storyline true depth was the connection to Michael. It’s a nice tribute in and out of show to the character.

Minor Gripe: I understand they squished this all into one episode as a homage to Michael, but it would have been nice to see it play out over a few to give it true resonance.

Post-Partum to Perfect Petra

Petra is now the perfect mother with perfect kids and a perfect business owner. She may have changed in many ways, but she’s still the perfect bitch we all know and love. This overly polished, snooty but good-intentioned Petra is my favorite Petra. And I’m glad she’s not too perfect to have steamy sex with Gator Chuck.

Minor Gripe: I’m all for hate sex, but she’s having it with a man who clearly does not wash his hands. It took me out.

Inmate to Angel Rafael

If you thought Michael was perfect, welcome to the new Zen Rafael. He has linen pants, a crazy beard and a Hallmark girlfriend, but otherwise amazing. He is supportive and kind but practices tough love when necessary. He’s a great co-parent and now Jane’s best friend. He fixes everything. “Michael” was the first angel, but “Rafael” is more than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Maybe we should incarcerate everyone for a few months?

Minor Gripe: I liked his “best friend” talk with Jane, but it should have been in another episode. Michael was Jane’s (and Rogelio’s) best friend. A little too soon. The pre-reading motivational speech and silent shake of the head was enough.

Darcelio to Rogelio

I was really pulling for Darci and Rogelio. The actors have great chemistry and the characters balance each other out.

Ships Set Sail

  • Rogelio and Xo – He is clearly still in love with her and vice versa (Bruce, whatever). Meh.
  • Jane and Rafael – Yeah, yeah, yeah. As expected.
  • Petra and Gator Chuck – A song of ice and fire? Beneath their outward testy personas lie…well, gold-plated hearts at the very least. Looking past the greasy hands issue (see above), this couple is steamy
  • Jane and Petra – Their antagonism is sparky and their partnership is true. The show’s true OTP. More of this power couple, please.


  • Michael’s voicemail got to me. Anyone who has lost someone dear to them can understand. It’s not an original idea, but they didn’t make a big deal out of it and Gina Rodriguez’s reaction was so honest, the moment sold.
  • As foretold by Alba, there is life after death. It may suck for awhile. It may be different from what you had planned. But it does get better. Good theme for this episode and good advice for tragedy.

I Can’t Believe….

  • Scott is dead. White men down.
  • There is still a cat.
Jane the Virgin S3E11
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


I didn’t know what to expect or what I wanted after last week’s heart-wrencher. This was a good one for me. Gina Rodriguez’s performance was touching as she grieved Michael and hilarious as she dealt with Mateo. I’m a little let down by the predictable direction they are taking the main relationships, but I’ll try to have faith in this show to get me to care.

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