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Marvel’s Jessica Jones - S1E6 - AKA You’re a Winner!

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA The Sandwich Saved Me’

Ladies and Gentlemen, LUKE CAGE IS BACK! This episode finds Jessica and Luke working together to find the brother of a woman named Serena, who can supposedly help Luke learn more about the death of his wife. (As we know, Kilgrave, through Jessica, was the one who killed Luke’s wife.) In a very Veronica Mars-like move, Jessica calls the guy they are looking for with a fake-YOU’RE A WINNER- message. Shows like this make me think being a woman private investigator would be kinda cool. Luke also has a nice run-in with Malcolm and the two become quasi-friends, or maybe allies is a better term. Either way, Malcolm gives Luke the Kilgrave rundown, which leads to a little more fun Luke-Jessica time.

Last we left Hope, she was getting a prison beatdown. Turns out, the poor girl ordered it for herself, but not for the reasons you might be thinking. Kilgrave’s effect really stretches further than the immediate consequences, and the survivors are left with way too many broken things in need of fixing.

Hogarth and Pam get a little closer, but Jerry’s divorce is still important, you know, because Pam’s a Catholic. Hogarth is in serious need of some dirt on her wife, but Jessica is running short on the dirt, probably because Hogarth’s wife is a saint. It appears Hogarth might use Hope’s sad story to her sick advantage, though.

Kilgrave finds himself a house, and in a shocking and weird turn of events uses none of his creepy mind control to obtain it. He uses cold hard cash, instead. In a super creepy turn of events, he unearths a doorway growth chart marked with Jessica’s height as she grew up. His obsession knows no bounds!

Jessica and Luke find their mark, and Luke gets the information he’s looking for. A report that shows the driver of the bus that supposedly killed Reeva was actually drunk that night. Once Jessica realizes Luke is out for the ultimate revenge, she is forced to reveal to Luke that she actually killed his wife. He is understandably upset and leaves Jessica with some hurtful words and feeling some pretty legit self-hate. Like I said, Kilgrave’s effect continues to stretch.

Inappropriate Relationships

Jessica and Luke - Until Jessica came clean to Luke about the death of his wife that relationship was hardcore doomed. It may have hurt like hell, but I have to pat Jessica on the back for telling the truth. Luke can finally have closure and he didn’t kill a slightly innocent man over it.

Hogarth and the prison nurse - It’s a little disturbing to me that Hogarth was able to convince the nurse to give her Hope’s miscarried baby so easily and quickly.

Number of Kilgrave flashbacks: 2 

Technically, they were for the same event: Kilgrave forcing Jessica to kill Reeva, Luke’s wife. The second time she relived it, she was confessing it all to Luke, which caused some serious need for some soothing street name recitations.

Things you might need to remember:

Kilgrave bought Jessica’s childhood home in a totally non-Kilgrave way. The transaction was completely legal and, honestly, kind of charitable, the guy he bought the house from got more than double what the house was worth. It’s creepy, but who wouldn’t want someone to come to their door and offer them $1.46 million for their house? I’m in!

Superpowers Displayed

Luke and Jessica kicked a few asses, which is always impressive!

Kilgrave showed some excellent self-control when he wasn’t getting his way about the house he was trying to buy. The guy was a little hesitant and almost said no, but Kilgrave held it together and let the guy make the decision all on his own.

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