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Killjoys - S2E10 - How to Kill Friends and Influence People

Previously on Killjoys, “Johnny Be Good”

Killjoys S2E10: How to Kill Friends and Influence People | Director: Peter Stebbings | Writers: Michelle Lovretta & Jeremy Boxen | Starring:  , Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Rob Stewart & Mayko Nguyen

“When the nights were long and the days were deep there lived a girl and her father in a beautiful castle….”

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While I am disappointed that the second season of Killjoys is at an end, I have been so impressed by the special effects, fight choreography, everything, really, that the announcement of the pick up of season three makes it bittersweet. The breakneck rapidity established in season one, combined with our crew’s interpersonal relationships allows us to explore the far-reaching consequences in season two. The finale, written by show creator Michelle Lovretta and Jeremy Boxen, do with this episode what has been done throughout the series: allows the viewer to become emotionally invested in the four-planet system known as the Quad. 

Daddy Dearest

One of the big questions in the series is how Khlyen and Dutch are linked. We get the answer in a cold open that combines storytime between a young Dutch and Khlyen with Aneela running on snow covered Arkyn, she stumbles shedding a single plasma-filled tear.

Centuries before, Khlyen discovered the plasma while looking for a way to feed his people. He mistakes the plasma as a growth agent when in fact it’s a sentient neuro parasite. By the time he realizes this everyone has already ingested it, including Aneela; but due to her young age she is rendered insane by the change. But such is a father’s love because even with her insanity Khlyen was fine with following along with her plan to take over the universe with sixes; until his humanity is reestablished in seeing Dutch, the face of Aneela.

Rob Stewart and Hannah John-Kamen’s chemistry as father and daughter has been a treat to watch.  Yes, he might be an immortal human used as a host by a sentient parasite, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun watching her use the skills he taught her. From his introduction in season one, when we didn’t know who he was outside of being the creepy handsome grey-haired guy, to the completion of his arc this season highlights the complicated nature of his relationship with Dutch. He is father, mentor, trainer, friend, teacher, and his influence has formed an important part of her life whether she was hating him or missing him.

After retreating to Lucy, the crew are confronted by Black Root guards and with them comes Khlyen’s return. Portrayed through Rob Stewart’s charming mannerisms Khlyen is both proud father and cheeky mentor. Arriving shortly after the Black Roots agents, we find out he used the Killjoys as bait and using a new toxin inspired by D’av’s ability he’s able to kill the highly skilled guards.

Kicking off an entire episode of banter between Dutch and Khlyen, reminiscent of a friend you haven’t seen in forever but once you do it’s like they never left. Initially introduced as an enemy, we are rewarded this episode by seeing what a trusting relationship between Dutch and Khlyen would look like.

Although not able to explain why Dutch is a doppelgänger of Aneela, he does know if Aneela finds out about her she will kill her. Aneela as a formidable foe and the revelation that the Council of Nine struck a deal with her centuries earlier for immortality in exchange for stripping the quad of its plasma, shows how ineffective anything Pawter had planned was in the long run. No wonder Delle Seyah was so annoyed with her.

Khlyen’s plan to stop Aneela’s discovery of Dutch is to poison the parent tree that provides the plasma to the Quad. Dutch recruits Alvis as a resource using the Scarbacks holy book to find a star chart that leads them to the location of the parent plasma tree: a bank vault on Archive.

Dutch poses as a runaway queen in order to fool the bank manager a.k.a. the Dej while leaving Fancy and D’avin behind. The plan goes awry when the Dej smells something fishy about them and sics his guards on them leading to an impressive display of defense as Dutch clinically takes the guards out. She’s eventually assisted by Khlyen, who looks very much like a proud father as he watches her kick butt.

Once in the vault things quickly take a turn when a security feature put in place by Aneela hurls them into the orbit of a sun. They realize that upending the formula Khlyen created will not be enough; they need to bond the elixir with a level six - essentially a death sentence.

Khlyen as the only option makes the decision to poison himself, a decision Dutch is not willing to let him make, but as Khlyen says he’s “had centuries to process this.” If he doesn’t do it, it will lead to the arrival of Aneela in the Quad and Dutch’s death. That’s if they survive being hurled into the sun. The mixture starts to quickly work as we see the plasma on Arkyn turn black as Khlyen dies in Dutch’s arms, recounting the story he told her as a child. Johnny’s useful advice helps her cope: he pointed out she doesn’t have to forgive Khlyen to miss him.

“You’re a six not a ten, simmer down.”

With the emotional heaviness of Khlyen and Dutch, we’ve got Fancy and D’av on the other end to lighten the mood as he remains her steadfast centurion. As he and Fancy play backup, they continue their banter while doing away with the guards sent their way. There’s a competitive edge to their friendship that even when Fancy has been taken over by a neuro parasite, the autonomy he retains is enough to have a sense of humor while reminding D’av that he is physiologically superior to him. Killjoys continues to do with Fancy (played by Sean Baek), one of the things I enjoy about this show: it allows us to connect with its secondary characters. Whether that’s on the strength of the actors or the script, I don’t know, but I do hope season three sees him as more permanent part of the crew.

“May we all be so lovely, may we all be so loved”

With the plasma on Arkyn destroyed our team returns to grab a well-earned drink at the Royale. But while they’ve been saving planets, it’s been easier for Johnny to not think about Pawter’s death. In the very place she died his struggle is apparent. It is with this resolve that Johnny corners Delle Seyah in an alleyway and shoots her. Making it clear this was not for the millions she intended to kill, but for the simple fact that he loved Pawter and she killed her. Deciding to run in order for Dutch and D’av to avoid any blowback from this deed, he heads out of town accompanied shotgun style by Clara - called on by Lucy who figured he’d need a partner.

At the same time Johnny is making a run for it with Clara, our half cyborg friend is stealing Khlyen’s ship on the way out. Dutch and D’av make the decision that instead of going back to normal and taking the win for Arkyn, they should fight and save the Quad, which seems like the fastest way to get Aneela’s attention. Speaking of, Aneela seems to be loving life, sipping green plasma from a martini glass at the helm of her vanguard.

Fancy arrives to join the crew for a drink and we find out that with the destruction of the plasma on Arkyn he is now fully human again, meaning all the sixes of Arkyn are now human again.

Notable mention

Lucy was the bomb.


Delle Seyah is not dead.

Johnny is back by episode two of season three.

Aneela might be able to mess with Dutch via a physchic link while Dutch dreams.

Favorite Quotes

“Don’t worry i’ll tell everyone you died sexy”

“Aging is so bourgeois

“Their’s a lot of charm in that snake”

“Sometimes you have to leave a home to protect it, sometimes we have to stay and fight.  Only time will tell.”

Killjoys S2E10
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Performances - 10/10


With D’av, his journey as a brother, soldier, and Killjoy comes full circle proving him capable and dependable to his teammates, while stalwart Johnny veers of course, bolstered by a growing loyalty to Pawter born out of love. Dutch remains the central cog of our story, the gravitational pull for a lot of the action and consequences. With the season two finale, we finally get some answers. And it provided a cliffhanger exciting enough to get the viewer to come back. What remains to be seen is how the anomaly of Dutch’s existence is going to play out in protecting the Quad. While sad to lose Khlyen and Pawter this season, it is necessary to move the plot ahead, and the fact that ahead most likely means we get to see John-Kamen’s portrayal of Aneela, I can resign myself to their loss.

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