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Lucifer - S1E10 - Pops

Previously on Lucifer, ‘A Priest Walks into a Bar’

God Made Food, The Devil Cooks

When a man turns up dead in a grocery store, Lucifer is pretty blasé about the whole case until he finds out two crucial details: the man is one of his favorite chefs and his son may be responsible for the murder. Because Lucifer is nothing if not selfish, he’s focused on lamenting the loss of his favorite tamales and he wants to know how Javier Jr. feels about killing his dad. Too bad Junior isn’t the bad guy.

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Chloe is also dealing with her mommy issues when her overbearing, fame-obsessed mom comes back to town. And Dan finds out that Malcolm has returned to kill Lucifer, so he’s torn between wanting Lucifer out of his family’s life and knowing that he’s working with a murderer. The whole thing comes to a head when Lucifer comes over for dinner with their murder suspect and spills the tea on why Chloe hates her mom and the talks about trying to get Chloe into bed. Although he manages to convince Chloe that Junior isn’t the killer, Lucifer gives Dan the ammunition he needs to look the other way.

Friends of the Devil

While Lucifer is running around with all his new friends, Maze is the one feeling lonely. She’s resigned herself to the fact that she’s stuck on earth so she goes to Dr. Linda to find out how to be “normal”. Dr. Linda suggests she try to make some friends and luckily a plucky, little 8-year-old named Trixie walks into the bar. (Yay! My girl Trixie is back and cute as ever!) Trixie and Maze strike up an odd rapport and Maze finally has a connection to this world beyond Lucifer.

And while Maze is making friends, no one is watching Lucifer’s back except for Dan who truly is a good man. Even though he hates Lucifer, he can’t let Malcolm kill him. Unfortunately, Dan’s act of redemption is his final one because Malcolm isn’t going back to hell without a fight.

The Devil is Laughing 

“Oh! Get Back!” – Lucifer jumping away from Trixie like she’s a rabid dog.

“His friends get worse and worse.” – Maze after Trixie shows up at the bar

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The underlying theme of this week is rejection and redemption. Lucifer is drawn to Junior because he thinks they’re both vengeful sons, but really they’re both prodigal sons looking for acceptance. If we ever do get a conversation with God, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lucifer’s already been forgiven. Hopefully, Dan will be headed to heaven for his final, sacrificial act. He deserves a little of God’s grace.

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