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Lucifer - S1E2 - Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil

Previously on Lucifer, ‘Pilot’

*Quick correction: Chloe’s character was listed on iMDb as Chloe Dancer, apparently the character’s actual name is Chloe Decker. Get on updating that iMDb page, random Fox intern.

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Lost Angel 

Luci, as Amenadiel calls him, is still feeling out of sorts because he thinks he might be changing due to Det. Decker’s influence. Chloe is shadowing him at his club trying to figure out what his deal is (He’s the fallen son of God, Chloe. He’s been pretty upfront about it.) when she gets a call that the son of a prominent movie star has died in an accident while being chased by a paparazzo named Nick, played by Jeremy Davies formerly of Lost and Constantine. I really think he should be a staple on every sci-fi/supernatural show.

The case hits home for Chloe because she was an actress and is the child of a former movie star. Also this particular paparazzo targeted her and she has an axe to grind. Lucifer follows her hoping to get some inside dirt on Chloe so he can figure out why she seems to resist his charms. What Lucifer instead discovers is that the paparazzo’s guilt over what he did to Chloe has led him to cover up the accident for someone.

Devil In Disguise 

The story takes some twists and turns, but leads to Nick’s apprentice Josh, who has apparently been staging incidents - including the fatal accident - out of a twisted desire to be the first one on the scene. It’s like an extreme version of that person who wants to write “first!” on a comment thread. He even sics the other paparazzi on Chloe to get away.


The Devil Made Me Do It 

Attempting to get back into the punishment game, Lucifer and his sidekick, Mazikeen, take Josh and Nick to the scene of the crime and make them play out a sick retribution. Chloe shows up in time to convince Lucifer to stop the game and he also admits to Amenadiel that he is changing and he’s okay with it. Luci is nothing if not capricious and it’s exciting to see where this will go since I expected the season to be about him fighting his human impulses rather than embracing them.

And we’re only at episode two, but Chloe is already starting to believe Lucifer is what he claims to be. In the final scene, she visits the killer from episode one, who’s been driven insane. Is Chloe really willing to work with the devil?

The Devil Is Laughing: Funniest Lines 

“Well there are few things bigger than myself” – Lucifer, referring to his … anatomy

“It’s ‘puff, puff, pass’ not ‘puff, puff, stomp angrily’!”

“Go on, fetch away” – Lucifer to Trixie, after tossing her doll like a dog’s ball.

Lucifer S1E2
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The show is developing its characters at a fast pace but all of the development is organic and makes sense. They also didn’t gloss over Chloe’s injury from episode one. She’s not completely on active duty so that gives her time to investigate Lucifer. Watching Lucifer embrace his feelings as another way to rebel against his father and the other angels is also interesting. He’s the ultimate contrarian.

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  1. This show isn’t bad, but I can’t quite say it’s good. The main guy is great. I waffle back and forth on the quality of the lead actress’s performance, but she’s technically playing an ex-B-movie actress, so part of me wants to believe she’s just being really meta.

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