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Kickstarter Spotlight: February 2015

There are a lot of games on Kickstarter this month that I’m interested in - more than normal, in fact. I’ve narrowed them down to a few of the best.



I’m not sure exactly what kind of game The Kingswood is - it looks like some sort of road placement board game. You get to play as either a manatee, a llama, an ostrich, or a sloth. Kristen Bell would totally play this shit with me and she’d be the sloth and I’d be the ostrich and I’d keep saying, “Why are there so many ostriches? The brochure said there would only be a few ostriches.” and we’d laugh and laugh and Zachary Quinto would probably show up at some point cause they’re BFFs and good times would be had by all. Quick, everybody back this game so this can happen!



Unspeakable words is the Call of Cthulhu Word Game. It’s Scrabble-ish. You collect cards, spell out words with them, and then test the score of the word against the roll of a dice. I picked this because my husband loves Cthulhu and it comes with little Cthulhu miniatures.



Lost Woods is an adventure game for 2-6 players. Adventurers are lost in the woods and at each turn they put down a map tile - much like in a dungeon crawler game. Since the tiles are random, you get a different map every game, which is cool. Players must use the map along with various weapons and spells to find and fight their way out of the woods. I’m very intrigued.



Trickerion is a strategy game of magic and deception. 2-4 players play as rival magicians. The goal is to become the greatest illusionist alive by learning various magic tricks. I’m probably the most interested in this game out of all the current games I’ve seen based on description alone. It looks amazing. The production quality looks like it’ll be fantastic and considering they went waaaay past their goal, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.


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