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Last Chance to Vote in the 2017 ProFannys

Over the past few weeks people have asked, “What are the ProFannys?” Well, the year we launched Project Fandom (2013), we were pretty disappointed that some of our favorite television hadn’t been nominated for Emmys. We decided to be like Thanos and do it ourselves and the ProFannys were born.

Every summer, our readers and listeners of our podcasts nominate the best in each category and endorse each nomination. The three with the most endorsements become official nominees. The Project Fandom staff does the same, and the three with the highest endorsements complete the nominees for a total of six in each category.

Once voting opens, we also open up the chance to enter an official ballot. The ballot is your predictions for who will win in each category. Once voting closes, we tally the votes and announce the winners on our podcast, Podcast Fandom. The ballot with the most correct predictions wins two movie tickets.

What I’ve always found to be most special about the ProFannys is the opportunity it brings for fans to acknowledge television that has moved them over the past year. It means a lot when you share the categories on social media because the nominees (those online) see them and know that in our little pocket of the internet where we binge watch TV shows together and have live threads so we can experience their stories together, they are appreciated.

And this is something that, sadly, you won’t see on the Emmys: a category of black women.

Also, it’s an awards show where you don’t have to wear pants to participate. That’s pretty cool, too.

To vote in the Drama categories, click here. To vote in the Comedy categories, click here. To vote in the SciFi/Fantasy categories, click here. To vote for Best Animated Series, Best British Series, Best New Series, Best Child Actor, and Best Streaming Series, click here.  To vote for Best TV Duo, Best TV Villain, series Gone to Soon, and Most Underrated Series, click here.

And to enter an official ballot, click here.

All voting ends at midnight on July 21st.

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