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Killjoys - S3E9 - Reckoning Ball

Previously on Killjoys, “Heist, Heist Baby

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It’s Reckoning Night in the Quad, a night when everyone speaks of their sins and transgressions, confronting them head-on as if the world is about to end. And that felt like the cast when Johnny comes face-to-face with a cheeky Delle Seyah, who exudes so much charm that I forget she is a psychopathic, power-hungry human turned Hullen.

With the confirmation that the baby she is carrying is actually genetically half D’avin, my idea of Aneela being able to procreate asexually is thrown out. Mayko Nguyen shines each week we see her on screen as Delle Seyah. This week was no different when she arrives to parley, baby bump and all. From the offset it’s quite evident that there is going to be some double crossing. Still I was proud when Johnny J’aqobi pulls off his own double cross, showing that although honorable, he’s also realistic about the upcoming war.

Just like I knew Delle Seyah’s offer of a parley was hollow; that same feeling was evident with Dutch and D’avin’s plans regarding their Hullen captive Kitaan. With both plans ultimately failing, it’s hard to see how the Killjoys come out victorious, or at best arrive at a stalemate with the Hullen Armada. But one thing is certain: both sides now have to go all out in order to survive. Dutch’s and D’avin’s interactions with Kitaan seemed full of avoidable mistakes, whether this was due to the writing or Dutch’s mental state at this point, I’m not sure.

My one criticism of the episode was how heavy-handed Alvis’ death was telegraphed, but when the moment arrived it was still gut wrenching. He was one of the few people able to separate the truth from fiction regarding Aneela’s long existence. Although the episode felt subdued at times, the smaller, significant details in the other scenes hit home — from Johnny having the Hullen heir in his possession, the death of Alvis, and Fancy freeing Turin from his cage, and even Zeph’s acceptance as a member of the inner circle. They all show the progression of the season.

The scariest part remains that no one has an inkling as to what Aneela’s plans are, not even Delle Seyah. Aneela continues to be the wildcard no one knows how to handle; will she care that Delle Seyah has been taken hostage, or was her capture all a part of her plan?

The final scenes of this episode were great. D’avin and Dutch share a long kiss, showing that for all the back and forth between them, when necessary, their dedication, if not love, is steadfast. D’avin also remains a source of strength and truth for Dutch, especially when she strays too far into self martyrdom.

With one episode to go, the J’aqobi brothers “agree” to allow Dutch to infiltrate the Hullen Armada disguised as Aneela. I was happy with that until Aneela proved she remains two steps ahead. Her decision to pose as Dutch and infiltrate the resistance is going to have big repercussions as Aneela can only leave destruction and death in her wake.

The emotions in these final scenes were heightened with Pree’s singing in celebration of reckoning night. That coupled with his relationship with Gared and the genuine moments of love we see between them, it provided a bit of happy in a sea of hopelessness.

With the finale right around the corner Dutch remains intent on killing Aneela even at the cost of her life. But the J’aqobi brothers have no intention of letting her walk to her death. I’m looking forward to how they end up —  hopefully — extricating her from her bond with Aneela. D’avin is doing a great job as general, and proves himself a leader of men without losing his personality.

Final Thoughts

Tara Spencer-Nairn’s portrayal of Kitaan, captured Hullen psychopath, was great, but I loved how D’avin shot her into space to spend eternity.

D’avin’s nose flaring whenever he gets emotional is not only consistent, but adorable.

Thom Ellision has a beautiful singing voice, and the song he sang is called Wayfaring Stranger.

There is real reason to be afraid of the Hullens being able to procreate, especially with how quickly they can carry to term.

How is this show not renewed for season 4 yet?

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"Reckoning Ball"

Killjoys - S3E9: Reckoning Ball | Director: Peter Stebbings | Writer: Adam Barken | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane

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